Samuel the Wise
"Killing you is only part of the job..."
Samuel the Wise
The High King
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Brother- Unknown name

Sister- Unknown name

Status Alive
Eye Color Dark brown (almost black)
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'3"
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Weapons Sword of the Ancient Fathers; Bane of Kings; The Blood Shield
Species Human
Home Greece
Alignment Good

Samuel (also known as Samuel the Wise) is the current leader of the American Peacekeeper sect and is the High King. He serves as a mentor to the three main protagonist and also as a wiseman that the children go to seek advice. Samuel has chosen the three main protagonist as candidates for the High Throne, as he is growing high in age.


Not much is known about Samuel other than that he became leader of the American Peacekeeper sect after the recent leader, Rodrigo Capofila, was murdered. Samuel was on an assassination assignment in Bolivia with 4 other Peacekeepers, when the other elder members were murdered. He was soon nominated by the high Peacekeeper Council in Canada to be the leader of the Master American Peacekeeper, and then quickly rose through the ranks of the Council to be chosen for the High Throne. He now trains Arron, Amus, and Stephanie. It is also known that he was once married and had a child, but both his wife and son were murdered in front of him by hired mercs of Jasper (The 6th Lord).


Samuel is a wise, quiet man. He refuses to speak to people who have no idea what they're talking about.


Samuel is a very handsome man, but is slowly growing in age. Soon he will be unable to fight, as his the pain of a childhood injury seems to be returning. Samuel as very short brown hair and dark brown eyes that are almost black. He is usually dressed in Master Peacekeeper armor (an attire of silver, gold, and black with the person's animal symbol on the back) or the High King's Robes.


Parents(unknown but deceased); Brother-unknown name; Sister-unknown name; Apprentices- Arron; Amus; Stephanie; Students- He's had many; Wife and Child- unknown name(s) but deceased; Mentor- Rodrigo Capofila; Colleuges- The Peacekeeper Council


Samuel has the gift of the High King's Soul- given to every High King at their inauguration ceremony. No one knows what the High King's Soul ability looks like or what it's effects are because it was only used once in recorded history, and those records where proven to be inaccurate. Samuel has powerful weapons and equipment though. He carries the Sword of the Ancient Fathers with him into battle- a sword that can not be beaten, unless in combat by its rival blade which was lost in time. He also carries the Bane of Kings, a cape that makes the wearer invisible. His last item of equipment is The Blood Shield which captures and stores the souls of his most fearsome enemies, but only if their heart is as black and pure of evil as the dark.


Samuel is a Leo. Samuel's last name is unknown to all. Samuel is Greek. Samuel's Peacekeeper animal is a Gray Owl.


The Peacekeepers

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