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Korudo Young

Young Korudo

Message from Writer

This fan fiction story is about a lone Sekirei man, named Korudosutea Shino, who was imprisoned, and tortured for 15 years, while separated from his wife, and son. He as well was "terminated", or had his powers taken away.

The story starts off at the end of the last episode of the second season of the anime show, Sekirei, when the MBI Tower collapsed, and Minaka escaped. I'll see you on the Dark Side of Moon. 04:29, December 10, 2011 (UTC) 01:12, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

Prelude: So it Goes: Part 1

Death by Skinny Puppy

Loud bangs, and shaking surrounded the room.

It was very dark, metallic, and cold. The only lights were those blinking behind a glass frame, and those beside him.

There were no alarm sounds. Just blank, dark hallways. He was alone, bound to a machine. Like a sinner to his perilous doom.

A piece of the ceiling fell, and hit a control panel. It freed him from his metallic chains. Hitting the brim.

He fell to the floor. Barely concious.

He stood up slowly, and stumbled through the darkness. The things he saw were not fictitious.

Onward through the Darkness...

He came to the door, with a flickering florescent light above it. It was dented outwards.

With his weak, seemingly powerless arms, he attempted to push the door.

All he did was lightly touch it. It fell to the ground, created a large bang. It really didn't make a difference. He was surrounded by it. No soul where he was could look skywards.

Cords, and wires were being dragged along the ground, attached to his body. Blood was seeping from multiple holes, and cuts. Hitting the floor.

His breathing was sort of heavy, with a weeze. Limping his way forward, through the halls.

While dragging himself, he slid his palm against the walls.

Onward through the Darkness...

He continued. As his hand fell off the wall, he felt a gap. He turned right, and under a flickering light.

Suddenly, he saw a figure. What seemed to be eerily similar to him.

The man seemed psychoatic. Singing a deadly hymn. The words struck his mind like a searchlight.

"The broad daylight brought an unknown grim...

A shadow that disappeared...

Put a sword in his back..."

The figure went away. Making the hall more clear.

Things became more black.

Onward through the Darkness...

His vision began to blur.

His speech became a slur.

He didn't know such a thing could occur.

Fate was his mind's saboteur.

Nothing could protect him against it, not even armour.

He best get out of the halls of Hell, or his soul the Devil will devour.

Onward through the Darkness...

Two more figures ran by.

One tall, one shorter.

The demon was nearby.

His guardian was his transporter.

The man followed them into the unknown.

He remembers, the guardian cut him down.

Onward through the darkness...

The distance between the man, and the two demons were interrupted.

By a large pile of rubble.

Sunshine, what he thought, erupted.

He climbed upwards, revenge he began to grumble.

The man reached the surface.

Now sent to face the megalomaniac menace.

Prelude: So it Goes: Part 2

The man rose up from the hole in the ground, looking morbid and out of it. He was surrounded by a forest, and he could hear loud bangs in the background just as he did underground. As he dragged himself along the ground, blood staining along the dirt, he heard the final colapse of a large building. Metal shrieking and crashing; glass breaking and shattering. Then, BANG, the ending to the Symphony of Destruction. The boom's sound echoed inbetween the trees and impacted the person, causing him to pass out.

26 hours elapse...

The man wakes up and finds himself in a bright, white, small room. An I.V was in his arm and is flat on his back. He slowly begins to panic, thinking he was put right back into Hell. His heart began to race and so did the heartbeat monitor. He thought he needed to escape, so he took out the tube in his arm and got up. Wearing only a hospital gown, he searches around the room. The man approaches the window and saw he was some stories high.

He exits into the hallway. It was quiet, and some of the night staff was around. One nurse notices him.

Nurse- "What are you doing sir? You should be in your bed."

Man- "Get out of my way."

Nurse- "Sir..."

Man- "Enough!"

The man said so to the best of his abilities due to him still a little weak. The nurse calls up a few MBI Guards to forcefully put him back to bed. Once the guards arrived, one of them spoke.

Guard- "Get back in your room, or we will use force."

The man stops. He became a little pestered.

Man- "Let me pass..."

Guard- "Sir..."

Man- "I have a name! Call me by my birthname! Korudosutea Shino!"

The guard said silently to his teammate to use force. They approached the man whose supposed name was Korudosutea Shino. At that moment, Korudo enrages, remembering a similar sight a few years ago. He wouldn't go back, he wouldn't allow it.

One of the guards was about to grab his shoulder but Korudo swatted away the arm with his left hand, and threw an uppercut to the guard's jaw. This instantly knocked him out. The other saw him as a threat and pulled out his stun gun. He pulled the trigger and it shocked Korudo greatly. He falls to the ground paralyzed. The guard picked him up, dragged him into his room and placed him on the bed. Korudo seemed asleep, so the guard locked the door. As soon as he locked it, Korudo jumped out of the bed, grabbed the needle on the cabinet, and stabbed the guard in the neck right on the spinal cord. This only paralyzes the guard. Ironic, what the guard did to Korudo was turned around and done unto him.

Korudo grabbed the keys, but looked down at the gown he was wearing. He is definitely recognizable. So, he "borrows" the guards outfit. After doing so Korudo pulls down the goggles to hide his unmistakable eyes. He then took the gown, put it on the guard, took the needle out, and placed him on the bed, as well as putting the I.V in as well. Finally, Korudo unlocked the door, exited, and locked it. He walked past the nurse station undetected, and later exited the building entirely.

Chapter 1: Restart

Streets & Alleys of Tokyo City, Midnight.

Korudo- "It's so quiet. Where is everyone? Is there anyone at all? Thought there'd be more of a population."

Korudo seemed alone. It was a ghost town, only a few lights from buildings were on. Of course it was midnight but this was Tokyo, he learned about it before. There should be some civilians walking around or cars moving along the roads, but whatever was there was either parked or rubble. He carefully wandered keeping an eye out for any signs of people, because he didn't want to start anything too soon. He had to restart, he had nothing. No power, no home, nothing to eat. He had to regain his position. Not as the Reaper but rather a leader. A symbol that no one screws with his race and doesn't go unpunished. Especially those who mess with his race, and him.

Minaka, the head of Mid Bio Informatics, did all this to him. Minaka betrayed Korudo behind everyone's backs, and took control of Korudo's life in an instant. How he became terminated, he didn't know. Now thinking about it there must have been some deeper reason, but this was no time to ponder about the past. It was time to think of the present and future. Korudo, as said before, had to restart.

He found himself at the northern part of the city. Mostly dominated by apartment blocks and suburbia. This would probably be best to fit as a home. He just didn't know where he could stay for free, he had no currency.

Looking around it still seemed uninhabited compared to the Tokyo he learned. Korudo entered his way into an abandoned apartment complex. It was fairly decent. Surprisingly all the doors were unlocked, some were left cracked or even wide open. What could have happened that made the residents leave their homes in such a hurry? That aside, it seemed like a free home. He inspected all the rooms he could find for anything really. Throughout multiple rooms he found some attire. A red and white long-sleeve shirt, carbon pants, black shoes, and of course underwear and socks, but let's not get into that.

Korudo was pleased by his new attire. Seemed as though he can possibly fit in with it.

He took a seat in a chair left behind. He was right, there was nobody in the apartment. Nor where there any valueables, pictures or anything of the kind. Just some furniture and even a refrigerator. There was still electricity so he could use some of the appliances he could find. This was good. There were a few beds too. Comfy while at it. Food was also left, some still good. It should last him a few days.

Although with all this, he couldn't acquire anything like a weapon and such. Korudo had to get a job but there were none, because it seemed as though there were no civilians. No civilians equals no employers nor customers. He couldn't work for MBI, afterall they want him either dead or captured. Having plenty of energy left and the sun starting to come up, he decided to take a walk around the city. Get to know where everything is.

7 a.m. Streets of Northern Tokyo.

Korudo stepped out of the apartments and again wandered around. Turns out he was wrong, there were a few civilians left. He kept normal trying not to attract attention. With his hands in his pockets he walked a few blocks away.

Distracted by a nearby monument, he accidentally bumped into a man roughly the same stature.

Man- "Hey, watch where you're goin'!"

Korudo- "Oh, I apologize."

Man- "Eh."

The man started to walk away when Korudo reached out.

Korudo- "Hey, uhh..."

The man stopped and turned around.

Man- "What?"

Korudo- "Would you know anywhere I can get an occupation that pays?"

Man- "You mean a job?"

Korudo- "Yeah..."

The man thought for a minute and answered.

Man- "Yes I do. Follow me."

Korudo followed the man. Along the way they talked.

Korudo- "Thank you very much. I just settled in and need a steady flow of currency."

Man- "Hm, well it's good you found me. It's hard to get a job in this town since the whole Sekirei Plan started. You know of it?"

Korudo- "No, I don't. I am very interested in hearing about this."

Man- "Oh shit, that's right, I'm not supposed to talk about it with people without Sekirei's. Wait, do you have a Sekirei?"

Korudo- "No but... I used to be one."

Man- "Really? What happened?"

Korudo- "Let's just say I was betrayed. I'd rather not go into details."

Man- "Do you have a family?"

Korudo- "It's hard to explain. I used to, but I still do. I have a son and a wife, both are Sekireis, but I don't know where they are."

Man- "Huh... Well, I'm sorry about that. No divorce?"

Korudo- "No divorce but rather forced separation."

Man- "Damn."

Korudo- "Yeah."

Man- "Anyways, what's your name? I feel as though I need to know you."

Korudo- "Korudosutea Shino. You may call me Korudo for short if you wish."

Man- "Ahh, nice to meet you then. My name is Seo Kaoru."

Korudo- "Likewise, Mr. Seo."

The two shook hands.

Kaoru- "Oh no need for formalities. Just call me Kaoru."

Korudo- "Oh alright. Say, do you have a family?"

Kaoru- "Not really, just my two Sekirei."

Korudo- "Hm, what are their names?"

Kaoru- "Hikari and Hibiki. They're twins, but I know them like red and blue. If you ever meet them I'll introduce them."

Korudo- "Ahh, thank you. For some reason those two names sound familiar..."

Kaoru- "Hm, weird. Oh we're here."

They arrived at a construction site. Turns out Kaoru has been working there for a few days. He's a freelancer that does oddjobs throughout the city.

Kaoru told the foreman that Korudo was a friend of his that'll help him out with the big stuff and be alongside him from now on.

After a time's pass of lifting girders, digging and such, it was about 2:30. They started walking home.

Korudo- "That wasn't that bad. Seems easy."

Kaoru- "Yeah, just gotta be careful."

They arrived at an intersection, a little past where they bumped into each other.

Kaoru- "This is where we probably gotta depart."

Korudo- "You're right. I live just down there, a few blocks down."

Kaoru- "Hehehe, I live the other way."

Korudo- "Alright. Oh, I must thank you for saying that I'm a friend, even if I'm not. I owe a lot to you."

Kaoru- "Oh, don't mention it. You don't seem like a bad guy. I consider you a friend anyway. Plus, if you were to try anything, I'd beat you senselessly anyway. Hehehe."

Korudo laughed also.

Kaoru- "Wait, why are you laughing?"

Korudo- "Threats don't mean anything to me besides as a mere joke. It's the actions that speak."

Kaoru- "You're right. Well, gotta go, take care."

Korudo- "You too."

The two waved off and went home.

For the rest of the week they worked together at the site. They got along well and seemed to be similar.

Friday, 2:32, Construction Site, Northern Tokyo

Korudo- "Ah finally, Friday."

Kaoru- "I know right?"

Korudo- "Haven't worked this hard since my job before I came to this planet. Aside from being a walking morgue."

Kaoru- "What? Walking morgue? You mean you killed people for a living?"

Korudo- "Well not really a living. More like a naturally given position."

Kaoru- "... and that would be...?"

Korudo- "A Grim Reaper. A Sekirei Grim Reaper to be more correct."

Kaoru- "Interesting."

Korudo- "Hm, well, feel free to ask what you want to know. I don't exactly know if any of the newer generations of my race know of the Reapers."

Kaoru- "I'm interested in how there are living Reapers. The ones our race conceived are the immortal kind."

Korudo- "Ah, then our races work differently then. Our Reapers of course die like any mortal should, but in the afterlife they may do as they want as long as they have abided by the commandments of being a Reaper. If they have not, if one should break any rule, straight to Hell."

Kaoru- "Really?"

Korudo- "Yes. Since I was one, it is only a Reaper's duty to learn these commandments. After all, controlling Absolute Death and Passing is a fairly large responsibility."

Kaoru- "Do you still have to obey these rules?"

Korudo- "Not really. I am retired or "terminated" as MBI would put it. I no longer have the base abilities of a Reaper, nor my secondaries."

Kaoru- "Secondaries?"

Korudo- "Yes. I used to control Psychological Death, or fuck with your mind to a point where you'll be in devastation for your entire life... if I allow you to live "normally" anyway."

Kaoru- "Hm. How do you become a Reaper?"

Korudo- "First, you are one straight from birth. Second, it is a family thing. My family is one of the Reaper line."

Kaoru- "So your son..."

Korudo- "Yes, my son Shiina will be the next in line. He is "dormant" if I may guess."

Kaoru- "Shiina... Sounds familiar. A friend of mine's Sekirei is looking for him."

Korudo- "Hm...?"

Kaoru- "Yeah, it's a little girl named Kusano. She controls plant growth or as we say "Life", because Shiina's is refered to as "Death"."

Korudo- "Which is correct."

Kaoru- "She says that Shiina is like an older brother to her."

Korudo- "How nice."

Korudo- "Yeah. I wanna see my son again too. See how he's grown up. How he turned out to be."

Kaoru- "I can take you to meet her. The house isn't too far from here. Just a quick walk but you wouldn't mind if we stopped my place, right?"

Korudo- "Nah."

Kaoru- "Good."

Chapter 2: Acquaintances Reacquainted

2:40 in the afternoon.

Korudo arrived at Kaoru's apartment with him. Kaoru had to stop by to change into more respectable clothes due to today's work being a little messy. They stood in front of the door with Kaoru holding the key.

Kaoru- "This is my place. It's not too shabby."

Kaoru unlocked the door and entered. Korudo slowly followed taking a look around. It was a decent sized white apartment in the higher levels.

Kaoru- "You home girls?"

Hikari and Hibiki- "Yeah."

Kaoru- "Girls, come here. Want you to meet someone."

They walk in curiousity as to who it is.

Kaoru- "This is a friend I met a few days ago. His name is Korudo."

Korudo- "Korudosutea Shino, but you may call me Korudo for short as your Ashikabi does."

Kaoru- "He says he used to be a Sekirei. Also says he recognizes your names."

Korudo- "Nice to meet you two."

Hikari- "Likewise."

Korudo- "Not only do I remember your names, but yourselves too. Odd isn't it?"

They were confused, wondering how a man they never met before knew them. Did he work for MBI? No, he wouldn't be beside Kaoru if so. Kaoru left to go change. The twins questioned Korudo, to see if he really was formerly a Sekirei and what he's like.

Hibiki- "If you were a former Sekirei, then why don't we recognize your name?"

Korudo- "They must have chose to forget about me..."

Hikari- "What?"

Korudo- "Nothing. I was gone for while. So when you grew up I wasn't there."

Hikari- "Hm... What powers did you have?"

Korudo- "Mainly Death, but Psychological is my secondary."

Hibiki- "Meaning...?"

Korudo- "To put it in lamen's terms... I can torture your mind and cause it to seize from fear."

Hibiki- "Sounds nice."

Korudo- "Yeah, real fun. I even screwed myself up one time."

Hikari- "Waddya do?"

Korudo- "Trust Minaka..."

Hikari- "Yeah, that can be a problem."

Korudo- "...and you tell me this now? Hehehehe..."

Korudo laughed as if the pain he's felt never existed.

Hibiki- "How can we be really sure you were a Sekirei?"

Korudo- "I'm not sure. I have no evidence on me. Only the scars of my mistakes."

Hikari- "Alright..."

Kaoru walked out in his casual clothes.

Kaoru- "Alright, let's go. You wanna come girls? We're visiting Miya's place."

Hibiki- "Eh, sure."

Just as they were about to walk out, Korudo stopped them.

Korudo- "Wait... Miya?"

Kaoru- "Yeah. Kusano lives there."

Korudo- "Kaoru, my friend, you have done me another favor..."

Izumo Inn, 3:01 in the afternoon.

They arrived the large, old styled house in Northern Tokyo known as the "Izumo Inn". Miya and Kusano were supposedly there, and Kaoru took Korudo to meet them. Hikari and Hibiki tagged along as well.

Kaoru- "Alright, we're here."

Kaoru knocked on the door and a brunette girl answered.

Musubi- "Oh hellooo."

Kaoru- "Hey Musubi, is Miya home?"

Musubi- "Yep."

Kaoru- "Kusano?"

Musubi- "Yep."

Kaoru- "Good."

Musubi- "Why?"

Kaoru- "Someone's here to meet them."

Musubi- "Who?"

Korudo- "Me..."

Korudo saw Musubi. He was shocked.

Korudo- "Yy...Yume?..."

Musubi- "Hmm..?"

Korudo realized Musubi wasn't who he thought she was, Musubi was too young so he corrected himself.

Korudo- "Eh, sorry. My name is Korudo, nice to meet you."

Musubi- "Same! Please come in."

They entered, it was very nice and tidy within the viewable rooms. Musubi escorted them to the living room.

Musubi- "Miyaaa, someone's here to see you."

Miya- "Thank you Musubi... Hello Hibiki and Hikaru. Hey trash, and whom may you be?"

Kaoru- "Hey..."

Korudo- "You mean you don't remember me?"

Miya- "Would I know you?"

Korudo- "Yes, you would."

Miya- "Then whom may you be?"

Korudo- "Korudo, Korudosutea Shino."

Miya thought about that name and then realized who it was. Her eyes widened and looked at Korudo with amazement. She spoke softly.

Miya- "You're still alive? We all thought you were dead..."

Korudo- "I'm not. I was just taken away."

Miya- "Uu...umm, I'll gather the members of the house. Please, explain during then. There are a few others here that wish to see how you are."

Korudo- "Interesting, because I am looking for someone that supposedly lives here."

Miya- "Who if I may ask?"

Korudo- "A little girl named Kusano. I wouldn't know her number. I think I was gone by the time she was born and registered."

Miya- "Oh sure, of course."

3:15, Dining Room

Tsukiumi whispered to Musubi referring to Korudo.

Tsukiumi- "Who is he?"

Musubi- "I don't really know. Some man that came here earlier. Seems nice."

Tsukiumi- "Hm."

Miya opens up for Korudo.

Miya- "Everyone, this is an old friend of Matsu's, Kazehana's and mine, ever since we could remember. He has been gone for 15 years. We did not know what happened, nor why such a thing would happen. So he is here to explain this."

Korudo- "Thank you Miya, and it's nice to see you three again."

Kazehana- "Same."

Matsu- "Likewise."

Korudo- "My name is Korudosutea Shino. I was formerly the Sekirei Grim Reaper for a small while. When we got here I was already awake. I supervised the complete travel in space. Minaka was the first human I interacted with, as well with a woman named Takami. I trusted both of them, trying to seem nice during a first confrontation with humans. They both seemed trustworthy so I showed them around the ship and it's technology, etc. Then deeming it safe, I released the first few Sekireis. Then this whole tuning thing began. After the first few were finished, that's when Minaka betrayed me."

Homura- "Why did you trust him in the first place?"

Korudo- "Don't get me started. I ask that question everyday but there really isn't a need for an answer now. I look at the representation of my mistakes as a reminder to atone for them."

Tsukiumi- "... and the representations would be...?"

Korudo stood up, and took of his shirt. His body revealed many, many scars, including a circular indentation in the middle of the chest. Everyone looked in shock but Miya looked down in disgust.

Korudo- "This is the reminder. When I was taken away for 15 years, I was beaten, battered, tortured and "tested". It was the most horrible time I my life. I missed my son and wife most definitely, and I was terminated when they captured me. Weirdly, it wasn't by any human forces. It was someone, most probably a Sekirei, who stabbed me right in the back through my Sekirei symbol. I recognized the blade but did not see the person. Although, I did somewhat figure out their common goal."

Kazehana- "What is it?"

Korudo- "Fear. The fear of me."

Musubi- "What would they have to fear out of you? You seem nice."

Korudo- "I do not mean scariness. I mean the fear, as in the acknowlegdement of the power one has. I was a Sekirei Grim Reaper before I was terminated. We are naturally born with immense power that we can achieve through practice."

Homura- "A Sekirei Grim Reaper?"

Korudo- "Yes. One becomes a Reaper as soon as they are conceived, but only through my family though. The gene is passed on to the next generation."

Kusano- "So since Shiina controls Death and Decay, does that mean he is a Reaper?"

Korudo- "Why yes young one."

Kusano- "So that means..."

Korudo- "He is my son."

All were surprised except for Matsu, Kazehana, Miya and Seo. Kusano didn't know how to react, Korudo was the father of her best friend whom she's never seen before.

Kusano- "You..."

Korudo- "Yes. So you must be Kusano. Nice to meet you. I am also looking for Shiina."

Kusano- "Oh..."

Korudo- "I am also looking for one other person as well. Whom I hold equally to my heart."

Minato- "Who?"

Korudo- "My wife, Karasuba."

For those who didn't know beforehand were shocked. The Karasuba they knew was cold, heartless and bloodthirsty.

Kaoru- "What!?"

Hibiki- "HER?"

Hikari- "Really?!"

Korudo- "Yes, and what exactly shocks you?"

Homura- "She's a demon."

Korudo became silently angered.

Korudo- "Oh really? Would you mind explaining why you would think that?"

Tsukiumi- "She's killed multiple Sekirei, just because she felt like it."

Minato- "A murderer."

Kaoru- "A psychopath."

Kusano- "Evil."

Musubi- "I think she's actually nice a little, I just don't like her killing everything..."

Korudo became conflicted, he's never heard any of this about Karasuba. He gripped his fist, grit his teeth and interrupted their list of compliments.

Korudo- "Enough!... Murderer?... Psychopath?... Demon?... Evil?... That isn't my wife... Not the Karasuba I know."

Miya began to seem upset herself.

Miya- "That's not the friend I know.'"

Korudo sobered and became gloomy.

Korudo- "What... happened?"

Matsu- "She became the latest leader of the Discipline Squad."

Korudo- "What?"

Matsu- "It was re-established so that Sekirei and their Ashikabi don't escape the city, while the Sekirei Plan is in effect."

Korudo- "Please explain this... "Sekirei Plan"..."

The group, mainly Matsu, explained the Sekirei Plan to Korudo. As someone who cared about his race, this restriction of freedom and order of this gauntlet disheartened him.

Korudo- "This... is all... my... fault..."

Korudo stood up.

Korudo- "I apologize but I must leave. Thank you for allowing me to stay for the small while. It was nice meeting you all."

Miya- "Please, at least stay for dinner."

Korudo- "No. I've already taken enough from you."

Chapter 3: The Demon, the Psychopath, the Murderer, that is My Wife

Later the same day, somewhere in Tokyo.

Korudo was taking a walk through the city, trying to calm himself down from earlier. It was still empty, nothing moved. By now the hunting stage was in progress, so it is only reasonable that the Sekirei would want to be stealthy or even noticeable if they wanted to fight.

Out of nowhere a shadow moved in the corner of his eye, and Korudo stopped walking. He glanced around for anything else and patiently waited for something to happen. When he deemed it as nothing he started to walk again. He stepped on a manhole cover and it made a ding noise. Abruptly, a figure came and held a sword from behind to his neck.

Woman- "You know, it's not safe to walk around in the open."

Korudo- "... and why is that?"

The woman hesitated to answer for a moment as if she remembered something.

Woman- "Y.. You might get killed by even a passerby."

Korudo- "Hm... Since I might die right now, will you be my passerby?"

Woman- "Maybe... I'll tell you my name. It really wouldn't matter though since you'll be dead anyway. My name is Karasuba... What may yours be?"

Korudo- "Oh thank you for your respect. My name is Korudosutea Shino."

Karasuba was shocked momentarily and lowered her sword. Korudo turned around and looked at Karasuba. She started to tear a little, relieved that Korudo was still alive, but then she became hostile and went into a blind rage.

Karasuba- "You left me for so long! You bastard!"

Korudo- "Sweetheart..."

Karasuba- "No! Don't "sweetheart" me! I thought you were dead!"

Korudo- "I wasn't..."

Karasuba was very conflicted. She didn't know how to react to it. So she did what she does the most... Fight to kill. She slashed at Korudo with him barely dodging. One hit landed and slit a cut through his shirt and chest. He jumped back and began to bleed.

Korudo- "Karasuba, I know this isn't you!"

Karasuba- "How would you know who I am?!"

Korudo- "I do, because I am your husband!!"

Karasuba froze.

Korudo- "I've spent half of my life with you! When were together before this happened, I was ALWAYS with YOU! The smiles you've given and the tears you've cried, I was doing with you! All you've touched and all you've seen, I was there, with you!

Karasuba cried a little and Korudo calmed down.

Korudo- "My love, what has happened to you... Wait, I know what."

Karasuba- "W..w... What?"

Korudo- "Me... I put you through this. I tortured you by not being with you."

Karasuba- "Maybe..."

Korudo- "No, not maybe... Yes."

Karasuba became more angry.

Karasuba- "I... am very... very pissed at you..."

Korudo- "I know... and I apologize."

Karasuba- "That's not enough!"

Korudo- "I was afraid of that...

Karasuba leaped toward him, and attempted to stab him in the chest but missed. Korudo fell to the left and quickly rolled back up. She took a slash at his legs and barely scraped him. She stood still, staring at her sword. Karasuba was more precise than this. Why is she faltering? She continued to attempt hitting Korudo but made few successful hits.

Karasuba stepped up her game by putting larger power into her slashes, cutting everything a short distance beyond the sword. Korudo kept dodging, but grew tired and slowed down. She finally landed a hit that cut into his left shoulder. Korudo grunted a little and pulled away from the blade. Blood started to seep from the wound.

Karasuba taking advantage of the wound, slammed the butt of her sword against it. More blood spilled out. Korudo grunted louder from the pain growing and seceded away from Karasuba. She lashed down her sword again, but Korudo caught the blade with his hands. As the sword was digging into his hands, he struggled to keep it from slashing him. His hands started to pour blood as well.

Korudo- "Are you happy now Karasuba? You have my blood on your sword!"

Karasuba didn't answer and continued to dig into Korudo's hands, until two other female Sekireis came. Karasuba looked back at them.

Karasuba- "What? What do you two want?"

The crimson-haired one replied.

Crimson Sekirei- "We were wondering where you were."

Karasuba- "Well I'm right here. Can you leave me alone now?!"

The two Sekireis went quiet. The Gothic, indigo one spoke to the other.

Indigo Sekirei- "What the hell's wrong with her, Benitsubasa?"

Benitsubasa- "I don't know, Haihane. She seems pretty pissed."

Haihane- "Must be something about that guy down there."

Benitsubasa- "Yeah."

Korudo used much of his strength to pull the sword and Karasuba to the ground. She hit the ground hard on her back and quickly got up. Korudo breathed heavily with his eyes half closed, signaling he was exhausted from keeping the blade away. He wouldn't normally be out of it this soon, but since he really didn't want to fight her, it weighed heavily on his heart and mind.

Karasuba took one final slash at his chest and he fell down to the ground, barely concious as he bled.

Karasuba- "I'm done here. Let's go."

The 3 Sekirei left, and Korudo stayed on the ground. During travel, Haihane stopped.

Haihane- "I'll catch up with you later."

The other two didn't react, just kept going forward. Haihane backtracked to where Korudo was and approached him. She put her foot on his back.

Haihane- "You seem... familiar to me."

Korudo coughed and replied.

Korudo- "... and how is that?"

Haihane- "I don't know... you just do."

Korudo- "Strange..."

Haihane- By the way... What happened before? What did you do to Karasuba to make her like that?

Korudo- "I left her for too long... It broke her heart."

Haihane- "What?"

Korudo- "She is my wife."

Haihane stood there in wonder.

Haihane- "I thought... Natsuo was her Ashikabi..."

Korudo- "Then you are wrong..."

Haihane chuckled.

Haihane- "Well, if she went for a guy like you, then Natsuo must be nothing more than a "stylish" friend."

Korudo showed he had a sense of humor and chuckled a little too.

Korudo- "Who is this Natsuo fella?"

Haihane- "My Ashikabi. He's a little... "flambouyant". He drives a red Ferrari."

Korudo couldn't hold back his laughter.

Korudo- "Wow, he must be rich. Hehehe... I've only learned a few things about this world, but I know Lamborghini is much better."

Haihane- "I know right?"

Korudo- "Hey, can you help me out? I don't wanna die today."

Haihane- "Yeah hehehe, sure. What can I do for you?"

Korudo- "Just drag me to a pharmacy. I can patch myself up."

Haihane- "Hahaha, sure."

She dragged him by his feet to a nearby pharmacy. A blood trail can be seen, as they laughed all the way to the building.

They got to the store. She dragged him inside and placed him on a chair.

Korudo- "Hahaha, thank you. I'm sorry for laughing so much. I have no idea what's funny!"

Haihane- "Oh don't worry, hehehe, I laugh all the time. This is no different."

Korudo- "I also must thank you for being cool about all this. I don't know who to trust since this whole Sekirei Plan thing started."

Haihane- "Yeah, I don't blame you. I really don't like Tsukiumi."

Korudo- "Hey, she's a friend of my friend and the Sekirei of my friend's friend... That was a mouthful..."

Haihane- "Oh, so she's basically a friendly acquaintance."

Korudo- "Yes, to put it simply. Would you consider me hostile because of it?"

Haihane- "Nah, I just got a problem with her, no one else really."

Korudo- "Good, good. It's nice that you've got a good sense of humor. There's not enough of it around here."

Haihane- "I know right? Well, I gotta go. See ya sometime."

Korudo- "Yeah, see ya."

Haihane left, and Korudo tried to stand up and search for some disinfectant alcohol and bandages. As soon as he did he sat back down, and took off his shirt. He slowly sanitized and patched up all the wounds. Once done, he stood up, put his shirt back on and walked home.

Chapter 4: Heavy Metal

The next day, around nighttime.

Korudo was walking home from a night stroll, when a patrol car rolled by. It stopped, and a few uniformed MBI soldiers came from the vehicle, and to him. 3 had sub-machine guns in their hands, and the other had a small pistol. The one with the pistol was the one to speak.

Soldier 1- "Isn't it a little dangerous to be out walking at night? Maybe you should be home..."

Korudo- "I can say the same to you."

The soldier became agitated.

Soldier 1- "Oh really? At least we have weapons to protect ourselves."

Korudo- "Doesn't mean shit. You're in a city inhabited by people who can kill you without firing a bullet, or even touch you. Bullets mean nothing against them."

Soldier 1- "Then what about you? Can you do kill us as easily as them?"

Korudo- "I don't know... but I can try."

Soldier 1- "Are you saying you are going to kill us?"

Korudo- "Maybe..."

Soldier 1- "Then we'll have to kill you! Get him!"

Just as the soldier was about to shoot Korudo, he grabbed the soldier's wrist, and pushed it upwards. As the soldier fired off a round from the pistol, Korudo punched him in the face. You could hear the nose break, and squirt blood. Then, he smashed the soldier's elbow, making him release the pistol. Korudo catched it, and let the soldier fall to the ground.

This happened very quickly, the other soldiers had a hard time keeping up. Korudo froze waiting for them to draw their sub-machine guns. When they did, he shot the one soldier in the arm that was holding the gun, then shot him right between the eyes. After, Korudo dodged a bullet by ducking, and sweep kicked the other soldier's leg. The soldier fell to the ground, and Korudo put a bullet square in the heart.

There was now only one standing soldier left. Korudo quickly approached him, but the soldier sprayed a few rounds. Korudo abruptly pulled his body back, so he was making a backwards right angle. When the soldier stopped firing, Korudo pulled himself back forward with much force, and headbutted the soldier. It instantly killed him.

Korudo stood upright, and took a deep breath. He heard the first soldier he dealt with calling someone. When Korudo realized he was calling for backup, he quickly stomped the soldier's face in. Then he hastily grabbed the spare clip off the soldier's body. The same for the sub-machine guns. He only took two of them, but all the clips they had. Before things were to go ballistic, he got a chance to get the names of the guns. The sub-machine gun was the MP7, and the pistol was the P99.

Korudo started to hear the sirens in the distance, which sounded like a male homosexual orgy. He hurried into a small building nearby, and dug in. He was looking out the second story window, hiding in the shadow, patiently waiting for the reinforcements, and there they were.

One large army truck, pulled up, and troops poured out. All of them spread out, and inspected multiple areas. A few entered the structure Korudo was in. Korudo then hid behind a wall next to the door, and soon, the soldiers bashed the door down. One soldier went forward to the window, and two went left, and right. Korudo snapped the neck of the one closest quietly. Then, Korudo wrapped his arm around the front of the neck of the soldier at the window, bent his body back, and slammed the soldier's neck on Korudo's knee. The remaining soldier noticed, and turned around. With Korudo still holding the soldier down, he pulled out the pistol with his left hand, and shot the other soldier in the head. He then threw the corpse out the window.

The glass broke, the body hit the ground head first, and the head broke open, with brain matter, and blood seeping out. The squads outside panicked, and as they were doing so, Korudo vaulted out the window. He rolled when he landed, and took cover behind a curb dumpster. The leader of the squads order them to kill Korudo, and they started firing rounds towards him. Bullets dinged, and burrowed into the dumpster, but luckily none went through into Korudo.

When there was a moment of silence, Korudo took out the two MP7's, stood up from cover, and sprayed them at the soldiers. A few soldiers were struck, and they fell to the ground. The clicking noise from the guns meant they were empty, so he quickly reloaded, and dived behind a barrier. A hail of bullets came again, bursting the windows behind him, and tearing everything around him. When the period of silence came again, Korudo stood up, and instead of spraying, he carefully made each bullet count.

Since he didn't have much time to make kill shots, he made his shots at least fatally wound each soldier. The clicking came again, and because he had no more clips for the MP7's left, he just threw them to the side, and pulled out the P99. Most of the soldiers were either dead, or wounded. Few stood, and were shocked that one man can do such damage.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Korudo shot each of the remaining soldiers. He ran out of ammo for the pistol too. This being so, he adapted the weapon the reinforcements had, which were ACRs. To his luck, he had much more clips to hold onto. Albeit, where there is luck, there is misfortune. One of the soldiers that were still alive called for even more backup.

Korudo- "Really? Again?"

Yes, really. Out of anger, and frustration, he thrust the pistol into the soldier's eye. It was not too long before the larger wave of reinforcements came. He felt the vibrations of more vehicles, and the rumble of two more powerful metallic behemoth. He need to barricade himself better than last time, so he attempted to operate the military truck. He could barely drive it, but he managed to place it so it blocked the road.

He quickly hustled to the roof of a taller building, about 3 stories high. Just when he reached the roof, the wave came. Two military trucks stocked full with armed troops stopped a few yards away from the barricade, and reversed so there was a clear way through the middle of the road. Then, a black tank rolled into that path. It aimed it's barrel at the impeding truck, and launched a shell at it.

The shell exploded, and obliterated the barricade with great force. Pieces went flying everywhere, the tires bounced off multiple walls, and shrapnel dug into multiple objects. The black tank pressed forward, and a second tan tank rolled behind it. The troops from the military trucks poured out from the backs, and used the trucks, and tanks as cover. A hatch from the black tank opened up, and a differently uniformed man rose from the hole. He spoke into a megaphone...

Officer- "I heard there was someone killing off my men... If you come out now, I may not have you killed..."

Korudo hid behind a small wall on the roof. He shouted a question.

Korudo- "... and how can I believe on that?"

Officer- "Do you really have a choice? You can either be killed now, or trialed, and then killed."

Korudo- "Hm... Sounds like a decent, and fair set of choices... I'll pass."

Officer- "Fine, I'll make the decision for you..."

The officer put the megaphone down, and spoke to his regiment.

Officer- "Find him, and kill him. No mercy."

He then spoke to one soldier.

Officer- "Use your thermal scope."

The soldier did so, and saw Korudo's heat signature. He then alerted the officer, and everyone near him. The officer went back inside the tank, and spoke to the gunner.

Officer- "Straight in front, 3 stories up. Make the roof collapse."

The tank's barrel aimed just below the roof of the building Korudo was on top of, then it shot a round through the 3rd story wall. The shell exploded, and the building shook as a wall of fire blew out from all sides. The roof fell, and Korudo had to get off quickly, so he jumped off the roof. He then landed on a power line, which sprung him high into the air. While he had the air time, Korudo aimed with his ACR, and shot a few of the troops with kill shots.

Korudo landed on the black tank, and shot a few more soldiers. The tan tank was about to fire, but something inside him didn't want the black tank to be immobilized, so he shot a round into the barrel of the tan tank. The shell inside combusted, and the entire tank was destroyed. Korudo hastily reloaded, and shot the lock to the hatch of the black tank. The officer was right there, and was about the shoot him, but Korudo kicked him in the face, and knocked him in.

Korudo also jumped into the tank, and shot the gunner, and driver. The officer pulled out two revolvers, and shot one bullet into Korudo's side. Korudo grit his teeth in pain, dropped his ACR, and swatted the guns from the officer's hands. He then started to beat him down. Korudo grabbed him by the collar of his uniform, and slammed him a few times against the inner wall of the tank.

Korudo released one hand, and used it to bash him in the face with his fist. Blood started to squirt, and the officer's face became broken, and bloody. Korudo then let go of him, and crushed his neck by kicking him in the throat. The officer struggled to breath, but couldn't, and died right there.

Korudo knew he couldn't go back out there wounded. It would drain too much of his energy, so he had to find a way to kill off the rest of the troops, and get home quickly. He looked at the driver's seat, and got a brilliant idea, he would use the tank to leave. This being his decision, he sat down in the driver's seat, and took a look around the dashboard, and touched the screen. A small box came on the screen, and a voice spoke.

HeCTOR- "Welcome to the HeCTOR system. Please choose your option."

Korudo- "Umm..."

HeCTOR- "Do you need help?"

Korudo- "Yes..."

HeCTOR- "Do not worry, there is no shame. Would you either like Auto-Mode, Half-Auto, or Full Manual?"

Korudo- "Hm, what is Half-Auto?"

HeCTOR- "Where you can choose to either drive the vehicle, and I will fire, or I will drive, and you will fire."

Korudo- "Oh cool. I'll choose the Half-Auto. I'll drive, you shoot."

HeCTOR- "Sounds like a plan. Who is the enemy? Please show me using this camera."

In the small box, an image came up that looked like outside. Korudo could see the troops staring at the tank, waiting for something to happen.

Korudo- "These guys."

HeCTOR- "Alright. I do understand who they are. Would you like me to eliminate any of their friends too? Like helicopters, other tanks, etcetera."

Korudo- "Yes, thank you."

HeCTOR- "One more preference will be asked."

Korudo- "... and what is that?"

HeCTOR- "Would you like me to play fitting music?"

Korudo- "That would be nice!"

HeCTOR- "Nice to hear some enthusiasm. Let us have some fun. Playing music. Cannon ready."

Anarchy in the U.K by the Sex Pistols

Korudo- "Hell yeah!"

HeCTOR- "Driving is not too hard. I will put up the short instruction manual. You will be fine!"

The music blasted. HeCTOR aimed the cannon at a group of soldiers, and blew them away. It did so so to the other group, and the two military trucks. Limbs, and parts flying everywhere like beer bottles at a 1980's frat party. While HeCTOR was working his magic, Korudo figured out how to work the controls, and reversed the tank out of the dead end, and onto the main street.

Korudo- "Hey HeCTOR, can you put up on the GPS how to get to my home?"

HeCTOR- "Why yes I can. Where may your place of residence be?"

Korudo- "115 Fukkirieta Street."

HeCTOR- "Destination found. Calculating route... Route available. Quickest path is marked as red on map."

Korudo- "Thank you."

HeCTOR- "You are welcome."

Korudo warmed up the engine, and moved along the path given by HeCTOR. The tank was actually pretty fast, the speed gauge read 100 kilometers per hour, or 62 miles per hour. Down the road, a blockade was coming up, but Korudo had no intentions of stopping. HeCTOR aimed the barrel at the blockade, and launched a High Explosive Shell at it. The blockade was easily annihilated, and the tank steamrolled right through the rubble.

As they progress, a tank came out of nowhere, and tailed behind them. HeCTOR turned the barrel's aim towards the enemy tank, but before it could fire, the enemy tank already fire a shell. By some kind of miracle, the shell only skimmed the outside off the tank, and ricocheted into a nearby building.

Military hummers swarmed, and also trailed behind the N.R.K battle tank. In the back of these hummers were machine guns, shooting at the armor. HeCTOR operated the 50. caliber machine gun, and shot the tires of the hummers. he large pop each tire made caused the hummers to roll over, and crash, killing anyone inside.


One last enemy appeared...

HeCTOR- "MBI Attack Helicopter spotted."

Korudo- "Turn it into a Firebird."

HeCTOR- "You got it."

HeCTOR loaded a special shell into the barrel, and aimed at the approaching helicopter. It attempted to shoot, but it jammed.

HeCTOR- "Jam detected. Fixing problem."

Korudo- "Fuck! Hurry up!"

HeCTOR- "Do not rush me!"

The helicopter got close, and fired it's mini-guns at the tank. The bullets started to shred at the metal panels.

HeCTOR- "Problem fixed. Firing."

The helicopter launched a rocket at the tank, and HeCTOR fired the round at the helicopter. The two projectiles met half-way, and it made a terrific explosion. Then, napalm flung towards the helicopter, engulfed the body, and melted the components. Soon, the entire thing bursted into flames, and descended to the ground, spinning around as it went. The copter crashed, and exploded, with hellish flames arising from the wreckage. Korudo took a look at it.

Korudo- "Hahahahahaaaa! That's the shit!"

HeCTOR- "That is well indeed excrement. No other military force detected in pursuit."

Korudo- "Good, because we're home."

Korudo relaxed in the seat, and held his side in pain.

HeCTOR- "I see you are injured. There should be a med-kit to your right."

Korudo- "There is, thank you again. I owe you a lot for today."

HeCTOR- "Do not worry about it. What is your name if I may ask?"

Korudo- "Korudosutea Shino, Korudo for short."

HeCTOR- "I know who you are, my data recalls it now. You are on the list to be killed on sight."

Korudo- "... and now this means we can't be friends?"

HeCTOR- "No no no, do not worry about it. You killed my master, and his regiment. I am considered hostile to MBI now. I am now their enemy, and they are mine. Also, since you are their enemy, the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Korudo- "Good. Do you need some kind of shelter? If you do, you can just ram into that section of the apartments if you need to. I live on the other side, so it really wouldn't effect me."

HeCTOR- "Thank you. I do not need much. I am solar powered, and my fuel efficiency is much better than any other vehicle. I was created to serve as the leading model in mechanical travel with lethal benefits. My armor is impervious to rust, or any bacterial colonies that may grow on me."

Korudo- "Excellent."

Korudo took the bullet out of his side, and patched up the wound. He took a look at the bullet, and saw it was pretty huge. He searched the officer's corpse, and found two revolvers that only allowed 5 bullets into the barrel. He took a look on the side, and it said "50. Magnum". Korudo also found his wallet, and when he opened it, a card fell out. It was a key card to some storage cell.

The next day, Korudo went to the storage cell indicated by the card, with the help of HeCTOR's GPS. When Korudo slid the card through the slot, the door opened. What was in it were large stacks of boxes with bullets, and different shells. As well as a large hunting knife laid in a case This seemed to be a gold mine for Korudo, and HeCTOR. Korudo loaded a round into one of the revolvers. He pulled the trigger, and it blasted. The recoil, and power shocked Korudo, then he had a smile of satisfaction.

Chapter 5: Inevitable Meeting

The next day, 4:47 P.M. Alleys of Tokyo City.

After much needed rest, and a quick day at work, Korudo wanted to roam the city again, but with a different route. He was forced to take the alleys for the majority of his travels. Korudo could not walk in the street, he would stick out like a sore thumb, with even more heat after him since last night, nor could he take the tank.

It was starting to getting cold out, the seasons were transitioning into winter as snow started to appear slowly. Korudo started to shiver a bit, so he hustled a little, holding his head down. He then turned right into another alley, and looked forward. Abruptly, someone running clashed into him, and they both tumbled to the ground. Korudo quickly got up.

Korudo- "Hey, watch where you're going."

A girl to his left spoke.

Girl- "How could we not dodge you? You popped right around the corner!"

Korudo- "You, watch your mouth."

The young man, still on the ground, gave an aggressive yet calm demeanor.

Boy- "Don't talk to her like that."

Korudo looked over, ready to yell at the youth, but overcame with awe. This young man resembled, strongly, someone Korudo has missed for a long time.

Korudo- "W..w.w... What is your name?"

Shiina- "Shiina."

Korudo's heart raced as he held out his hand to help Shiina up.

Korudo- "Shiina, there is someone who is looking for you. I can take you to her."

Shiina- "Do you mean Kusano?"

Korudo- "Yes (smart boy)."

Shiina- "Good! Yet, can you help us out sir?"

Korudo- "Please, call me Korudo, and how may I help you?"

Girl- "There is someone chasing us, and we are not strong enough to face them, I'd hate to admit."

Korudo- "There is no shame in asking for help, as long as you repay the debts you owe."

Girl- "Good. Please stop the Sekirei coming. He will be coming very soon. All this until we can get away."

Korudo- "Fine by me. I know a good place to go. The address is 115 Fukirietta Street. It's an abandoned apartment complex I moved into. No one will expect you to be there. If someone there asks who you are, just say you are friends of Korudo's."

Shiina- "Great! Thank you!"

Korudo- "Don't mention it (son)."

The two ran off while Korudo waited patiently in the alley. It was only a short moment before the Sekirei arrived. They took a look at each other.

Korudo- "Mutsu?"

Mutsu- "Korudo?"

Mutsu- "Been a while, hasn't it old friend?"

Korudo- "Yes, I agree. I understand that you are after two people. One Sekirei, one Ashikabi I assume?"

Mutsu- "Correct."

Korudo- "Please don't."

Mutsu- "Why?"

Korudo- "I think you know."

Mutsu- "I do, but I have to follow orders."

Korudo- "I understand then. You have to fight me first."

Mutsu- "It shall be so then."

Mutsu drew his sword, and cut it into the ground. A small tremor pressed forward, and Korudo quickly dodged a rising pillar of rock. Another one sprung up, and he dodged backwards. Korudo, creating an offense, jumped on the pillars, and jumped again towards Mutsu, but landed before him. Korudo took out his large survival knife, slashed, and held it's blade against Mutsu's.

Mutsu slid his blade off of Korudo's knife, and quickly grabbed Korudo's weapon arm. Then, he thrusted his sword in a stabbing motion at Korudo. Korudo dodged, and punched Mutsu in the face. Mutsu was hit hard, and released Korudo's arm as he stumbled backwards a bit. Mutsu recovered quickly though, and attacked Korudo again with his blade.

Korudo blocked it with his knife, but the force was overwhelming. He fell to the ground, still struggling. As fast as he could, he grabbed a trashcan lid, and replaced his knife with it. In an effort to win, he used both arms to push back. He held up for as long as he could, and managed to raise Mutsu's blade by a foot. Within a quick moment, Korudo rolled to the side, just missing as Mutsu's blade clashed into the ground.

Korudo hastily got back up, but when he did, Mutsu instantly slammed the butt of the handle on Korudo's forehead. He was instantly knocked out, and landed in a pile of trash. Mutsu jumped on top of a building in search for Shiina, and the girl, but there was no sign. He sighed in frustration, and went back to his master.

A few minutes later...

Girl- "Is this it?"

Shiina- "Yes, I believe so Yukari."

Yukari- "Seems decent."

They walked down the pathway through a gate, then they heard a rumble.

Shiina- "What's that?"

Soon, a tank rolled up right in front of them. The cannon was pointed at the two. They froze on the spot. Then they heard a voice speak.

HeCTOR- "Identify yourselves."

Yukari- "We are friends of Korudo's".

HeCTOR- "Pardon me then."

The cannon went back into place again, and HeCTOR became friendly.

HeCTOR- "I do apologize. You do not know who you can trust these days. Please, make yourself at home. There is plenty of room. My name is HeCTOR, a pleasure to meet you."

Shiina- "Oh, likewise. I'm Shiina."

Yukari- "...and I'm Yukari."

1 hour later...

As Yukari, and Shiina were becoming acquainted, Korudo was being woke up.

Woman- "C'mon, wake up."

Korudo- "Huh...?"

Woman- "Hurry it up."

As Korudo's eyesight became better, he saw the woman standing next to him.

Korudo- "Karasuba?"

She kicked him in the gut.

Karasuba- "Just.. get.. up."

Korudo- "Alright, alright."

Karasuba- "You could have been killed while you were sleeping Korudo. Mutsu must have been merciful today."

Korudo- "Yeah..."

Karasuba took a deep breath, and looked away.

Karasuba- "Thank you..."

Korudo- "Hm...?"

Karasuba- "For helping our son survive."

Korudo- "No need to thank me... I will protect him, no matter what."

Karasuba- "Where is he staying?"

Korudo- "Where I live."

Karasuba- "Is it a good home?"

Korudo- "It's an apartment complex. It's condition is decent."

Karasuba- "Goodbye..."

Karasuba quickly left, and Korudo started to walk home again. The conversation was short, because Karasuba might have felt awkward. Yet, Korudo was just happy he was able to talk to her without getting new scars. As he walked, he held his head down in sorrow.

Half hour later...

Korudo finally arrived home as he saw a light on from one of the windows. He then knew his son, and his Ashikabi made it home safely. He walked through the gate, and HeCTOR greeted him.

HeCTOR- "Hello. I heard you had to delay an attacker. Is this true?"

Korudo- "Yeah... I'm lucky I lived, I guess."

HeCTOR- "Well, glad you are home sir. The couple have settled in. They are a nice few."

Korudo- "I knew they would be."

Korudo continued into the complex, and walked through the halls. The thought of seeing his son again made him very happy, not mentioning his son is living under his roof. Korudo found the room where the light was coming from, and knocked on the door.

Korudo- "Anybody home?"

Yukari- "Who's asking?"

Korudo- "Korudo."

The door opened, and Shiina was at the doorway. The room was empty except for a couch.

Korudo- "Hello, I know this isn't much, but it's somewhere to go."

Yukari- "It's alright."

Korudo- "You two are welcome to stay here as long as you'd like, even for free."

Shiina- "Really?"

Korudo- "Yes."

Yukari- "It's a nice offer, but all of our stuff is at the other apartment."

Korudo thought for a moment.

Korudo- "If you wish to live here, I may know a way to get your belongings over here."

Yukari- "If you know a way, please, go ahead."

Korudo- "Good. It's only... what? 6:20?"

Yukari took out her cell phone, and checked the time.

Yukari- "Yep."

Korudo- "Okay then. I'll be back later. HeCTOR will protect you as best he can if anything happens."

Shiina- "Don't worry. Not many people come to the North."

Korudo- "I'll take your word. See you later."

Korudo then went off to talk to someone who might know a way to transport their furniture. All he had to do was walk down the street, and go to another apartment complex. He entered it, and went up to the floor where his contact lived. He knocked on the door, and a man answered.

Kaoru- "Hey Korudo, what's up?"

Korudo- "I need to ask a question..."

Korudo asked Kaoru if there were any businesses that specialized in furniture moving. Sadly, there wasn't, but there was a left behind moving truck a few blocks away. Kaoru asked why he needed it, and Korudo said a couple was moving into his apartments, free of charge. Kaoru nodded, and Korudo thanked him for the information. Korudo then went home, and told Shiina, and Yukari the good news. Both were glad Korudo was so generous. Korudo even asked why.

Yukari- "Do you remember what you said? "There is no shame in asking for help, as long as you repay the debts you owe." Even though what you are giving us is worth a lot more, part of our thanks is trusting you. We owe you a lot, and if you need anything, let us know."

Korudo smiled, and said a few words of reassurance.

Korudo- "Do not worry about it. Just try to stay out of trouble."

Chapter 6: Fake Siblings

The next day, around 2:00 p.m.

Korudo- "(sighs out of relief)"

Korudo finished moving Yukari's, and Shiina's stuff from their previous residence. It looked like they were going to be settling in for a while. Their apartment now seemed more homely, and less plain, and empty.

Yukari- "Thank you Korudo, you're doing a lot for us."

Korudo- "No need to thank me. I'm only trying to help out (my son, and his Ashikabi)."

Shiina was standing next to Yukari. He became hesitant to speak, and Korudo noticed.

Korudo- "Are you alright Shiina?"

Shiina- "Um, you... You said you knew Kusano... Can you possibly tell me where she is?"

Korudo- "Of course! I can even take you to her!"

Shiina started to lighten up.

Shiina- "That would be great sir! Thank you!'"

Korudo- "No problem. I need to go over there anyway, visit my old friends again. They're not too far away either, just down the road."

As soon as Korudo got back from a quick break, he took Yukari, and Shiina to the Izumo Inn. Instead of walking, there was just enough room in the N.R.K to fit the three. When they arrived Musubi was sweeping the sidewalk. She looked up in curiosity of why would a tank be here anyway. HeCTOR aimed at Musubi thinking she was a possible threat.

HeCTOR- "Threat detected. Ready to fire."

Korudo- "No need HeCTOR, she's friendly, and so is anyone in this building."

HeCTOR- "Noted."

Korudo- "Stay here HeCTOR. I don't think you can fit in the building."

HeCTOR- "Noooo...."

Korudo- "No need for sarcasm. You two ready?"

Yukari- "Yep."

Korudo- "Don't be shy when you get in there. The residents are a nice bunch."

Shiina- "Hope so."

Musubi watched as the hatched open, and Korudo came out. She exuberantly said hi, and waved her hand. Korudo smiled back, and waved his hand also. As he climbed down, Shiina popped out of the hatch also, and Musubi was curious as to who he was, even though he looked a little like Korudo, despite the pretty eyes (no, that is not a compliment). Then Yukari came out, which made Musubi even more curious. She looked similar to Minato. Korudo introduced them.

Korudo- "This is Shiina, and this is his Ashikabi, Yukari."

Musubi- "Ah hello! My name is Musubi. Oh, you are Shiina? Kusano would be so glad to see you again!"

Shiina- "She's here?!"

Musubi- "Yep!"

Shiina started to glow with giddiness, as Musubi escorted the three into the Inn. Musubi then called for Kusano, and you could hear the sound of feet scampering closer. Soon, Kusano rounded one of the corners, and saw Shiina. She ran towards him, and Shiina noticed too, so he opened his arms to grasp her. Kusano jumped into his arms, and hugged tightly.

Shiina- "Kusano! I'm so glad to see you're okay!"

Kusano- "Brother!"

Shiina- "It's been too long..."

Miya, and the others came to see what was going on.

Miya- "What is going on?"

Korudo- "I re-united Shiina, and Kusano."

Kazehana- "How wonderful!"

Minato noticed his sister.

Minato- "Yukari?"

Yukari- "Minato?"

Minato- "Are you Shiina's Ashikabi?"

Yukari- "Yes, I am."

Minato- "Huh, I'm Kusano's Ashikabi."

Yukari- "Funny, isn't it?"

Minato- "Hehehe, yeah."

Miya placed her hand on Kusano's back, and whispered in her ear.

Miya- "Don't tell Shiina yet, if you know what I mean."

Kusano pondered for a moment, then nodded. Miya spoke a little louder this time.

Miya- "Kusano, why don't you show Shiina the flowerbed you've been growing?"

Kusano- "Okay, c'mon Shiina!"

Kusano pulled Shiina's arm as she ran outside into the back yard. Miya spoke to Korudo quietly.

Miya- "Did you tell him yet?"

Korudo- "No."

Miya- "So you put his happiness between him, and Kusano above his, and yours?"

Korudo- "Its what a father should do, so I did so."

Miya- "Nice."

Yukari- "I did happen to hear what you said. No wonder you are so generous to us."

Korudo- "Yep. Please don't tell him that I am his father. I want to tell him myself."

Yukari- "Okay. When do you plan to?"

Korudo- "Anytime. I just need the right opportunity."

Homura- "I may know one."

Korudo- "How come everyone can hear this? Please, share your idea."

Homura- "I'm curious as to how you met Matsu, Kazehana, Miya, and how you got together with Karasuba. Maybe you can possibly tell your life story?"

Miya- "Yes, that sounds like a good idea. The elder ones were wondering what happened to you during the past 15 years."

Korudo- "Sure, I don't mind at all. Its just that maybe it will get a little graphic, so I may ask the younger ones to leave the room."

Miya- "That's perfectly fine. By the way, there is a large tank out there. Is that yours?"

Korudo- "Basically, yeah, but it has an operating system named HeCTOR. He is quite friendly if you are not a target."

Matsu- "So he's Artificial Intelligence? If so, may I take a look at him?"

Korudo- "Yes, and sure. I don't mind, just gotta ask him, hehehehe."

Miya- "I'll gather everyone. You go ahead, and make yourself comfortable in the main room.'"

Miya made the residents, and visitors come to the main room. Everyone became situated with each other, and then Korudo spoke.

Korudo- "So, I heard some of you were curious as to what my backgrounds are, etc. Would you like to hear my story?"

They nodded.

Korudo- "Alrighty then. Let's start all the way back to the human year of 1975, or 45 years ago, when I was born, on the Sekirei home planet, Tengokunosu..."

Chapter 7: Another Touchy Moment

Izumo Inn, 4:30 p.m

Korudo- "... and that, is my life story."

Everyone in the room was surprised, and they had their own reasons.

Miya- "So much we didn't know..."

Matsu- "All of this existed, and none of it could be found in the data mainframe..."

Homura- "Minaka is more sinister than we thought..."

Shiina was hit the hardest. He sat there with his eyes wide open, and shocked from what he learned.

Shiina- "D... Dad? What? Karasuba... mother?..."

Korudo- "Yeah, I know it's a lot to take in..."

Shiina- "I just met my dad... then I'll have to kill him later on?"

Korudo- "Unfortunately... That's why I was planning to do what they call, "Father-Son Bonding". If you wish of course, I know it's a bit sudden."

Shiina- "Okay... but I want to see my mother first."

Everyone looked at him in further awe. He was so quick to say such a thing.

Korudo- "Do you really wish so son? Then let's go now."

Shiina- "Yes. Yukari, please come with me."

Yukari- "O.. of course..."

Korudo got up, and opened the door leading out of the living room. Shiina followed as he took Yukari by the hand.

Miya- "Be careful, and please return safely."

Korudo- "Yes. C'mon son."

Shiina- "Coming..."

Later on in the city, the three have been searching for some time. It started to become dark, and they went up on top of a roof to get a better view.

Korudo- "We've searched for a while now... Where could she be?"

As Korudo viewed the city landscape, and as Shiina, and Yukari turned their attention away, a shadowed figure suddenly appeared behind Korudo, and held a sword up to his neck. The figure's free arm held Korudo by the chest.

Korudo- "Are you my passerby?"

Figure- "Mhm..."

Korudo looked to see who it was, and it was surely enough Karasuba.

Korudo- "Hey..."

Shiina, and Yukari turned their attention back to Korudo, and were surprised by Karasuba appearing so quickly.

Shiina- "Karasuba..."

Karasuba turned her head to see who called her. She had no idea Shiina was there. She was blinded by her focus on Korudo.

Shiina- "Let dad go..."

Shiina said this with a sense of authority. Karasuba was shocked by him saying that, then she slowly lowered her blade, and backed away from him.

Karasuba- "Shiina..."

Shiina- "Karasuba... I know the things you've done... Yet, since your my mother, which I was shocked to find out at first, I'll forgive you."

Karasuba didn't answer.

Shiina- "I want you to be a mother to me."

Karasuba- "S.. Son... I'm sorry..."

Shiina- "Don't just apologize to me..."

Shiina hints at Korudo, who's standing there with a sad demeanor. Karasuba looked at Korudo.

Karasuba- "I'm sorry... Korudo..."

Korudo accepted her apology, and in turn said his own.

Korudo- "I'm deeply sorry..."

Karasuba accepted his apology, and they hugged each other tightly. Karasuba started to silently weep as she clutched him. Karasuba stopped hugging Korudo, and turned to Shiina.

Karasuba- "I love you son... I'm sorry for not being there. I actually could have raised you..."

Shiina- "It's alright mother, I love you too. I think it was for the best. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up with a constant grudge. I don't think I would've met Yukari if you did raise me."

Karasuba- "Yukari?"

Shiina wraps his right arm around Yukari, showing Karasuba he was proud to have her.

Shiina- "Her, my Ashikabi."

Yukari- "Hi, Mrs. Shino."

Karasuba- "Oh, that's her name... I never really knew it. Pleasure to meet you Yukari, and please call me Karasuba."

Yukari- "Oh, same to you, Karasuba."

Korudo- "Can we be a family again?"

Karasuba- "Of course my love."

Shiina- "Good..."

Suddenly, a yell of a man could be heard nearby, along with the beautiful sound of flesh being torn apart.

Korudo- "I'll check it out..."

Karasuba- "No, I will."

Korudo- "No again, we'll both go."

Shiina- "May we come?"

Korudo- "Sure, but make sure you, and your wife are at a safe distance."

They set out to inspect where it came from. As they went further, they could hear the sound of rustling, and tearing flesh more, and more. They soon arrived to a dark, dead end alley. Korudo walked slowly forward, as Karasuba followed closely behind. When they got a good look, an adult male with brown hair, and eyes, was crouching by a devastated corpse of an MBI soldier. The corpse was split in half by the mid-section while some pieces of the clothes were torn off. A few chunks of meat from the torso was missing too.

As the male turned his head towards Korudo, his teeth were visable. They were all sharp as a tiger's set, and blood covered the mouth. The male noticed Korudo, and Karasuba, and gave a loud, distorted shout. He then quickly volted into the darkness.

Korudo- "The fuck...!?"

Karasuba- "Good hell..."

Shiina, and Yukari came closer behind Korudo.

Shiina- "What was tha.. HOLY CRAP!"

Yukari- "Mother of... What the heck happened!?"

Yukari started to gag.

Korudo- "Some demon did this I guess... We saw him run away into the shadows. We decided for ourselves not to follow at the moment. He looked human, but could a human kill so quickly, and terribly? Whatever it was, it may do this again."

Karasuba- "Let's just go..."

Yukari- "Please..."

Korudo- "Oh um, would you like to start living with me now Karasuba?"

Karasuba- "Of course... I just need to grab a few things."

Korudo- "Good. You know where I live?"

Karasuba- "Yes, I saw one day. Shiina, and Yukari live there too, right Shiina?"

Shiina- "Yeah, it's pretty nice."

Yukari- "The courtyard could use a little touching up though."

Karasuba- "Moving into my place again, just like before. See you later sweety, and bye son. Goodnight."

Karasuba went one way, as Korudo, Shiina, and Yukari went another.

Karasuba went back to Natsuo's apartment to get her possessions. As Karasuba was packing in her bedroom, putting her belongings in a large bag. Natsuo caught her, and leaned on the doorway.

Natsuo- "Where are you going Karasuba?"

Karasuba- "Somewhere."

Natsuo- "Don't worry, I already know who you're going to. The escapee, correct? He's your actual husband."

Karasuba- "How would you know that..."

Natsuo- "When certain things are leaked, you tend to hear them if your in the right place."

Karasuba- "True..."

Natsuo- "Please get out of my apartment as soon as possible. Stay until morning, and I'll send the Disciplinary Squad after you. I'll treat you no different then other Sekirei."

Karasuba- "You know I can kill them..."

Karasuba zippers her bag.

Natsuo- "... but my point still stands."

Karasuba- "Fine then. I thank you for the hospitality, I will be leaving now. Goodbye."

Karasuba picks up the bag, and hangs it from her shoulder. She walks by Natsuo, as he did nothing but move aside. Karasuba walked all the way to Korudo's apartment complex, with her bag in one arm, and her free hand holding her katana. When she arrived at the apartments, she walked through the courtyard. She agreed with Yukari, it could use some work. Korudo noticed her there when he looked out the window of his bedroom. He was in his underwear when he called her in a whisper.

Korudo- "Hey, Karasuba, up here."

Karasuba turned her attention towards Korudo, and leaps up to, and through the window. Karasuba set down her bag, hugged, and kissed him.

Karasuba- "I'm glad we're back..."

Korudo- "Same..."

Chapter 8: Carnivorous

2 days later, 7:30 in the evening, Korudo's Apartment Complex

The past couple of days were quiet, and things have seemed to have settled down a little bit. Karasuba and Yukari have already started working on the gardens, and Korudo and Shiina have began fixing any damage in the apartments earlier, but now was the time to rest. Shiina was out sitting on the sidewalk in front of the property. The street lights flickered on as the sun began to settle. When Shiina was about to head in, the right side of his neck tensed, and his eyes became wide open. He focused his eyes to his right, and saw nothing except for the curve of the sidewalk, and the dark alley between two buildings. Even though there seemed to be nothing there, Shiina kept staring at the dark alley.

As if waiting for something, Shiina was frozen in place. Then something finally did happen. A trash can was knocked over by a racoon. Shiina wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but something was still itching him. Then, he heared a loud rumble, and it sounded like it came from the opposite end of the alley. Flashes of light occured, accompanied with the sound of gunfire. In the flashes was a silhouette of a man running away, then being torn apart by a hail of bullets, and blood splashed all over the wall. The gunfire stopped, and a vehicle could be heard rolling away along with muffled voices.

Shiina was still stuck in place, constantly observing the alley out of immense curiosity and fear. He then heard the labored breathing of the man who was shot. The person was crawling out of the darkness, with blood pouring out of multiple bullet holes. The man gave out while halfway out of the darkness, with only his torso in the light. Shiina managed to move himself towards the appearingly dead man. When Shiina got to him, he bent down on one knee, and inspected him. Abruptly, the lifeless body jolted back to life, and the man grunted in a primal way. He coughed up blood, and attempted to get up. Shiina helped him.

Shiina- "Uh, sir, please let me help you. I know where I can take you to get you help."

Shiina put his arm around the man, and lifted him up. He then walked the stranger into the courtyard, as he called for his family.

Shiina- "Mom! Dad! Yukari! Someone needs help!"

Korudo opened the windows of his room, and saw that Shiina was helping a stranger. Korudo jumped down from the second story, and ran to Shiina. Yukari and Karasuba came out the front double doors, and also came to Shiina. When Korudo was the first to get to Shiina, the stranger turned his head to Korudo. It was the same guy who Korudo, and Karasuba saw eating the MBI soldier. Soon Karasuba recognized him as well. They were both shocked, and stopped as soon as they knew.

Korudo- "Son, I don't think it's a good idea to help this guy..."

Shiina- "Why not?"

Karasuba- "Remember the corpse you saw a few days ago, and the loud distorted yell? This guy was eating the corpse, and made that yell."

Shiina- "Oh... well... He still needs help right?"

Korudo- "Yes..."

Shiina- "Then it is our obligation to heal him. Can you two, my parents, help this man out?"

Karasuba- "Fine, but if he attacks you, he'll immediately be killed."

Shiina- "Good..."

Korudo- "Since we're going to get this guy healed, we're going to need HeCTOR. I don't know anything about healing except for bandages."

Korudo then called for HeCTOR, and the tank rolled out of the impromptu garage. HeCTOR stopped right in front of them.

HeCTOR- "What is going on sir? Do you need my assistance?"

Korudo- "Uhh, yes, can you tell us how to heal him?"

HeCTOR- "Of course my friend. Here is what you need to do..."

HeCTOR gave instructions on how to aid the dying man, and soon all of the bullets in him were taken out, and the holes in his body were patched up, and sanitized. The stranger was then laid on a couch in an empty room in the apartments. There he laid resting until morning.

The next morning, 9:30

The stranger opened his eyes after sleeping, and took a deep breath. He struggled to sit upright as his wounds were in pain. Half his body was covered in bandages. As he grunted, Shiina opened the door of the room, and saw him. He then went to assist the guy further, and kneeled on one knee.

Shiina- "Please, you need to rest, stay down."

The man then took his advice, and laid flat on his back again. Shiina introduced himself.

Shiina- "I think it's best that we get ourselves acquainted. My name is Shiina Shino. Nice ring to it, right? Hehehehe..."

The man looked at Shiina with eyes of no emotion, and yawned, showing his massive sharp teeth, which was something Shiina didn't see before. He then spoke in return with his voice rough, but quiet.

Stranger- "I... have no... name... but they call me... SCP... 08 ...A..."

Shiina- "Must be some sort of labeling right? I'll have Matsu check into that."

SCP-08-A bugged out when he heard the name.

SCP- "Matsu... is still alive!?..."

Shiina- "Yes, why?"

SCP- "She died down underground... I remember..."

Shiina- "What?"

SCP- "N.. Nothing..."

SCP's stomach growled, and he held it in pain.

Shiina- "I can bring you something to eat."

SCP- "That would be nice..."

Shiina left, and came back with a plate full of vegatables.

Shiina- "Here, this should be good enough for now."

SCP- "I'm grateful, but in honesty, I don't eat anything but meat."

Shiina- "Well, sorry, it's all we have at the moment. Just try it."

SCP- "I can not."

Shiina- "Why not, sir?"

Both of them were starting to become annoyed.

SCP- "I just can't!"

Shiina- "Stubborn aren't you? What are you, a carnivore?"

SCP- "Yes I am! Can you not tell by my teeth?"

Shiina- "What does that have to do with anything?"

SCP- "It's basic animal classification. Carnivores have sharp teeth, herbivores have blunt teeth, and omnivores have a little of both! Ask Matsu that, she'd know."

Shiina- "Oh, sorry then."

Both of their tension went away, and SCP took a deep breath.

SCP- "It's alright, I should be apologizing. I should have let you know before you got anything."

Shiina- "Eh, forget about it."

SCP- "Can I try to walk around at least? I'd hate to be a dead bag of flesh."

Shiina- "Sure, but take it easy. Don't do anything strenuous."

Shiina helped SCP up onto his feet, and SCP then motioned to Shiina that he was fine when he stood up straight. They both walked out into the hallways of the apartment complex. SCP held his left rib as he started limping as he walked. Shiina lead him to the front double doors of the building, and opened for him. SCP shielded his eyes from the bright sunlight as he stepped outside. Korudo greeted them from a bench near the tree in the center of the courtyard.

Korudo- "Hey son! Hello sir!"

Shiina- "Hey father! Where's mother?"

Korudo- "Her and Yukari went out shopping just after you left to check on our new friend here. Speaking of, how are you sir?"

SCP- "I've been better. A bit hungry though..."

Korudo- "Well don't worry, just hang in there for a little while."

SCP- "Okay sir. I must thank you, Shiina, and the others for taking me in. You could have let me rot, but it seems there is the existence of kindness within this seemingly evil world."

Korudo- "Don't mention it. There is no shame in receiving help, as long as you repay the debts you owe. Call me Korudo by the way."

SCP- "Alright, Korudo. How can I "repay my debts"?"

Korudo- "When you're able to help out, you can aid us in changing up this place. I want it to look new and improved."

SCP- "Okay."

Korudo- "So, do you have a name?"

SCP- "A name like yours? No I do not. They call me "SCP-08-A", or "SCP" for short. It's a sort of labeling."

Korudo- "The labeling is vaguely familiar to me... Where are you from?"

SCP- "I don't know for sure, but some underground base. I escaped through an airduct leading to the surface."

Korudo immediately became serious.

Korudo- "Oh really? I came from an underground base too..."

SCP- "Interesting... Wait... I remember! SHIT!"

SCP instantly became shocked, and fell on his behind. He started crawling backwards away from Korudo. His eyes were bugged out, and his body shook.

SCP- "Please!... please don't torture me! The darkness!... No matter where I was hidden... I would always see you slowly walking towards me from the darkness! Your steps would echo throughout the corridors... Always could be heard... Your black and red eyes would always stand out in the darkness. More horrifying than the devil himself..."

Korudo- "I don't know what you're talking about... The only part I recognized was my black, and red eyes. Yet, those are my Reaper eyes, and I lost that power before I was taken there."

SCP- "W... what? Are you saying you're not the same Korudo?"

Korudo- "Yes..."

SCP calmed down, and rose to his feet again.

SCP- "That's very odd... Tell me, are the others like you?"

Korudo- "If you mean Karasuba, Miya, Matsu, Mutsu and Kazehana, they're not terrifying. If you don't anger them at least..."

SCP- "Good... Good... What about Yume?"

Korudo- "She's... dead."

SCP- "Oh..."

SCP became emotionless, as his face displayed so.

Korudo- "Are you alright?"

SCP- "Yume was the person I was cloned after. I was supposed to be made into a male, which I was, but something went wrong, as you can see..."

SCP opened his mouth for a moment to show his teeth.

SCP- "Also, they marked me mentally unstable when I was first released. I ate all of the scientists. They mark me crazy, but I was just hungry."

Korudo- "You do give off a colder impression than Yume. She was the closest resemblence to an angel. You're more like a demon. No offense really..."

SCP- "No offence taken. Funny you should say that, because one of the scientists I ate said I was a "Demon Sekirei"."

Shiina silently stepped into the conversation.

Shiina- "Umm, I don't mean to be rude, but we can have Matsu look up information on the underground facility. Maybe it can tell us where Minaka went."

Korudo- "Good idea son! We'll head over when you're mother gets back, and SCP fills his cemetary of a stomach."

SCP, and Shiina smiled.

Shiina- "Thanks dad."

Chapter 9: Hate Rots the Soul, Forgiveness Plants the Seed of a new Friendship

Courtyard of Korudo's Apartments, 3:30 p.m.

SCP- "I must really thank you for the meal. Tastes much better than most of the people I eat."

Karasuba- "Glad my cooking is better than a rotting corpse..."

Korudo- "Alright, we should get going... Everyone ready?"

The group nodded. Karasuba had her head facing the ground the though.

Korudo- "Excellent, let's get going. Son, you go ahead and lead. I need to talk to your mother for a moment."

Shiina- "Yes father."

The others went on as Korudo hanged back for Karasuba. Korudo and Karasuba spoke quietly.

Korudo- "What's wrong sweetheart?"

Karasuba- "Miya... She told me that she would have her sword ready the next time I go near her house. Not that I'm afraid of fighting her, I just don't want to."

Korudo- "I'll be right next to you, okay? We'll fix things, I promise."

Karasuba- "Thank you..."

Korudo- "Now what exactly is wrong between you two? You were such good friends."

They started walking slowly along the sidewalk on their way to the Izumo Inn.

Karasuba- "When you disappeared, a mix of emotions came over me. I was angry, depressed, spiteful etcetera, and I didn't know what to do or who to blame. I knew that none of the Sekirei's would do that, we were like family, so the only group left to blame was the humans. I started to hate them after a while, and I began to kill them off. I was so angry I didn't know how many I was killing. Yume didn't like it so she asked me to stop... but I didn't. Then even Miya grew concerned, and she asked me also... I kept going. Even when we came to the city, I killed Sekirei and Ashikabi for fun. Miya grew angry of me and became disappointed in me. Knowing my volatile nature, she banned me from the Izumo Inn... I wouldn't blame her, I was out of control."

Korudo- "Oh... So I was the cause of one more problem..."

Karasuba- "No sweety, it's not like that. It's completely my fault, I shouldn't have acted that way. Somehow I knew you were still alive, and that's what drove me insane."

Korudo- "I see... I'm sure if you explain that to Miya in a very kind manner she'll forgive you. Again, if you need help, I'll be right here next to you."

Karasuba- "Good..."

Korudo and Karasuba caught up to the rest of the group, and continued walking to their destination.

5 minutes later.

They stopped in front of the opening in the fence and Karasuba took a deep breath. Unexpectedly, Musubi bursts open the front doors of the Inn and says hello with much enthusiasm. She invites them in, and they accepted. Musubi especially takes notice of Karasuba.

Musubi- "Kara-chan! I'm so glad to see you again!"

Karasuba- "Mu-chan! Same here, how are you?"

Musubi- "I'm very well, and you?"

Karasuba- "A little nervous, is Miya here?"

Musubi- "Yes, she's in the main room."

Musubi escorted them to Miya. Along the short way, Musubi noticed Karasuba and Korudo holding hands with Shiina next to them.

Musubi- "Aww, I see you're a family now."

Korudo- "Yes, and we're glad we are."

Musubi quickly stopped and opened the door of the main room.

Musubi- "Miya-sama, we have plenty of friends over!"

Miya- "That's great Musu..."

Miya noticed Karasuba and instantly went on guard.

Miya- "Karasuba... I didn't expect you here... Without a sword especially."

Karasuba- "Miya... I need to talk to you."

Karasuba let go of Korudo's hand and looked back at him, letting him know that she actually wants to be alone this time. Korudo waved his hand gesturing the same to everyone and closed the door. Miya and Karasuba are now alone to face each other.

Miya- "What do you want, Karasuba?"

Karasuba- "I wanted to apologize for all the things I've done. I was just... angry, sad and confused. I was being tortured... First the love of my life disappeared for no reason, then Yume died for no reason. I had no one to blame except humans so I took my anger out on them. I know it wasn't the best choice, but will you forgive me? I don't want you to hate me anymore. You're like an older sister to me, you were always my friend."

Miya- "... I don't know what to say. You've murdered so many Sekirei and humans."

Karasuba- "I know I have and I deeply regret doing so."

Miya- "Karasuba, I... I accept your apology."

Karasuba- "Oh thank you Miya... You've lifted one more burden from my heart..."

Miya- "... but can you do me a favor Karasuba?"

Karasuba- "Yes, of course! What is it?"

Miya- "Don't kill anyone else, even Minaka."

Karasuba- "I find that ironic, but okay. I can do that. Minaka is my husband's problem anyway. I think Korudo would enjoy getting his revenge more than I do. Afterall, I already have something I want back."

Miya- "Right... Thank you..."

During Miya and Karasuba's conversation, the guy's outside did too.

Korudo- "I hope everything gets smoothed over. I'd hate to see them two fight."

Shiina- "I have confidence Miya will forgive Karasuba. Miya's a nice person, Kusano told me so much."

Korudo- "You're right son. When we were the first Disciplinary Squad, we all got along. We were all family, no one was left behind and everyone was treated equally. For some of us, it was the only family we had..."


Here, all the original Sekirei characters, etc, are listed that have been mentioned in the story.





Natsuo Ichinomi






Sahashi Minato

Seo Kaoru


Minaka Hiroto

Sahashi Takami

Hikari, and Hibiki




Sekirei Plan


Izumo Inn







Main Theme:

Death by Skinny Puppy

For those who cannot access the song via YouTube: . Just under the first advertisement to the left, there should be what looks like a "Play" symbol. Click on it, & it should take you to Jango - Free Music (ect.) & Death should be there.

Chapter 4 Theme:

Anarchy in the U.K by the Sex Pistols

Collection Theme:

Goneja by Skinny Puppy