Qupqugiaq Movie Poster
"Anchorage is no longer safe!"
Film information

Directed by

Thor Steinbach & Scott Root

Produced by

Thor Steinbach & Scott Root

Written by

Thor Steinbach & Scott Root

Music by

Scott Root


Thor Steinbach & Scott Root


Lunatic Entertainment (under "Huzzah! Productions, Inc." license)



Qupqugiaq is a monster and natural horror film about the discovery of the mythical Qupquqiaq, a ten-legged polar bear, and the subsequent tragedies that follow.


A basic synopsis of the film. Details are currently vague at best."

A small collection of scientists fly from Anchorage to Barrow, Alaska to research climate change and study its effects on the local wildlife, including the polar bears. It is not long before the research team start to run across one polar bear after another, each one having starved to death. They initially are concerned that the entire ecosystem in the area has collapsed until a few nights later when an emaciated polar bear charges into town, leading to its destruction for the safety of the townsfolk; upon checking the bear they discover that it has large claw marks across its body.

Cannibalism is proposed to be the solution these bears have come across but some in the group determine that the claw marks are much larger than typical polar bears, and that there must be some monstrous one out there. It is also determined that the claw marks are definitely made by more than two paws, and the scientists suggest that there may be a pack of cannibalistic bears ruling the ice. With this in mind, the team goes out onto the field to try and find this pack. No pack is find and they are forced to travel further and further out into the remaining fields, leading to the discovery of a single but huge bear; however, the guides act in awe and inform the team that it isn't a polar bear but the legendary qupqugiaq. The team roll their eyes and continue on, but are soon confronted by the starving animal, which slaughters their guides and chases the researchers back towards town. A few of the scientists are slain in the process but eventually they are able to hit the animal with enough tranquilizer darts to bring it down. The team come to the conclusion that the Qupqugiaq must have become aggressive due to necessity due to the loss of much of the ice fields and the limit on food.

After a phone call to their employers they are ordered to bring the qupqugiaq in to Anchorage for study. Although the locals protest the scientists leave with the animal and take it back to Alaska's largest town. Once here however the qupqugiaq eventually awakens and escapes due to its sheer power, where it rampages throughout the city.


  • Thor Steinbach (accredited as Thor Cooper Williamson)
  • Rachel Nicole Droege
  • Jacob Matte
  • Jeffrey Parks

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