Seaside Shore Protection Agency
Seaside Shore Protection Agency
Era Megaman Tempo
Appearances Megaman Tempo: Dashed Reverie
Homeworld Earth
Affiliations Freelance
Main purpose To eliminate various Mavericks that
are not directly targeted by NeoHunter

The Seaside Shore Protection Agency (sometimes shortened to SSPA) is a group of poachers who tasked themselves with protecting the coastal waters of the world. Being unsanctioned by the government, they are considered with disdain by the official—and legal—NeoHunters. Unfortunately for all involved, Gothias tricked the NeoHunters into killing numerous innocent Temproids, many of which had been Poachers. This was the last straw for many surviving Poacher teams, whom considered the attack as deliberate; the SSPA was one of these teams. Unlike the others, the Seaside Shore directly targeted the original Temproid chassis basis, Tempo, seeing him as a primary cause of the chaos that had been ensuing.

While they were powerful in their own rights, none of the agency were a match for their chassis-father, and each and every member was regretfully deleted by Tempo himself. Their deaths, especially Wedgetang's, would directly lead to a significant loss in knowledge about how to tell if an individual had turned Maverick or not, leading indirectly to Dr. Merganser's development of the Meldroids years later.


  • Crayster, Original founder and computer operator
  • Gull, Aerial reconnaissance
  • Hammerhead, Enforcer
  • Manta, Odds calculator and overall strategist
  • Naucrates, Captain of the team's submarine
  • Wedgetang, Ocean reconnaissance and Maverick phenomenon investigator

Behind the scenesEdit

The Seaside Shore Protection Agency are based off of a group of anthropomorphic animal antihero characters created by Somarinoa when he was in 4th Grade known as the Seaside Shore Gang.


As with other major background players in the Megaman Tempo series, the Seaside Shore Protection Agency received their own spinoff series after the final Tempo game, Megaman Tempo: End Game was released. As the team was not killed until the 7th Tempo game, they received six of their own games.

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