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Alias The Altered Demon
Species Sekirei
Gender Male
Age 25
Birth of Origin Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Weapons Sharp Teeth
Fighting Style Free Technique
Element Affinity Fist/Melee
Element Weakness Elemental/Ranged
Aura Type Blood Red
Abilities Super Strength
Creator TitaniumBardock

SCP-08-A, or "8A" is the result of an experimentation concerning Sekirei gender. The DNA from Yume, Sekirei #08, was altered to create the male version of her. The physical experimentation was seemingly perfect, but there was a strong effect in the jaw area. All of his teeth were long, and sharp. His mental stability seemed non-existent. When 8A was allowed to walk around, his habits were extremely hostile, and horribly killed all scientists in the immediate vicinity.

Age & PhenotypeEdit

8A's appearence is the male mirror to Yume's. He has short brown hair, and brown eyes. His height is slightly taller than an average humans, and has a slightly buff, slender body. One thing that was unique between the physical comparison (besides the sexual organs, and male/female muscle, and bone structure) was that all of his teeth were very sharp. Sharp enough to tear through any sort of flesh, or meat.

8A's age is 25, due to the growth chambers found on the Sekirei ship. Minaka used them to aid him in his experiments.


8A was, as said, an experiment of Minaka's. 8A was later contained in a cell after his violent behavior during his first time being released. 8A was among the few Sekirei to be kept, and experimented on. He was one of the two, to be tortured. He later escaped two weeks after the collapse of the MBI Tower. He dug his way out of an opening on the southern side of the island city.

Physical & Mental StatisticsEdit


  • Has quite a few minor scars along the torso, and legs.
  • Strength is exceptional, and powerful even in Sekirei standards.
  • Sight is average.
  • Smell is keen.
  • Quick reactions.
  • Very sharp teeth. A set that resembles one of a tiger.
  • Has shown to only eat meat. 8A is considered carnivorous.


  • Extremely unstable.
  • Has not yet shown any signs of advanced knowledge (where basic knowledge is hunting, etc.)


  • Most of the time is very angry.
  • Has shown the ability to be calm.​

Occupational HistoryEdit


8A is a fully functioning Sekirei, and is a Fist Type. He has been labeled as a Demon, due to his Keter classification.


Every Sekirei has a Norito, a testament of their loyalty to their Ashikabi. 8A does not have one, since he has no Ashikabi.


8A has only two relatives due to Minaka's experiments. Both of them are actually him in a sense.

Yume is his "older sister", and original being. The DNA from Yume was configured to be male, which made 8A.

Musubi is his "younger sister". Musubi is a clone of Yume.

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