Role-playing refers to the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role.

You may Roleplay as anyone in this page. (This is Temporarily. This page may be deleted or may become a location if Roleplaying is allowed in the wiki. To see if you want roleplaying in the wiki vote here)

Now go ahead and roleplay in this page as long as you want!

If you want to do a roleplaying template use the text from the bottom:

Text Bubble

|image = choose image

|color = choose color

|color2 = choose color

|textcolor = choose color

|textcolor2 = choose color

|line = choose color

|fonttype = font

|charname = Name of character

|charpage = Name of character

|title = Just put whatever you want

|time = {{{1}}}

|text = {{{2}}}

Put 2 "{" in the beginnig and  2 "}" in the end

Once you finished creating your template you can start roeplaying. To roleplay you just have to:

Name of template here|signature| text

Don't forget to put the 2 "{" at the beginning and the 2 "}" at the end.

Example of bubble:


-One Man Army

 – 04:35, August 17, 2011 (UTC)

Like this

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