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It was a beautiful day in Queens, New York as it was another normal day in the Parker residence.

But the day wasn't normal as across the street from them they were all observing new arrivals to the neighbourhood.

Peter, Mary-Jane and five year old May Parker and other residents were all watching as they saw a couple emerging and taking in boxes of stuff and furniture.

"New neighbours, I was wondering when someone was gonna take the Williams place I mean sure the guy was a womanizer but still it's about time." Peter said.

"You mean normal people right?" MJ said.

"For once yes not after the last time, I mean I had no idea they were actually aliens and out for world domination!" Peter said recalling a past misadventure.

Two people emerged from one of the moving truck a man and a woman, the man had black short hair, brown eyes and wore glasses, a blue shirt and cream coloured pants with loafers. The woman was a blonde with blue eyes, a white t shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Both were bringing stuff in as they were approached by the Parkers and stopped to greet them.

"Hi there we're the Parkers, I'm Mary-Jane, that's my husband Peter and this little number is our daughter May." MJ introduced her family to the new neighbours.

"Hello there aren't you just precious, how old are you?" the woman asked with a smile.

"Five." May said holding up five fingers.

"Well now aren't you a big girl." she said.

The little girl then smiled at that.

"Oh sorry how rude of me! I'm Caitlin Redgrave." Catlin shook their hands introducing herself. "And somewhere is…ah James!" she called.

As the man approached them with his arm around Catlin.

"What is it dea-oh hello there." he said.

"James dear this is Peter, Mary-Jane Parker and their daughter May." Catlin said introducing the Parkers. "Peter, Mary-Jane, my husband James Redgrave." she introduced her husband.

"Pleasure to meet you all." James said shaking their hands and smiling to May who smiled back.

"Where's your parents?" Catlin asked her husband.

"They phoned earlier and they'll be a few minutes." James said.

"What about Jack?" Catlin asked.

"A little excited and wanting to see his new home." James said.

"Do you have any children?" Peter asked.

"Oh yes our son Jack, he's five and a half…but a handfull." James said.

"The joys of parenting." Peter joked.

"All kids are like that…well not our little Mayday, she's good as gold." MJ said looking down to her daughter and stroking her head.

"So why did you move here?" MJ asked.

"My job, I work for Stark Enterprises, we moved from West Newberry, Mass, I was promoted to Head of Energy and Development." Caitlin explained.

"What about you James, what do you do?" Peter asked.

"I'm lecturing at NYU, I teach archaeology." James explained.

Peter then noticed a copy of a book by an old friend of his in the left hand of James.

"Is that "Theories of Genetics" by Dr. Lazarus?" Peter asked.

"Yes I've been reading for a few weeks now and I must say, it's such a fascinating theories he has." James said.

"Have you read the chapter of the possibilities of how many unmapped parts of the human DNA there could be?" Peter asked.

"Yes I never knew there were so many parts still yet to be discovered." James said.

Both men went on and on about the different theories and mostly all the science stuff as both wives just shook their heads seeing their husbands are both science geeks.

"You married a geek too." MJ said.

"It was one of the qualities that attracted me to him, among other things." Caitlin said referencing to other things as MJ giggled with her.

As then a car pulled up and the two front doors of the car opened and a man and woman emerged who looked to be in their sixties as the door of the back of the car opened and out came a young boy.

He had short black hair, blue eyes, wearing a red t shirt, with quarter inch jean pants and some old sneakers.

The woman took his hand and led him over to the others as he gleamed in joy.

"Mommy! Daddy!" the boy shouted as he went up to them and hugged them as he was just glad to see his parents.

"Yes we missed you too." Caitlin said to the boy.

"Mary-Jane, Peter this is our pride and joy, our son Jack." Caitlin said introducing her son to the Parkers.

"Well aren't you a handsome young man, how old are you?" MJ asked.

"I'm five and…a…a…half." Jack said.

"You're becoming a big boy aren't you." MJ said as Jack just smiled.

Jack saw May as he just smiled at her but she shied behind her mother as MJ looked to her daughter noticing her reluctance towards Jack.

"May? What's wrong?" MJ asked her daughter as she looked in her direction and saw she was hiding from Jack.

"Don't be shy…he's not gonna bite, I bet he's just as scared as you." MJ assured May.

Jack then went forward. "Hi, I'm Jack." Jack waved as he introduced himself to May.

She then came away from her hiding spot and went towards Jack.

"Hello…I'm May." May said as she waved to Jack.

Both mothers witnessing the greeting made by their children was joyous moment as then they just randomly went to play a game with one another.

"Looks like our kids are going to be friends." Caitlin said.

"I guess May's taken a shine to Jack." MJ said.

"Jack has that effect on people." Caitlin said.

Both Peter and James were taken off trail by their conversation on science by seeing their children playing with one another.

"It's an amazing sight isn't it?" Peter asked.

"Yes, I mean they are the future and we have to guide them towards it, as the parents we must pass down our teachings so they may pass theirs on to their children and so on." James explained.

"No books could tell them anything we already know." Peter said.

"I concur with that ." James said.

The parents just stood to watch their children play with each other as it was a sign of things to come.

"Do you guys want help getting your stuff in?" MJ asked.

"Now there's no need, we don't want to imply you both to help us." James said.

"No we insist, it's the least we can do now we're neighbours and anyway the kids are too occupied to notice anything." Peter convinced them.

He was right as they were having a game of tag and just chasing each other in the Redgrave's front garden.

As they helped them get things in this would be a whole new beginning for them all.

Jack was now seven years old and attending New York Junior School, he was the most charismatic in his class and always seemed to get the attention, accept another boy in his class.

The boy was Gene Thompson, he was the most popular boy in the school, but was also the school bully.

Whenever he could he always used his size and strength to intimidate any kid who threatened his position of power. The boy had two sides to himself, when in front of adults or girls he was as sweet as pie but in front of boys was a different story he was as mad as a truck driver, he would either humiliate or hurt the victim, well with his friends Davis Hall and Simon Jessop.

Wherever Gene was they trailed behind him and everyone was scared of them well not everyone, Jack was one of his victims but it never got him down until one day.

Jack was on his way to meet his friends May and Jimmy but as he walked further down the hallway he saw that Jimmy was being confronted by Gene and as Jack liked to call them his minions.

"Alright nerdo hand me your lunch money!" Gene demanded.

Jimmy was scared and the fear could be seen behind his glasses as the young boy knew if he didn't do as he said it would mean trouble for him as he quickly reached into his pocket and grabbed his lunch money to give to the bully as he just laughed at his weakness and just took his money.

Gene looked at his cash and looked a bit confused. "Consider this nerd tax, you better have more tomorrow!" Gene said about to walk off.

Just then Gene was spun round by someone as he turned to see Jack as his eyes widened in surprise.

"Give Jimmy his money back." Jack stated.

The bully looked at him as his friends were behind him as he just laughed like it was a joke.

"Get lost Redditch!" Gene said as he went to leave again.

But once again he spun him back around as he showed defiance to the face of Gene once again.

"I'm not asking again, give Jimmy his lunch money back…Now!" Jack demanded.

"What're you gonna do about it…Red…ditch?" Gene snared getting in his face.

Jack looked to him. "This." as he just pushed Gene as he fell to the ground humiliating him in front of everyone who was in the hallway.

Gene now having the egg on his face, was furious as he got back up and approached him wanting to exact punishment on Jack.

"You're so dead nerd! Both of you…you…me…after school…I'm gonna make mincemeat outta you Redditch!" Gene threatened as he and his friends stormed off.

Jimmy and Jack looked to each other as Jimmy had the look of fear on him. "Now you've done it Jack, he's gonna pulverise you then he's coming for me!" Jimmy worried.

Jack got a hold of his friend "Jimmy! I had enough of him and his minions always pushing us and everyone around, it's time someone took a stand and I will take that stand even if it means I die today so how many hours until execution?" Jack asked.

"Three hours, well at least you've got an excuse to skip the math quiz tomorrow." Jimmy said as both laughed to that.

"Seriously though I need you to do me a favour or two." Jack asked his friend.

"What is it?" Jimmy asked.

"Stay away from the fight and don't tell May, I know she'll try to get involved but this is my fight, so please for me." Jack asked.

Jimmy looked concerned and reluctant to do so but made his decision.

"Yeah I won't just try not to die, so we can at least finish our science project." Jimmy said as he laughed to that.

The bell rang and that meant it was time for Jack as he saw Jimmy giving the "You're so screwed" look as Gene was now clutching his fists as he was ready to dish out some punishment on Jack for humiliating him earlier on.

Everyone left in a rush to get to the front of the school as they all knew that Gene would be fighting but who it was they didn't as Gene and his minions kept the surprise for later.

Jack walked through the crowded hallways as he went to confront the bully himself and try to end his supposed reign of terror, he made it to the front of the school and saw people were waiting in a circle as he saw Gene waiting for him at one end as he just entered.

"You actually showed up Redditch!" Gene taunted.

"It's Redgrave ya butthead!" Jack came back.

"You're gonna regret what ya did today!" Gene said as then his minions joined him.

"I thought this was one on one?" Jack asked.

"Their just watching us, now ya gonna fight or are ya chicken?" Gene taunted further.

Jack knew it was a trap as he was outnumbered three to one as it was hopeless of him to try and win but like his dad always said "A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do."

"Ok let's do…

He then saw Jimmy enter the ring right next to him as he was shocked and confused to why his best friend would even be there let alone step into a fight.

"Jimmy? I told you to get out of here, you're gonna get killed!" Jack said to him.

"What you said before, you're right I'm tired of him and his friends pushing us around, I want to take a stand with you even if it means I die but at least I get fifteen minutes of fame and going down with my best friend." Jimmy said taking his glasses off.

Jack smiled as did he and they both turned to the three bullies and got ready for their doom to approach.

Just then May and her friend Courtney were on their way home as they heard some shouting and cheering.

"What's going on?" Courtney asked May.

"Probably just another stupid fight, let's just ig-

"Let's go see who's fighting!" Courtney interrupted as she dragged her friend with her.

"Uh fine, but I doubt it's gonna be any interest which guy is beating wh-" May stopped in mid sentence as she saw Gene Thompson and his friends fighting Jack and Jimmy?

They watched as Jimmy was being held back with ease by Davis and Simon as Gene and Jack went at it and Gene was beating Jack to a pulp but Jack was fighting back as he managed to cut his lip and give him a black eye.

However Jack was just as beaten with his eye blackened, his lip and nose were bleeding and he had some redness on his forehead.

As Jack was beginning to get the upper hand on Gene he was then grabbed from behind and restrained by Davis and Simon as Gene walked towards him confidently as he smiled at the fact Jack was defenceless.

"Okay Redditch your gonna learn why I rule this school!" Gene said balling his fists up.

Jack looked to see Jimmy was down holding his abdomen as he knew it was hopeless as he looked directly in front of him waiting for the beat down.

Gene then came forward to finish the job he was stopped in his track as someone got in front of him and blocked his path.

"Gene don't please!" May said as she tried to plea with him.

"Buzz off red, Redditch is goin down!" Gene said as he just ignored her and continued on.

But once again the young red head got in his way as he had enough and with one hand he shoved her hard to the ground as May fell on her face as her friend Courtney went to help her she saw she was bleeding from her lip.

"May! Oh you're bleeding…that jerk!" Courtney angrily said.

Gene saw what he did as he just shrugged it off and went back to Jack.

Jack saw what Gene did to May, with the blood coming from her mouth and then looked to Jimmy as he went to check on May and saw he was still in pain, seeing them both made something just snap inside of him as he had a burst of strength and elbowed Simon in the stomach and bit Davis on his hand as he just ran full force at Gene and tackled him to the ground.

Jack was blinded by rage as every moment Gene bullied him or his friends came back to him he wailed on him.


He was pulled off by the big man himself, The Principle as he brought Gene up to his feet and dragged Jack and Gene to his office.

The Principle made sure both boys were patched up by the nurse as they sat in his office and awaited the arrival of their fathers.

"Principle Karlson, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Redgrave are here." the secretary said.

"Send them in." Principle Karlson said

Both Jack's dad and Gene's dad came in, Gene's dad was a high school gym teacher and knew from May's dad he was his bully in school, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

"Mr. Thompson, Mr. Redgrave, now you know why you're both here?" The Principle asked referring to their sons.

"Both Jack and Gene were caught fighting and I've heard both sides of this story and it seems a dispute over Gene here taking children's lunch money again." he explained.

"Gene not again, you promised me!" Flash said now disappointed at his son.

"And Jack here seemed to have challenged Gene to this fight and as you can see how it ended." The Principle said.

"Jack, I thought I taught you better than this!" James said also feeling the same way.

"I'm sorry Mr. Thompson but I'm going to have to suspend Gene for a week as this is his second strike." The Principle said.

Flash looked at Gene just really disappointed at his son's behaviour.

"And Jack for fighting on school grounds and since it's your first offence detention for two weeks.

James was a bit upset but knew Jack learned his lesson.

As they all left The Principle's office the father's had a small talk.

"I'm sorry about my boy's behaviour, it's just that my wife and I are having marital troubles, he's lashing out ,but I promise I'm going to set him straight." Flash said making excuses for Gene.

"I know my son should've shown more restraint but I will assure you this won't happen again." James said.

"Now Gene you got something to say to Jack here?" Flash asked his son.

"Do you as well Jack?" James asked his son.

Both boys stepped forward reluctantly as they looked each other square in the eye.

"Sorry." Gene muttered.

"Sorry." Jack muttered.

Both boys knew this was only the beginning for them both.

It was now evening and Jack was now officially in trouble his mom was upset and he got grounded for the month.

Just then the doorbell rang as Caitlin went to answer it and saw it was May and Caitlin saw her lip was cut but dried now as she smiled.

"Hello, Is Jack home Mrs. Redgrave?" May smiled as she asked.

"Yes he is May but he's being punished for the incident in school." Caitlin said.

"I know what happened, I wanted to see if he's okay?" May asked concerned for her friend.

"Well okay but not too long, he's being grounded…Jack, May's at the door!" Caitlin shouted for her son.

Jack came to the door and was delighted to see May as his mother looked to him. "Remember only ten minutes, then bed mister." Caitlin said to her son.

"Okay mom." Jack said as she left them.

Jack saw her now dried cut lip from which Gene caused. "May I'm so sorry, I got you involved!" Jack said.

"It's not your fault Gene's such a jerk, and I heard you got two weeks of detention that sucks." May said.

"And look what he did to you, I take that back he's not a jerk he's a butthead!" May said after seeing what Gene did to Jack.

"I'm just glad you and Jimmy are ok and that I taught Gene a lesson." Jack said.

"I still think it's a bummer you got punished for standing up to him." May said.

"Yeah well, it's how that goes, what did your mom and dad say after they saw the battle scar?" Jack asked referencing to her lip.

"They freaked, I told them what happened and my dad was gonna go and kill Gene and his dad." May said.

"Don't blame him, he has my blessing." Jack joked as May laughed.

"Jack!" Caitlin called indicating his time was up.

"I gotta go, I'll see you tomorrow." Jack said.

"Yeah sure, see ya…JackHammer!" May joked to Jack as he found it funny.

It was now exactly October and some of the popular kids were throwing a Halloween party and it was a costume party as May, Jack, Jimmy and Courtney were going together as all of them were in costume.

May was dressed up as a cat, Jack dressed as Zorro, Courtney dressed as GI Jane and Jimmy dressed up as his hero, Spider-Man.

But they were being chaperoned by May and Jack's Fathers as there would be other parents there and plus they also knew Gene and his father would be there as they promised Caitlin that Jack will not get into any trouble with Gene.

When Peter saw Jimmy's Spidey costume he just laughed as it brought back some memories. But he still favoured his daughter's choice as it was her mom's costume from when she was young.

James was liking what Jimmy and Courtney wore but his son was his favourite as he knew it was the perfect outfit for his son, he always liked dressing up as a dark hero and Zorro seemed to be the perfect fit for him as he watched him play with his plastic sword.

Both James and Peter just went looking around the place while they waited for their shift to start.

The group saw that all the kids were dressed up as they then went in and mingled.

"Hey look what John's wearing!" Courtney said pointing to the boy as he was wearing a Captain America outfit as they all thought it looked kind of cool.

"Well check out Desmond!" Jimmy said pointing towards the boy who was wearing an Indiana Jones outfit.

They were all mainly making observations on who was wearing what but Jack was on the scope for his arch rival as he could not see him anywhere and was actually relieved that he was not in sight as he did not want to repeat their last encounter again.

"Looking for Gene?" May asked Jack as she noticed him looking around.

"Yeah, I didn't want to spoil this night for us so I'm looking around in case." Jack said.

"Be cool JackHammer, if he does show up just ignore him, he's a butthead and you're bettter than him." May assured Jack.

As he smiled to her in response as did she they went back to the party.

The Party was over and it was a Gene free night as they did not see or hear anything the four kids were all talking as they walked home with Peter and James.

"I wonder how will things be when we grow up?" Courtney asked.

"I'm gonna be a comic book creator!" Jimmy said.

"I wanna be a photographer!" May said as her father smiled at that.

"I'm gonna be a designer!" Courtney said.

"I wanna be a rockstar!" Jack said as he began to pretend his sword was a guitar.

"Jack wants to be a rockstar?" Peter asked James.

"Yes he does, he's already started some guitar lessons and with a lot of work he could become a rockstar." James said.

"I can see it now, Jack Redgrave, rockstar, future legend and son of a university professor!" Peter joked.

"Someday maybe someday but who knows what's in store for them all." James said.

After Courtney and Jimmy were taken home both Peter and James were talking science stuff again.

Which left May and Jack to pass time as they were outside in the Parkers back yard as they sat on top of a tree talking.

"Are we gonna be friends forever?" May asked.

"Yeah! Always, you've been my best friend ever since I moved here and someday when I become a huge rockstar and you a world famous photographer, we'll still be!" Jack said.

May smiled as did Jack it seemed nothing could break them apart.

Jack was now ten years old, getting good at the guitar as he liked to say but still was in need of practice.

May came by to see him as she saw a lot of things getting packed in boxes and then saw Jack as he had a sad look on his face as he went to talk with May.

"But…But why do you have to go?" May said in disbelief.

"My dad's just got a grant to go and check this site out, he said that it has possible evidence of a lost civilisation." Jack explained.

"Well…when are you going?" May asked.

"Three days we've already started to pack." Jack said.

May was feeling sad as her best friend was leaving her after five years and they thought they would be friends forever.

"Do you know where you're going?" May asked.

"Yeah I'm going to Germany." Jack said.

"What? But that's like far away!" May said.

"I know, I have no choice I can't stay, my mom's already transferred to their department it's all final." Jack said as he knew he had no say in them leaving.

A silence was between them as this earth shattering news had effected them both.

"So what do we do now?" Jack asked.

"You're getting a going away party!" May cheerfully said.

"You don't have to, It's not like I'm going to another planet or anything." Jack said trying not to make such a big deal out of his departure.

"But I want to and everyone will be there to see you off in your new life and I bet out there you'll become a rockstar." May said.

It was still Jack's goal in life to be a rockstar as he began to think about it as he actually kind of liked the idea of starting his rock career in Europe.

James and Caitlin were packing their things up as once again they would be leaving another home behind, at least though if the find doesn't take James that long to research then they could come back but for now the house would be rent only so it can remain under their ownership.

"I'm going to miss this place and everyone." Caitlin said feeling a bit sad.

James seeing his wife feeling saddened that they had to leave for his sake made him go and comfort her as he pulled her into an embrace.

"Katie…if you don't want to go just say the word I'll tell them no." James said.

She looked up to him hearing him make that statement as she felt her and his love for one another shine through.

"But James this is your chance to pursue a dream, why give it up?" Caitlin asked now confused.

"I love my family more, I'd rather give it up than lose you and Jack." James explained.

"Oh James…" Caitlin taken back by those words as they began to kiss and then fell on the couch which was nearby.

They kept the rhythm going as they continued to kiss and James's' hands wandering up inside her shirt as he was getting them both in the mood…

"Hello? Anyone in?"

Both were now incredibly pissed as the interruption just spoiled the mood for them. As James hesitantly got off his wife to answer the voice.

He looked around and saw that it was his neighbours Peter and MJ, as they both saw that he looked a bit scruffy as then Caitlin joined him looking the same as well and knew what they had just interrupted.

"We weren't interrupting anything were we?" Peter grinned as James looked irritated but got the joke.

"No…just packing away." James said.

"We came over to see if we could help you pack, I mean it's the least we can do." MJ said also feeling sad her friends were leaving.

"Sure that would be great, thanks MJ." Caitlin said as they went off to pack in the living room.

"So James, how's Jack taking this all?" Peter asked.

"He's a bit upset but I don't blame him, he's leaving his friends and life behind, he's dreading telling May about this." James said.

"May's gonna be upset those two have been friends since they were five, it's going to be hard on them both." Peter said.

As then both May and Jack came down as Jack dragged his guitar case and guitar which was inside it.

"Dad can we throw a going away party for Jack and his parents?" May asked.

"Well I don't know May but you'd better ask your mother first." Peter said to his daughter.

"Okay!" May said as she and Jack went to ask her mom.

"This find, where exactly is it?" Peter asked.

"It's out in Siberia, they've given me housing in Germany and transport out to the location so it's all been taken of." James said.

May and Jack came back as they looked excited.

"Mom said it was ok and we can invite who we want!" May said.

Both Peter and James looked to one another as they knew their kids would get their way.

It was the next day and the party was in full motion as they held it out in the Redgrave's backyard.

Peter and James were on the barbeque and of course had to wear the chef gear which just flat out embarrassed their kids.

They didn't know what was worse showing their cooking skills or their aprons expressing themselves.

Most of Jack's classmates were at the party as they wanted to say their farewell to him but then Jimmy tapped Jack on the shoulder as he turned to him.

"What's he doing here?" Jimmy freaked as he pointed to the guests arriving.

They both saw Gene, a girl and a woman as they entered the party.

"Don't worry I'm gonna talk with him." Jack said making his way over to them.

"Jack…Jack…Jack!…oh nuts!" Jimmy said knowing full well what was going to happen.

Jack made his way over to where Gene was as he then locked eyes with his arch nemesis.

"Gene…glad you could make it." Jack said.

Gene did not respond as then the woman nudged him in the back lightly. "Uh yeah thanks for inviting us Re-Jack." Gene said as he was absolutely wanting to just burst a gasket.

"Yes we all are and thank you once again Jack, Gene has been feeling bad about last week's incident he didn't mean to let the prank go that far."

"I know he didn't meant it Ms. Hardy, but I am wanting to put all of this behind us so I can leave knowing it's all cool with us both." Jack said as he remembered the prank Gene pulled on him which went too far.


Jack was on his way to English class as he was going to meet Jimmy, May and Courtney outside class.

But just then his book was swiped out of nowhere as he then just ran after the culprit through the crowded hallways.

He then saw him ran into the boys locker room, without thought Jack entered the locker room as he saw the thief and saw it was Davis, which meant if Davis was there then…

"Well if it ain't my best buddy in the world…Redditch!"

It was Gene and beside him as always was Simon, it was a trap as Simon locked the door, there was no escape.

"You're gonna pay for stink bombing my locker Redditch!" Gene said.

"Oh come on now it was only Ass for men I mean isn't it the fragrance you use?" Jack joked.

"Guys hold him for me!" Gene ordered.

Davis and Simon both went and grabbed Jack's arms as he struggled to get away but was powerless to do so as Gene came towards him.

All he could remember was that his head was submerged into water as then he saw lots of swirling and was choking on the water as then he was brought up for air as he gasped for precious oxygen.

"Had enough Redditch?" Gene asked in a mocking tone.

"Actually…the water…was kind of fresh…mountain…fresh to be…precise." jack joked in between breaths.

Gene took it as a no and put him back in the toilet as he continued to flush away and humiliate Jack after what Jack did to him last week he was hell Bent on revenge.

"Okay guys let him up." Gene ordered.

As they got his head out of the toilet and held him up, he was dripping wet and Gene then looked to his fist and just sucker punched Jack as the fist connected with his face he went flying back and his head hitting the porcelain rim of the toilet with a thud as he was knocked unconscious.

"Oh man…Gene dude, I think…I think you killed him?" Simon said now panicked.

"He's just knocked out leave him!" Gene ordered.

"No man we can't leave him, he's bleeding we gotta get him to a hospital!" Davis said checking Jack's bloody forehead.

"But we'll get into big trouble for sure…even expelled!" Gene stated.

"Dude I can't go to jail, we have to help him!" Davis said helping Jack as then Simon looked to Gene then went to help Davis.

As Gene had no choice as he went to help as well, they took him to the nurses office and the paramedics were called as they came and took Jack out of there.

All blame was on the three culprits as Jack came to in the hospital he explained everything and to everyone's surprise he was thanking them even though they caused the injury he only changed the story to not let them go down for this, now they knew he stopped them from getting expelled and would hold it over them.

The incident did play whatever he could remeber over in his head as he could feel the five stitches in his forehead he got and would be a permanent scar.

He saw behind Gene's mom was young blonde girl who he had seen around and was shying away from him.

"Hi Felicity, glad you could make it." Jack said as he smiled to her.

"Um…Hi Jack, Thanks for inviting me." Felicity said nervously with her head down trying to cover her face up.

Gene didn't understand why his sister was like this around Jack all the time as he led them to the centre of the party.

May saw Jack coming over to her and her parents with Gene trailing behind him.

"What's he doing here?" Peter asked.

"I don't know but Jack doesn't seem to care." MJ said.

May went over to Jack and Gene who was five feet behind him.

"Jack…what's Gene doing here?" May asked feeling a bit confused.

"I invited him and his family as I want to forgive and forget before I go." Jack explained.

"After what he did to you." May asked.

"Yeah I'm willing to put it behind me, so let's just enjoy ourselves and oh yeah we're having an extra person join us." Jack said as Felicity was behind Gene and May knew it was her.

"Hey Felicity." May greeted.

"Hi May, where's everyone else?" Felicity asked.

"Their over there come on we're getting some food." May said taking her hand and leading her there as Jack followed.

"Well if it isn't my favourite Spider-couple."

Both Parkers turned to see it was their old friend Felicia Hardy, the former and the costumed hero known as the Black Cat.

"Felicia! How long has it been?" MJ said hugging her friend.

"Hello Peter." Felicia said.

"Hey Felicia, good to see you." Peter said.

"How are you? I mean it's been a year since you and Flash split up." MJ asked.

"I'm fine Mary-Jane, really it's just the adjustment was a bit tough on me and Felicity, but it's Gene I'm more worried about, he's turning more into his father everyday." Felicia said expressing her worries for her son.

"I hear that." Peter muttered as he still carried hatred for Flash after the abuse he suffered by him in high school.

Both Jack and Gene found an isolated area around his house and were having a private chat.

"Listen here Redditch just because you got me and the guys out of trouble doesn't change anything between us." Gene said.

"I know but I can blackmail you, so here's the deal, leave my friends alone from now on." Jack said.

"Fine I'll leave the nerds alone just keep your mouth shut and I won't hurt em." Gene said extending his hand out to him.

As Jack met his as they shook on it sealing the deal.

"Hey Jack, c'mon everyone's waiting for you!" Jimmy said.

They both looked to one another and kept the act up as they went back to the party.

The day had finally arrived, Jack and his family were leaving as they said their goodbyes to everyone.

"We're gonna miss you Jack." May said.

"You're gonna mail us right?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah I promise and you guys as well I wanna know if anything happens while I'm gone." Jack said.

"We will just be careful out there." May said.

"I will and I also got something for ya." Jack said giving a wrapped gift to May and another to Jimmy.

"Open them when I'm gone ok." Jack asked.

"Jack…it's time to go!" James shouted to Jack.

"I guess this is it, see ya guys around." Jack said.

"Bye Jack I'm gonna mss you buddy." Jimmy said as they shook hands as he was left alone with May.

"Bye May, you really have been there for me, I'll never forget you." Jack said holding his hand out to her.

She looked at his hand and just went right up to him and kissed him on the cheek as she looked to him "I'll never forget you Jack…goodbye, we'll see each other again." May said as she left him to go as he was stumped holding his cheek.

He went to his car and got in as they were ready and were leaving as Jack stuck his head out of the window and waved them all as they drove off.

Both Jimmy and May opened their presents from Jack and Jimmy got a picture of them at the Sci-Fi convention last month, they both dressed up as Star Trek guys.

May got a picture of her and him at the school Valentine's ball, they went to it for fun as she felt happy he left these behind.

Months had passed for Jack as he was settled into his new home in Germany, he was now living in a country house which was alright at times but he got a little lonely as he did not see his mom or dad until after school.

He had to learn German as part of his new curriculum and with Caitlin and her perks from work she was able to get him into a good school. However Jack hated it, the kids were snobs, they didn't show him an ounce of respect and the teachers were just as bad, at the moment it sucked.

His only good things he had left were his family, his guitar and his friends back home in the states he talked with every chance he got.

James was able to start his research into the ruins that were found out in Siberia, it looked like a cave and there was endless writing on the walls, the writing went on for miles and miles as he then saw cave drawings of something.

Getting a flashlight he shone it on the wall as it showed a round object and two forces claiming for ownership of it, the object seemed to have some sort of power as it then showed a war happening the result…no one won.

The ones who survived knew the dangers this object had so they hid it and locked it away so it could never be used or sought out.

James delved deeper into the cave as then he found a huge stone wall with the same writing and drawings all over it.

He was just astounded by this, the language was like no other on any text book or even any recorded civilisation that existed since the dawn of time.

"This is a huge find, I could rewrite history with this." James said to himself.

Investigating further he saw that this wall was in fact a door and he looked closely to see if he could open it.

There was more writing as he tried to make sense of it, however he would not be finding anything more today as he had no idea where a type of key like that was as he just took some photographs using the night vision on his camera, he wanted the paintings and some of the stone walls writing as he needed to research this language.

Jack was in the middle of an MSN chat with Jimmy.

BlackJack99: So he actually went to the planet unarmed?

IamBorg11: Yeah I can't believe you missed it!

BlackJack99: No cable out here (sad face icon )

IamBorg11: Man that's harsh, how is your new school?

BlackJack99: Ok if you're into guys who like to let their wallets or mommies and daddies do the talking ( laughing face icon )

IamBorg11: Glad I'm not there those guys would have a field day with me there. ( scared face icon )

BlackJack99: Wish you were, I hate it here.

MayBug08 has entered the chatroom.

MayBug08: Hey guys!

IamBorg11: So they let you come on?

MayBug08: Uh sort of ( angel face icon )

BlackJack99: What time is it over there?

MayBug08: It's about 9.

BlackJack99: Really? It's 11 in the morning here!

IamBorg11: Wait if it is morning there then aren't you supposed to be in school?

BlackJack99: I am, I'm just skipping that's all.

MayBug08: Wait you skipped class?

IamBorg11: Why'd you do that?

BlackJack99: I hate the English classes, I tend to avoid it as much as I can, those buttheads keep on going at me cos I'm American!

MayBug08: ( sad face icon )

IamBorg11: BTW thanx for the chocolates me and my parents appreciate it! ( happy face icon )

MayBug08: Yeah me and my mom had to hide them from my dad so he wouldn't eat them all ( funny face icon )

BlackJack99: No probs I got most of it as a welcome present from .

MayBug08: I miss hanging out with you. ( sad face icon )

IamBorg11: Me too. ( sad face icon )

BlackJack99: Wish I could come back, I'd rather get pounded by Gene than stay here with these snotty rich kids! ( angry face icon )

IamBorg11: Yeah that's another thing, Gene's just left us alone.

MayBug08: It's so weird, but what's even weirder he's stopped bullying and is just being nice? ( confused face icon )

BlackJack99: I wonder why that is and oh crap they found me g2g tlk l8r!

BackJack99 has left the chatroom.

IamBorg11: Even in another school and country he's still getting himself into trouble lol!

MayBug08: Yeah he's just being Jack, completely crazy lol!

Jack was caught by the school prefects for skipping and was sent home for the week as part of his punishment.

That was just the icing on the cake for him as when his parents found out they no only grounded him but he had to spend the week out in Siberia under his father's watchful eye.

"Okay Jack I'm off to see the ruins, you will be confided to here until you finish all of your English assignments got it?" James said to his son.

"Yes sir." Jack mumbled.

"Good I'll see you later." James said as he left to continue his research.

Jack went about to finish his English assignments and was just going through it like a madman as it was an easy task for him, he already knew the English language, I guess being an American stuck in an European country wasn't all bad.

He also had time to practice his guitar solos and even got to write his own songs as he just finished his homework assignments and pulled out a notebook as he opened it, it was filled with notes he had written down for potential music notes but was still work in progress.

Looking around making sure that no one was around as he went to the guitar case opened it and pulled out his prized possession, his guitar.

Grabbing his pluck he was then going to the handle of the instrument and began to tune it as he started hitting some notes

"Okay let's try and play a classic." Jack said to himself as he started playing.

As he began playing some Led Zeppelin, Whole lotta love.


An explosion rang through the caves and cliffs as then the smoke cleared and people were stirring.


"Wait! Why did you blow the door up, I was still researching the cave writing?" James said feeling upset.

"Sorry doc got orders from the bossman, you'll have to take it up with him."

"Dammit!" James cursed.

As then the workers brought some sort of box out of the wreckage, James followed them as they carried it off to his trailer.

Jack saw what came in as his father entered just completely fixated on the object which was a box as he went over towards his father and the object for a closer look.

"Dad, what is that?" Jack asked now also fixated on it.

"I don't know son but that's why I need to find out." James said as he examined it.

The box was strangely metallic and as James brushed all the dust and rock off of it as it seemed completely new and the strange writing was also all over the box.

But upon further investigation he noticed a strange hole which he suspected was for a key of sorts.

"This is going to take some time." James said as he went to work to try and decipher the language around the box.

Jack knew better than to disturb his father as he just went back to playing arandom song.

"Son?" James asked.

"Yeah dad?" Jack answered.

"Can you play Smoke on the Water please?" James requested.

As Jack began to tune the strings and just played away with James just working along with the tune.

Three years had now gone by and so far James's research was getting nowhere as he desperately tried to decipher the language on the mysterious box.

But he got a call from the man who was funding his research and said that he'd found the key and it took quite the hassle to get it but the only problem was the key was in pieces and was working on recreating a copy of it.

James was told the key would be delivered to his house as the box was now residing at his home away from possible thieves or any other outside organisations.

Jack however was doing better in school as he had gotten better at some of his subjects including his musical talent, he even managed to win the school's talent contest.

The kids were warming up to him for his talents in school and in the ring.

It all happened one day.

He said he wanted to gain some respect around the school and the only way he could do that was that he fight for it…literally.

Jack knew his parents would flip out if he got himself into another fight so he had to refuse but it was something much different.

The kids out here settled their differences in the bowls of the building, in an old abandoned part of the school as they used an old coal pit as their fighting ring where it was a contest of bare knuckle fighting and no holds barred the only way to win was by knockout or surrender.

Jack faced off against a student who has been taking verbal shots at him and it was his chance at revenge.

They squared off with both boys hitting strikes as each scraped one another's face but it got more aggressive with kicks to the shins and sides as then Jack winded the boy with a left hook to the gut, and a huge right knee to his jaw as he was knocked out they declared Jack the winner.

It may have been a savage sport but they did care for their fighters as the appointed doctor checked on them both, there was nothing serious wrong with them just minor scrapes and red marks as now Jack had earned respect.

Jack had come home and checked and yes the door was locked he had time to make up an explanation for his minor scrapes, he got in using his keys and threw his bag down by the door.

But then he saw a small brown packet by the door as Jack went to pick it up, he saw no name on it as he just went to open it out of curiosity.

He pulled out an object as it looked like a key of sorts.

Looking closely at it he saw writing on it and it looked familiar as he then had a thought and went into his father's study, he walked up the stairs and up another flight to the study.

He opened the door and standing on his father's desk was the ever-so mysterious box he found out in Siberia.

That box was sometimes on Jack's mind as it was a complete mystery, where did it come from? who made it? And what was in it?

Jack looked at the key and knew what it was for.

If this is what I think it is, should I?

It's your dad's find not yours!

But I wanna see what's in it and be the first to see it!

It could be bad or good…only one way to find out.

Jack took the key and went straight over to the box as he looked for a insertion point and found it on the top as he inserted the key into the point and turned it as then it reacted and the box began to glow as Jack was frozen in shock and fear as then the box just opened itself.

The inside was no exposed but there was some smoke as he then saw a shining object on the inside.

He slowly reached in and grabbed it as he now held it in his hand, it was a blue orb of some kind as he was now fixated on it.

But all of a sudden he felt a surge going up his arm and into his head as he felt like his head was on fire.

He saw a light then images of war, destruction, chaos, fire and death were shown, then some symbols and the writing he'd seen on the box and key as he heard someone call out to him in an unknown language as then it all stopped.

"Don't let…Paradox…fall…into…wrong…hands!"

His eyes just opened as he realised he was still in the study and he was lying on the floor, as he then saw right next to him was the orb but when he picked it up it was just a silver round orb now not blue anymore.

"What just happened?" Jack said to himself.

"Jack? Are you home?" It was his father as he quickly shot up.

He began to panic as he just took the orb and put it back into the box and locked it up quickly as he heard footsteps he put everything back as it was and got out of the room and within seconds he was almost caught by his father.

James walked right in and saw that everything was still in place except here was a key of sorts on his desk next to the box.

He looked closely at the key and knew what it was automatically as he just looked at in awe.

But to distracted to see that Jack slipped past him from behind the door as he slithered away and down quietly to his room.

Quietly opening and closing his door he made it back without being found out but his head began to hurt and the room was spinning as he then felt a bit faint and had stumbled towards his bed as he just collapsed unconscious again.

He knew he was dreaming again and this time he saw the same images he saw when he first touched the orb.

But this time he was standing in a spotlight as he them looked up and saw he was surrounded by strange looking buildings and it seemed a solar eclipse was happening and just then the city was on fire and the buildings were burning and the eclipse was still happening as the symbols were in the sky and then it all went black.


Jack woke up in a sweat as he just had a nightmare…yeah just a nightmare.

"Jack…are you ok honey?" Caitlin shouted from downstairs hearing him scream.

"Uh yeah mom just fine!" Jack answered.

"Ok then remember to study for your German oral test!" Caitlin said.

"Yeah I'm on it mom!" Jack said in a bored tone.

Jack went to look for his German language book to study as he found it on his desk as he went to grab it he sat down on his bed and opened the book.

He began to turn the page as then his mind just went into some kind of drive and he was reading every word per second as he flicked through page by page as he read it he had just flicked through the last page and finished.

"Whoa what was that Kumpel?" (Dude)

Jack just felt like he had some sort of a mind meltdown and just realised he spoke German even though he had no concept of the language before but now…wow.

Getting up he tested himself as he made a small sentence.

"Wo ist die nächste Bar?" Jack said in German. (Where's the nearest Bar?)

"Glaubst du an Liebe auf den ersten Blick, oder soll ich wieder vorbeigehen?" (Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?)

Jack heard his sentences as he smiled.

"Ich bin so acing diesem Test morgen!" Jack said in German (I am so acing this test tomorrow!)

How did I do that? I just learned an entirely new language within… he looked at the clock and saw he had only been minutes in doing so.

Damn that quick but how did I…the orb! It did something to me!

Jack made the realisation and then had an idea as he went to get another book, he decided on grabbing his math book as he studied for his algebra.

What a result he passed his test with an A!

Jack had walked out with the biggest smile as he flaunted his newly acquired grade about and what's even more better he even aced German today.

But why stop there, Jack went to find the hottest girl in the school, he knew her usual hangout was out in the courtyard as he went there and found her.

Portia De Souza, she was the most popular, beautiful and fine looking girl in the entire school, her family owned several banks and a couple of oil fields.

Jack saw the auburn haired beauty sitting on her own reading a book, he made his way towards her as then she saw him coming over and she just looked at him.

"So reading are we?" Jack said as she just shrugged him off.

He knew that didn't work and tried something else.

"Uh I saw you at the fight, did you see me win?" Jack said in another attempt of contact.

"Ragazzi americani sono tali suini." Portia said in her native tongue of Italy.(American boys are such pigs)

Jack smiled at her as he gave a light chuckle as she looked a bit confused at his reaction to that.

"Oh by the way Portia…I può essere un maiale, ma almeno so che quando qualcuno parla cestino per me in un'altra lingua. Jack said back to her. (I may be a pig but at least I know when someone's talking trash to me in another language)

The dark head of the Italian native rose up from her book an looked at him in surprise as she gave him a light smile.

"Jack isn't it? Come sit with me." Portia said motioning him to come sit next to her on the bench.

"I have not seen you around here until now." Portia asked.

"I've been here for three years now." Jack said.

"Oh…I didn't realise, you know I never thought Americans were so…refined, yet you were a typical American but you know how to speak Italian, what else can you speak?" Portia asked.

"Well…Ich weiß, Deutsch." Jack said in German. (I know German)

Portia kept on listening to him as she wanted to hear more.

"También aprendí un poco de español y sólo porque me aburría." Jack said in Spanish. (I also learned a bit of Spanish well only cos I was bored)

She then saw his guitar case and had to ask.

"I heard you play, you were good, can I hear you play?" Portia asked as she looked to his guitar.

"Uh yeah sure let me just adjust a few things." Jack said as he took his guitar out and was stringing it up and used his pluck to get his tuning right.

He began to play his guitar, he played Led Zeppelin- Whole lotta love as Portia was loving his small solo of his guitar playing made her a fan of his music as he continued to play for her.

As the solo stopped the bell just rang for class as she quickly jotted down something on paper as she just handed it to him folded and smiled as she left for class.

He looked a bit confused but then opened the paper and it had 0198-004-909, as Jack just grinned like a Cheshire cat as he took the paper and put it in his pocket, packed his guitar up and headed off to class.

For weeks now Jack had been using his new "power" to help him in his social life as he gained some popularity in his school, he excelled at his subjects and even got Portia to be his girlfriend.

Things were looking up for him and it was all thanks to the orb.

Jack was on MSN chatting with his friends.

IamBorg11: Man you're doing fine out there, she's a looker! ( Cool face icon )

BlackJack99: I know I guess being linguistic pays it's dues, lol!

MayBug08: Yeah but I still hate French, never understand the difference between that and Spanish! ( Angry face icon )

BlackJack99: They r similar but different by pronouncing and different spelling.

MayBug08: K but I still don't get it…foreign languages r hard! (Angry face icon )

IamBorg11: Don't worry Red, neither do I but still it's only extra cred. ( Happy face icon )

BlackJack99: Oh man they found me again g2g tlk 2nite c ya!

BlackJack99 has left the chatroom.

IamBorg11: He's at it again?

MayBug08: That's Jack for ya lol!

James was trying to work out what this silver orb was about and why was it a secret.

"Why keep some orb with no purpose at all in a sealed temple and in some unbreakable box?"

James mentally questioned himself as he paced around his office trying to think, as then he heard a knock at the door and went to answer it.

He opened it and in came three huge dark figures as he was grabbed by the throat by one of them.


Jack went to see his dad as he said he would come by and have some dinner with him as his mom was working late tonight.

As he walked up to the door he went to knock it but it slowly opened.

"That's weird dad never leaves the door unlocked." Jack said to himself mentally.

He entered and saw the hallway was a mess as he began to get worried and followed the trail to his dad's office and arrived there only to find his father on the floor with a busted nose and three dark figures trashing the place as they grabbed the box Jack hid quickly behind the corner out of sight as he looked around and saw the coat rack and grabbed it.

"Ok, we got what we came for, make sure he's taken care of!"

As the one figure brought out some sort of strange looking weapon and pointed it at James who looked up and saw the barrel aimed at his head as he just closed his eyes waiting for the end…


It was stopped as the figure was dropped by Jack who raced in knocking him down with the coat rack to his head.

He swung for the other and got him as well but was hit by what only could be described as a tail as it connected with Jack's chest as it winded him.

"You little roach! I'll have your head for that!"

He grabbed the gun and aimed for Jack as he took aim and pulled the trigger.

The shot rang throughout the office as then Jack opened his eyes as he didn't feel any pain but saw his dad in front of him and saw a smoking hole in his chest as he just collapsed to the floor.

"DAD!" Jack screamed clutching his father.

"Finish the job before…" he was cut off by sirens as the Police was arriving.

"Dammit let's get out of here, leave the little roach with his father!"

As they took the box with them and fleeing the scene.

Jack clutched his father trying to make sure he didn't die.

"Dad…I'm sorry…I'm…"

"Don't be sorry…Jack, you did what you thought was…right." James said now losing blood and coughing.

"Dad what did they want?" Jack asked.

"The…box, I don't know…why…but it's…worthless and…" James was cut off as he coughed blood up.

"Dad please don't go…I…I op-"

"Jack listen…tell your mom I love her and son I love you and I'll-cough-always be proud of you…"

James said as he held his son's crying face one more time as then he was still.

"Dad? Dad? DAD!" Jack screamed.

The Police came rushing in and found a son clutching his dead father.

Hours after the incident the Police took Jack and Caitlin into custody to try and get statements from them both but they could see Jack was in no state to even talk as they let him and his mom go home and give them a few days to recover from shock.

Catlin was trying to be strong for her son as he just ran upstairs and shut his bedroom door as he just slumped to the floor and cried his heart out.

"I'm sorry dad…I couldn't stop them…it's all my fault!"

Jack mentally beat himself up about the entire thing as he kept on going back to that moment when his father gave his life for him.

"Tell your mom I love her and son I love you son and I'll always be proud of you…"

His father's last words as he curled up into a ball and just kept on crying.

It was now a few weeks later as James's funeral was today and all the Redgrave's were in attendance, Caitlin's family, friends and Jack.

The entire ceremony was hart warming things about James and his past exploits, Caitlin was trying to keep a brave face for everyone including her son.

Jack however was now in depression as he just sat there in a catatonic sort of state as he just ignored all things around him.

As the funeral went on they burying of the body ceremony began, with the rain pouring hard as everyone was present and prayers were sang as all sang as one.

It then ended and all had left the grave except Jack who stood there just staring at it as the rain continued to pour furiously he ignored it and just looked at the headstone as it read…





Looking at those words made Jack cry harder as he knew in his heart this was all his fault somehow.

Two teens were watching him from a distance as they then approached him as he was still facing the grave.


He turned around as he saw both May and Jimmy and he was glad to see them but wished it was under better circumstances.

"Guys…I'm glad you came." Jack said in a depressing tone.

"I'm so sorry, how could this happen?" Jimmy asked.

"Jack…are you okay?" May asked as she put her hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah…I'll be fine, I wanna get out of the rain, I'm just kinda waterlogged." Jack joked.

They shielded him further from the rain with their umbrellas as they walked away from the grave.

The ceremony continued inside the old Redgrave home as Peter and Mary-Jane were observing the behaviour of Jack.

"I'm worried about his state of mind." Peter said.

"So's Caitlin, she's thinking of getting him some therapy after this, I mean he did see his father die and he keeps on blaming himself for that." MJ said.

Seeing this made Peter feel his pain as it took him back to that fateful night when he lost the one man who he held dearest to his heart.

"I'm going to go and talk to him, offer some advice." Peter said as he went over to the young man.

"Jack…do you have a minute to spare?" Peter asked him.

"Yeah I do." Jack said.

Peter sat right next to him as he saw his head was down.

"Are you ok?" Peter asked him.

"Yeah…I guess." Jack answered depressingly.

"Look Jack I know you've probably heard this a lot from people but I know what it's like to lose a father." Peter said in a sad tone.

Jack kept his head down but still listened.

"I had a man who I called my father, he was my Uncle Ben, when I was a kid I always wanted to be a man like him, I hailed the ground he walked on and I always listened to the advice and words he shared with me." Peter explained.

Jack's head rose up to face his as he continued.

"But one night I made a mistake and he ended up paying for it." Peter said as Jack heard the pain in his voice.

"Even though, he's gone I'll always remember the one wise thing that has always been with me throughout my life…With great power, comes great responsibility." Peter said.

That one thing made sense to Jack as he took that to heart.

"My dad sacrificed himself to save me after I tried to stop them from taking his research." Jack said.

He began to sob as he mentally kicked himself for even attempting to do so as if he hadn't his father would still be here.

"Your father did what any parent would do to protect their child, he gave his life to save you." Peter explained.

"Yeah I guess you're right…Thanks ." Jack said wiping his tears away.

It was now a few days afterwards and Jack was trying to go back to practicing his guitar and found out he would be moving again because his mom's division was being relocated as part of their project research, they will be spending a year in Madrid.

Jack didn't mind but at least he got the worst part over with as he had to tell Portia he was leaving, she didn't mind as he saw her the next day with another guy.

He was just glad to be moving out from there as they moved to the city of Madrid in months.

It was a small villa and of course Jack will be at a private academy for privileged kids as he was just glad he knew Spanish.

It has now been a few months as Jack was still the same as the gaping hole in his heart from losing his father was still there.

Trying to clear his head he walked the streets of Madrid as he became accustomed to the sights, people, food and the language of course.

He had also decided to try and use his power to learn actual self defence moves, as he was reading a book on Kempo Karate. The information just flowed from the pages into his head as he felt he could actually do these moves.

As he continued walking he heard something.


Jack looked towards the direction to the screaming as he saw a young woman being dragged into an alleyway by a couple of thugs.

Should I help her?

Jack thought for just a second as then he just darted towards where they were and headed into the dark alleyway.

It was dingy and the perfect place to commit a crime as then he heard some voices in the distance and ran towards it as he was faced with two men in their late twenties trying to mug a woman in her thirties as she struggled to get free they rummaged through her purse.

"HEY ASSHOLES!" Jack shouted at them.

They turned around and saw him as they just grinned knowing their day just got better as the one guy walked towards Jack.

"¿Así que quieres ser un niño héroe?" ( So you want to be a hero boy?) the Spaniard spoke in his native tongue.

"Que se vaya ahora." ( Let her go now ) Jack spoke to him in Spanish.

"hazlo a tu manera héroe." ( have it your way...hero ) The Spaniard said.

He charged at the teen but out of instinct he just sidestepped him as he swung for him but he dodged him as then Jack threw his book down and went for him, but what he did next just was down right amazing.

As the Spaniard lunged for him again he grabbed his arm and just flipped him to the ground back first, then used his legs to lock his arm as then he had both hands on the limb and followed was a loud…CRACK!

The Spaniard was howling in pain as Jack had just broken his arm in an instant and Jack seeing this was in shock, as he saw the other man and picked his book up quickly and went at him as he was going to use it as a weapon but the other Spaniard pulled out a knife and held it to the throat of the woman.

As Jack cautiously approached him he then threw her into him as he quickly pushed her aside as then he saw the Spaniard lunge at him with the knife and got him in the upper chest cavity.

But he looked at his chest to see the knife had gotten stuck in the book as he used the other side of it and hit him in the head with it hard as it stunned him for a few seconds but he had no time as he was met with a fist to the stomach and a huge knee to the face as it busted his nose.

The two Spaniards quickly retreated as they just ran for their lives, Jack went to check on the woman.

"Senorita ¿Estás bien?" ( M'am are you alright? ) Jack asked.

"Sí, gracias joven dios te bendiga!" ( Yes, thank you young man god bless you! ) she said as she took her bag and things and left.

Jack grabbed his book and saw the knife stick out of it as he took it out and threw it into a garbage container as he saw the hole made in the book.

"Dude…I only just got this!

It was now night time and all Jack could think about was what he did today as he helped that woman and beat up those two thugs.

The things he felt was incredible, his blood was pumping, the excitement, the sense of right and justice for the good deed he did.

It felt good…for the first time in months he felt better as the wounds were healing but the scars will always remain.

He then went back to what Mr. Parker said to him…With great power, comes great responsibility.

That played over and over in his head after today's incident, he kept in mind about what happened and began to fall asleep.

It was another dream and this time he flashbacked to the night his father was killed as he saw his body with the gaping hole in it.

Then he disappeared as out of nowhere a bright light engulfed the entire area as then the three men who killed his dad were in front of him as they then turned into monsters as Jack couldn't move for some reason as they marched towards him with loaded guns as he was frozen with fear as he just waited for them to get him.

But then the light was engulfed by something as the three monsters were now cowering in fear as Jack looked up and saw they were cowering from the darkness of an eclipse as he looked deep into it he didn't know what it was but that one solitary eclipse awoke something inside him.

Ever since he had that dream he was always thinking about it even when he was in class.

He was in Physics class the most boring and mind numbing experience he has every Thursday.

"What did that mean?…that eclipse seemed to make those monsters scared of it."

As the teacher continued on with his lesson the old codger didn't care if he was rambling on incoherently as Jack was still not paying attention.

"Unless…of course! It's so simple but brilliant!"

"Mister Redgrave! Pay attention!"

Jack was snapped out of his thoughts as he just gave a nervous grin and pretended to work.

"Time to begin tonight I guess."

It was night and Jack was in his room, as he then drew the eclipse several times on paper as he was creating his symbol.

But he knew if he was going to fight the scum of the Earth he had to disguise himself somehow.

He needed materials and all sort to do so as he checked his allowance safe, as a small metallic box was pulled out from under his bed he then quickly tapped in the four digit code to unlock the door as he looked in and pulled a few Euros out but knew it was not enough.

"I need more money…oh that means….why did I have to do this now?" Jack said to himself.

Jack went downstairs as he knew he had to ask his mom for what he needed.

He knew where she was as she was in the study going over her work for the energy project, she's managed to stay strong for these past few months but it was painful for her to lose her husband like that and having Jack exposed to that kind of violence.

"Mom…can I ask something a sec?" Jack asked.

She rose her head and sae how red her eyes were and knew she had been crying again as he saw next to her was a picture of her and James on their wedding day.

"It's going to be okay mom, I know you miss dad but he's watching over us, I know he'll want us to just live and never forget him, he'll always be here." Jack said as his words comforted his mom.

Jack just went to his mom and just hugged as he knew what she needed at the moment as it helped them both cope with their loss.

They broke as Caitlin wiped her tears away and went to answer her son.

"What's wrong Jack?" Caitlin asked her son.

"Nothing it's just I was wondering if it's ok if I can get a job or something?" Jack asked.

She was surprised by that as she thought he would ask for money then be forced to work but after what's happened anything is possible.

"Actually I can help you with that, I heard the division needs more people on scrap, I could put a call in for you?" Caitlin informed him.

"Yeah that would be great, thanks mom!" Jack thanked as he hugged her.

So far the designs were getting better as he was researching what materials and different sorts of looks he could use.

He needed it to make villains fear him and that he meant business.

Worst part of this was that he needed to make himself better, stronger, faster and increase his knowledge in criminal psychology.

He knew what he had to do as he headed off on the web to research any bit of Criminology he could find. It took him an hour to read several different articles and books on it as all these theories and reasons to why they do what they do.

But the best part of having this power was learning all new fighting techniques as he absorbed over thirty styles of martial arts, take down moves and even how to sneak which will come in handy.

But still one question remained…"What kind of mask am I gonna wear?" Jack asked himself.

That was his main concern as he made more designs on what would be suited best, he went through design after design as an hour went by he finally had a final design.

"This is the one, okay now that's settled, time for practice." Jack said to himself as he picked his guitar up and practiced.

It was now night and a window opened and out crept a young man who then quietly snuck off from his home and into the city struts as he then found a nearby building and used the fire escape ladder to get to the top of the roof of the building.

The view was amazing as he saw the entire streets of Madrid lit up and the sounds of motor vehicles, people and sirens.

He knew tonight was the beginning of his training, Okay let's try some rooftop jumping, hope I don't die!

Going back to the other end of the roof he took a deep breathe as he saw the distance and timed it, 3...2...1...GO!

He just ran with all his speed and just made the leap of faith as he felt the ground leave his feet and saw the other side and prayed he would make it and…YES he did it! He managed to make it but crashed hard into the fire escape door as he hit it shoulder first.

"Owww…okay note to self, watch where I am landing!" Jack said to himself.

Getting to his feet he felt his shoulder was bruised but not broken, as he continued his training.

As weeks, months passed Jack was getting stronger by the day and improved each time he went out to either train his body, fighting skills or taking down some criminals it was all experience he needed to become wiser.

He stood out over the city once more and this time in full costume, he wore a mostly black costume, he wore combat boots but he redesigned them for running and sneaking reducing the weight.

The rest of his outfit was a suit he made after getting several designs off the internet from some military projects that were scrapped as he combined the different parts of them and made his suit, it was all a light rubber with a new type of bulletproof armour fitted in, thanks to his job in Stark Industries as a part time member of the scrap yard team, he had access to scrap metal and materials.

He even managed to make his insignia on his chest plate as it was an eclipse.

On his wrists were two gauntlets, in one was a grapple hook, he modified a mountain one into a more smaller version and the other one shot out a sort of discs which were a titanium alloy as he redesigned them to cut through metals ten times stronger than steel.

The mask he wore was grey and had small white eyeholes as the outer lining of them was black.

Now standing overlooking the city he took his mask off and went into thought.

Like you said dad…man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

This world needs me…I have to become…the avenger…the saviour…the man.

Jack put his mask on and jumped off the roof.

Who am I?…I am Eclipse!

He fired his grapple out of his wrist as it dug into a side of a building and swung through the city as he went to work.

It was a whole year now since the incident with May becoming Spider-Girl, facing villains old and new, making new friends, having crushes and heartbreak and even facing her father's worst enemy, The Green Goblin aka. Norman Osborne inside her father's mind and even gaining a twin sister, April her mom and Benjy accepted her in as a member of the family but her dad was a bit weary of her, because of her being half human and half symbiote given her father's history with the symbiotes she didn't blame him. But after time he learned to see her as he saw his daughter and accepted her with open arms as the newest addition to the Amazing Spider-Man Family as May liked to call it.

But now she was sixteen and still continued her double life as a hero alongside her twin sister as they were a force to be reckoned with when trouble was about.

May was walking to school with her twin sister April as they were talking about the concepts of dating as April was asked out by Wes Westin and in a few days it would be her first official date with a boy.

"But I'm not sure if I can do this!" April said as she was panicking.

"Ape, don't worry Wes will like you and besides all you have to do is act normal, as in no showing your symbiotic powers or wardrobe just be yourself and he'll come to love you as we all have." May reassured her twin as April smiled knowing that.

"It was only last year that April came into our lives and now it's like she was always there, okay she's a human symbiote hybrid with my DNA but she's proven that the bond we share with her isn't genetics it's being who she is and not what she was made to be."

She then took out her cell phone and went to contact her boyfriend.

"The person you're attempting to call is not available, please leave a message after the tone."

May sighed in frustration as she just closed it with a loud snap.

April then noticed May's frustration and had to ask. "He's not answering again?" she asked.

"Sometimes I just don't see the point, I gave him another chance and if this is how he's gonna make it up to me I might as well just break up with him for the third consecutive time!" May complained about her boyfriend's lack of commitment.

"He might have a good reason for not answering." April said.

"Maybe you're right I need to trust him a bit more." May said agreeing with her twin.

They just put that behind them and strode on to school as another day would begin.

This morning however was going to be his first day of normal high school and back in his own home city and even country.

Jack was just washing himself as he splashed cold water over his face and looked at himself in the mirror as he combed his raven hair which was now down to his upper cheek, he looked at himself.

"Okay Jack this is it, time to make your return and hope they still wanna talk with you."

He was hoping his old friends would still want him around, even though he has been out of contact for a year from them, with good reason of course, it was hard to communicate when he's fighting evil most of the time.

As he finished in the bathroom he went to his room and changed into a black t shirt with some tribal markings on it, he adjusted his holy cross neck chain, he wore his favourite old jeans which were faded, he put on a pair of blue and white sneakers and put on his leather wristband which had the symbol on it for infinity on his left wrist and also his most important item was his wristwatch he put that on his right wrist

He looked in his mirror and was ready as he grabbed his bag and guitar case containing his guitar and went downstairs to the kitchen as he just grabbed a couple of slices of toast as it popped up from the toaster.

"Jack you're going to be late!" Caitlin said to her son.

"Yeah mom, just eating breakfast!" Jack said.

As he was eating in came a man in his late thirties and had blonde hair and looked like his mom.

"Morning everyone."

"Hi Dave." Caitlin said.

"Morning Uncle Dave." Jack said.

The man was Caitlin's brother and Jack's Uncle, he moved in with them after he lost his job at the insurance company due to cutback and landed a job in New York as a statistics officer.

Jack looked at the time…8.35!

"Oh man gotta go I'll see ya guys!" Jack said as he rushed out the room.

"Jack!" Caitlin said.

"Hold on." Jack said as he went to his mom and kissed her on the cheek goodbye.

"Bye Mom! Bye Uncle Dave!" Jack said leaving.

He rushed out the door and went to the garage door and opened it and pulled out his custom made bike, he put his guitar on the back of the bike as he tied it safely to the back as he then put his helmet on and got on as he put his keys in the ignition started the engine and took the clutch off and drove off to school.

Making evasive turns at every corner he just avoided every car that stood in his way.

However he almost did get lost but found the place and went to find a parking spot as he found one where there were other bikes as he parked there and just clamped his wheel, took his stuff off left his helmet on the bike locked to it and made his way to the administrators office.

He knocked the door and entered as he saw the middle-aged receptionist and went up to her.

"How can I help you?"

"Yeah I'm the new student here and I came for my transcripts and schedule." Jack said.

"Ah yes…Jack Redgrave, just take the next left down the hallway to find your first class."

"Okay thank you." Jack said as he was given his documentation and schedule making his way to his class.

He looked down the hallways seeing how this was different to private and was glad to be back home and was ready to start a new chapter in his life.

It was first period of History and everyone was settling down as May and April came in as May sat next to Heather and Courtney was behind her, April sat next to Jimmy and Wes as both her and Wes kept eye contact as both were really looking forward to their date.

Their teacher walked in and went to her desk and placed her notes and books down on it.

"Alright class settle down!" she asked as they began to.

"Now we have a new student joining us today, he's been away from the states a long time so please welcome him." she said introducing him.

As in walked the teen and no one seemed to recognise him as he turned to them as they were in wonder to who he was as May, Jimmy and Courtney felt like he looked familiar.

"Class this is Jack Redgrave." she introduced him.

May, Courtney and especially Jimmy could not believe it was him, it had been a whole year since they last heard from him as he saw his friends in front of him he looked happy to see them all.

"Jack take a seat next to Simone over there." she said as Jack went over to his seat.

He sat next to a dark skinned, dark haired girl who was dressed in designer clothes was now eyeing Jack up as he sat next to her.

It was now after class and outside of class Jack met up with his friends and they still could not believe it.

"I can't believe it…it's been too long!" May said in joy as she gave Jack a huge hug.

"Yeah I mean a whole year and no mail, message or phone call?" Jimmy asked.

"Sorry dude, stuff was going on and I was in a bad place…but I'm ok now and Jack is back!" Jack said.

They all had a chuckle from that as Jack saw among them was Courtney, Heather Noble and…another May?

"Uh just out of asking…am I seeing double or have I actually lost my mind?" Jack asked as they all found that funny.

"Actually this is my sister, my twin sister April." May said introducing him to her.

"Nice to meet you Jack, May told me about you." April said as she greeted him.

"Really, she never mentioned you to me?" Jack said asking the question.

"Oh we only found out last year, it was a mix up at the hospital and we ended up finding out fifteen years later and here we are." May lied as Jack bought the story.

"Wow, I guess things have happened while I was gone, so what else has happened?" Jack asked.

As then his question was answered with a bombshell, as then approached a tall boy who was on the football team and had blonde hair and looked familiar to Jack.

"The wanderer appears." May said to him as they hugged then had a light kiss.

"Hey babe, who's your friend here?"

"Gene, don't remember him?" May said.

"Wait did you say Gene?" Jack asked.

Gene and May? Ok now I'm officially in the twilight zone!

Gene turned to him as he looked at him and started having a sense of familiarity with the new guy, until it hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Redgrave? You're back in town?" Gene said in disbelief.

"Yes I am Eugene Gennie Gene, and this time it's for good, so how ya been since we last met?" Jack asked in a mocking tone.

"Good and I see you've seen better days." Gene said taking note of Jack's choice of clothing.

"Well I can't say the same for you but I'm not the one who's looking a bit chubby, you really need to cut down on those chilli dogs, those things are fattening." Jack came back.

As he then began to feel self conscious and looked at himself in a worried look on his face and everyone concealing their smiles and holding in their laughter.

Gene now feeling like a fool was now remembering why he hated Jack in the first place, a big mouth and always standing up to him.

As then as always two guys came to his side as he took a wild guess who they were.

"Simon and Davis, man this keeps on getting better, it's like a reunion or something, who else you got coming?" Jack joked as they all were now a bit confused.

"Hey ain't you supposed to be like gone?" Simon said.

"Yeah but I like came back." Jack said mimicking Simon.

Gene then got a text and looked who it was as he then put his cell away.

"Guys we gotta go, see ya later babe." Gene said giving her a peck on the cheek. "Nice to see ya again Redgrave." as he and his minions walked off to wherever they were going.

"Ok from start to finish what exactly has happened here since my departure." Jack asked.

It was now the end of the day and the gang were now leaving to go to their homes as then Jack went to get his bike.

They all saw him unchain the vehicle, and bring it over to them.

"Is that yours?" Jimmy asked.

"Yep It took me about a year to make, the parts were hard to come by, but nothing beats trying to get my licence." Jack said.

"Wait I thought you have to be seventeen to drive?" Courtney asked.

"Yeah but European law says you can at sixteen and I'm waiting on my new licence to come through." Jack explained.

"So you riding at this moment is illegal." May pointed out.

"In a way yes." Jack said attaching his guitar to the back of his bike.

"Some things don't change, you're still a troublemaker." May said.

"Always have done, always will be." Jack said as they laughed getting the inside joke.

"Ok I gotta go, got my first day of work." Jack said getting his helmet on.

"Wait you've got a job?" Jimmy said sounding astounded.

"Yeah I work in the scrap department of Stark Industries, I've been there since I was thirteen." Jack explained his job.

"Cool man, you coming round tonight?" Jimmy asked.

"Sorry dude, I'm working till six and I have to help unpack but I promise to hang with you tomorrow kay?" Jack apologised.

"Sure no problem, I'll see you tomorrow." Jimmy said.

"Hey Jack do you need help with your stuff?" May asked.

"Well we could use help, so yeah if you're okay with that?" Jack asked accepting the offer.

"Of course, I'm always come to help you, you know that." May told her friend.

"Cool, I'll catch you guys later." Jack said as he revved his engine. "We ride Tornado!" Jack shouted as he drove off at high speed.

April turned to May. "He seems nice, but a little crazy." April said to her twin.

"Ape, you haven't seen the half of it." May said to her twin.

The roar of a bike was heard as the security guards at the front entrance gate to Stark Enterprises.

One of the guards noticed the biker and got his hand on his gun ready as he went to confront him.

"Okay kid this is a restricted area unless you have…

He interrupted him by showing him a card as he took it from him and examined it, then taking it to the small building next to the gates as he waited a few minutes he came back out with another card.

"Sorry about that, have to do our job, here's your new pass and have a nice day sir." the guard said as he went to open the gate for Jack.

He rode on through as he saw the sign directing him to the scrap department and parked his bike outside as he went towards the door and swiped his card as the door unlocked for him.

Entering his new workplace he looked around as he knew him and another member of personnel would be working here as it is different shifts.

"Hey you!"

Jack looked to be facing a man who looked to be in his late forties, having blonde hair and some sort of a goatee as he wore the same overalls for working there and the gloves for protection.

"What're you doing here, it's no place for kids?"

"I'm the new guy, name's Jack Redgrave." Jack introduced himself.

"Oh sorry I heard you were coming, name's Frank Evans, I'll be yer supervisor." Frank said going over to him and shaking his hand.

"Thanks so where do I start?" Jack asked.

"Get your gear on we're gonna recycle the copper and steel slides." Frank said as Jack went to do so.

Scouring the skies and streets of New York city was the arachnid avenger, the wall crawler and she was known as Spider-Girl.

Spider-X wasn't with her tonight as she was with Jimmy and Wes helping them with the school articles.

She was swinging through the city and on patrol the young hero was on the prowl as she was in thought.

I still can't believe it…he's back! I've missed him a lot, but he has changed a little mostly look wise I mean damn he's now as good looking as Gene and Normie put together and…

OH whoa there Webhead! He's one of your best friends, you can't go and think of him like that!

Yeah but he is hot and just as crazy as he used to be.

But remember what happened before, you and Normie? Didn't work out as you hoped and anyway he's a happily married man with a baby on the way, your over him, you've got Gene now.

Yep Gene Thompson, your boyfriend, the son of your dad's high school bully, a bully himself, a complete jock and why did you give him another chance?

Cos your you and besides he's behaving himself…You hope.

Her mind kept the debate on her life as she swung on with patrol, but then her spider-sense went off as she saw it was a bank robbery…typical.

She swooped on down as the smoke was beginning to show the way for her as then she saw the crime in progress with four masked men armed to the tooth with weaponry as she carefully surveyed them and had to play this safe without trying to get shot at.

A van came speeding down the street as then more masked men appeared as it was now six of them and they began to load up the van with sacks of what could only be money.

"We gotta load this cash up before the cops get here!

As they loaded more in the door was then slammed in the guy's face knocking him out.

The one guy looked and saw what caused the door to smack him, as he saw a familiar sort of webbing and knew who it was.

"Man the accident rates that doors cause these days are incredible!" Spider-Girl joked as she stood a top of a lamp post.

"It's the bug…Squash her!"

They all opened fire on her as she dodged fire using her speed and agility as she ended up jumping over to a wall and stuck to it as she quickly fired a web line grabbing one of the men's guns and taking it from him.

But it didn't stop the rest of them as they fired again and yet again more dodging was involved and taking their weapons away didn't stop them as she took their guns away one by one as she leapt down to the ground ready to combat the thugs in hand to hand.

"Okay who wants a piece of the Spider Stallion?" Spider-Girl bantered.

They surrounded her in a circle as it seemed she was outnumbered but the odds did not scare her as she got ready for them.

One of them came at her but she easily jumped out of the way and landed behind him and just kicked him in the head as he went flying forward and fell flat on his face. Another came at her but she saw him coming and dodged his fist and grabbed his exposed arm and flipping him to the ground as they all attacked at once as she dodged and beat them down.

But out of nowhere even with her spider-sense and avoiding every shot made she got hit from behind with a bat but it was a sort of electric one by one of the guys she took out earlier as she felt the bolts run through her body and begin to shock her system.

"AAHHH" Spider-Girl screamed as she got shocked.

The thugs saw she was down and was vulnerable as then they went to grab their guns and wanted to take the opportunity as they all had the hero down as she was getting shocked with the electric bat over and over as she screamed even more in pain.

"Man this is gonna be sweet!"

"Okay boys let's finish the bitch!"

They all pointed their guns at her as she got shokced a few more times.

"Count of three…

May seeing her predicament and her pain she knew she was officially now screwed!

This is it…after all the villains, psychos, met human and cults I've defeated…Spider-Girl gets defeated by…Bank robbers?

"ONE!" they loaded their guns.

I failed everyone…Dad…Mom…

"TWO!" got In a line and took aim.

April…Benjy…Aunt May…Uncle Ben…I'm sorry!

She closed her eyes as she just waited for her demise.

"THREE!" and went to pull the trigger.

But as she waited she heard nothing and felt nothing as as she opened her eyes and saw that they had their guns sliced in half as they were all just shocked and stunned by this happeneing in a split second.

"What the hell just happened?"

As then out from nowhere a dark figure leapt out from the shadows and landed directly in front of them.

Spider-Girl looked to see her saviour as he was dressed in what was described as an all black armoured outfit, he had on his chest was looked like an eclipse symbol and his mask was black woth small white eyeholes and grey around them as he stood stoically and shot a glare at the thugs.

"What the hell is goin on here? Where'd he come from?"

"Man you costumed freaks keep on comin…waste the sucker!"

One came running at the dark figure as he just stood there waiting until the thug lunged at him with a right fist but at the last second he sidestepped him and grabbed the exposed limb and hit a right elbow hard to the head of the criminal and then a kick to the back of his legs bringing him to his knees and finished with a knee to the face knocking him unconscious.

Another one came at him but he quickly leapt uo and over him as he landed directly behind him and within a second just nailed a roundhouse kick to the back of his head.

The rest of them just ganged up on him as they all attacked at the same tme as he just fought them all.

Spider-Girl was just watching this while she tried to recover from the shocks she received earlier on.

Where did this guy come from? Whoever he is he's kicking some serious butt!

As the masked man just managed to take them all down and had left all of them laying on the ground broken and defeated.

But then he turned to see the other guy armed with the electric bat coming at him as he got ready to fight but he got grabbed and was hung upside down by a sort of what he could only describe as a spider's web.

He saw that the wall crawler was back up and had saved his neck as they both looked to one another the sounds of sirens hit the streets as they both knew it was time to bail as she shot a web line up to the nearest rooftop as he followed with a shot from his grapple hook as they both went up and I nthe nick of time with the police seeing the wreckage left behind by both heroes as they watched from above.

As the police left Spider-Girl turned to face her saviour as she got a better look at him in the light.

She went to say something but she felt a slight sting to her abdomen as she clutched it in pain.

The dark hero saw her cringe as he went to check on her.

"Are you alright?" he asked concerned for her health.

"Yeah I'm good just my time of the month!" she joked.

"You took a beating from that guy, you need to see a doctor." he said.

"No really I'm good I heal fast, just give me a sec." she said waiting for her healing factor to kick in.

As he waited to make sure she was ok, he knew who she was by the colours and costume design.

"By the designs on your outfit I take it your Spider-Girl right?" he asked.

"That's me, your friendly neighbourhood, All-American sweet heart…and you are? Wait! Let me guess…Darkman?…Shadowman?…? Oh I know…I got it…The Midnight Marauder!" Spider-Girl joked.

He then actually found that a bit funny as he chuckled a little under his mask.

"You can call me Eclipse." Eclipse said.

"Eclipse huh? Has a good ring to it and I gotta say sweet moves you pulled off including the gun chopping thing you did." Spider-Girl complemented.

"It's nothing really, it's the power of the mind, and these nifty things." Eclipse joked holding his gauntlets out.

"Just like my webbing, so I haven't seen you before, you new around here?" Spider-Girl asked.

"Well I did grow up here but I…" he then stopped in mid sentence as he saw the clock in the distance as it said 6.55?

"Sorry I gotta go, like to stay and chat but duty calls butterfly!" Eclipse said running off the roof and jumping down as he shot out a line and swung off.

"HEY WAIT A SEC?" she shouted after him.

So the new hero in town is Eclipse, hope I can see more of him…real soon and…

Her trail of though was interrupted as she saw the time 7.00?

Oh man I promised to help Jack out, better get there, hope he doesn't think I'm standing him up!

She quickly leapt off the building and swung off home.

May had made it back and quickly crawled into her bedroom window and changed out of her costume and into a blue and green striped t shirt and jeans and threw her sneakers on as she went downstairs to go out the front door for a change.


"Yeah mom?" May said.

"Can you come in here please for a second." MJ asked her daughter.

She went into the livinf rom and saw her mother and , well not anymore she's now as she changed back to her maiden name and Jack kept his father's second name as he told her earlier on in school.

"Hi , it's good to see you again, is Jack waiting for me over your house?" May asked.

"Actually he hasn't come home yet, he must've been late at work, you can go right over his Uncle Dave is there." Caitlin said.

"Ok thanks , I'll see you all later!" May said leaving to go to their house.

She made her way to his house, as she went up to the door and rang the bell, as she waited a few seconds someone answered as a man answered it knowing that it was Jack's Uncle he knew who it was.

"Hello , come on in the master will be home soon." Uncle Dave joked.

"You know me?" May asked.

"Oh yes my nephew talks about his friends all the time especially you." Dave said.

"Really?" May said.

"It's been rough for him but I guess having you guys and his family has helped him get through all of this." Dave said.

May knew how much of a hard time it's been for Jack and his family aftrer the tragic death of his father but it seemed to now be ok.

As then a sound of a motor engine was heard and it meant only one thing as the engine stopped and the door opened as entered the teen to find both his Uncle and friend awaiting him.

"Hey guys, sorry I was late they had me in a very very…very long introdution presentation on health and safety, I never know why but I'm not likely going to get my head chopped off." Jack joked.

"Don't blame you, those things are so long and boring, but their there for a reason." Dave said.

"I hear that, so what do need help with?" May asked Jack.

"I need a hand bringing some of my stuff in and setting my room up." Jack explained.

As he then led her to the living room where the oxes were as they both began to take them all one by one upstairs.

They had finished doing so as they were in the kitchen as Jack got them both sodas as they talked.

"So you and Gene Thompson, I never thought you went for that type?" Jack asked.

"Yeah well I guess I thought I could try to change him I mean the first time it was great but he broke up with me." May said.

"Why's that?" Jack asked.

"It was my fault, I let my personal stuff mess it up." May said as he knew it was something she didn't want to talk about as he didn't ask.

"However we got back together after he asked me to but he messed it up." May said sounding a little angry.

"He did something bad?" Jack asked.

"I was running for student president and someone was destroying my campaign posters and it turned out to be him, but what was worse he beat Wes up." May explained as he could see and feel it hurt her what he did.

"So your still with him even after that?" Jack asking in wonder.

"I guess I felt bad and he really did but lately he's been a bit distant with me, I barely see him, it's like he's lost interest completely." May said now a bit concearned.

"You gave him chance after chance and if that's how it's going to be then maybe he's not the guy you want." Jack said.

May knew he was right and maybe it was time to sever the ties between her and Gene once and for all.

"Yeah but I think I should try to take time to think on this before I jump the gun, thanks for being a good friend Jack I needed this talk." May said as she went over to him as they hugged.

"Mayday, I'll always be here for you, like you have been for me." Jack said as they both smiled at one another.

It was night as the dark hero Eclipse stood atop a building as he looked over the city.

The city needs heroes and I guess I arrived on time.

Meting Spider-Girl was kinda cool, hope I bump into her again but fot now duty calls!

As he leapt off the rooftop and fired the grapple hook as it hit the side of the building and he swung off into the night to fight evil.

Jack and Jimmy were walking through the hallways after having Physics and both their brains were fried from just trying to learn a lot of complete gibberish they may or may not use in their adult lives.

"That was sooo boring." Jack complained.

"My brain actually hurts and we're never gonna use this stuff in our jobs are we?" Jimmy asked.

"I hope not but it does help me with one thing though." Jack said.

"What?" Jimmy asked.

"How I can make a better amp for my guitar." Jack said as they laughed.

They continued to walk through the hallway as then something caught Jack's eye on the notice board as he stopped to read it.

"Hey dude what is it?" Jimmy asked as he looked in his direction.

The piece of paper read:





Both teens looked to one another and they both knew what was going to happen as Jack held his guitar and knew this was a sign.

As then Jack took the pen next to the sheet and signed his name on it.

"Okay that was good we'll call you"

The auditioner took his guitar and left as the three guys in the front just let out a heavy sigh as they slumped back in their chairs.

"Al dude where did you find that guy?"

"I heard he was good like John Bonham good." Al said.

"Yeah so did I but I guess he was more like Liam Lynch."

"I agree Ken, that guy sucked, so who's next?"

"Uh Jack Redgrave?" Al said.

"Oh the new guy in school ok let's see what he's like, NEXT!" Brad shouted.

Jack made his way in as he had his guitar and amp and plugged it in as he adjusted the strings and tuned himself ready as he then looked to the trio ready to play.

"So what're ya gonna play?" Brad

"I'll be playing Sweet child o' mine by Guns and Roses." Jack said.

"Ohhh that's a tough one ya sure you don't wanna change?" Al asked.

"Al shut it, let im try." Ken

As Jack went for it and began plucking the strings and the sound of the riffs he made with the guitar as the music began to flow and the sounds were being heard as he played the classic song and all three guys were humming along to the tune as they were beginning to like his playing.

He kept it going as he had to go the guitar solo of the song and executed it perfectly as he then finished the solo with ease.

The three band members looked at one another and whispered to one another as they were seemingly trying to come to a decision with one another.

As Jack stood there just bursting with anticipation on what the decision was.

They all then came out of conference and faced him.

"Dude, Al, Ken and myself have come to a mutual agreement." Brad said.

May, April, Jimmy, Wes, Heather and Courtney were all waiting outside for Jack as they knew he had an audition and were waiting to find out if he got in.

"Hey didn't you and Gene have plans today?" April asked May.

"Yeah but he cancelled on me, I guess something came up but this will be good for us all supporting our friend." May said even though she was down about him doing so but she did want to be here for Jack.

"Imagine if he does get this, we're gonna be hearing it all semester and then he's gonna play a victory tune." Courtney said sounding annoyed.

"My bet it'll be Smoke on the water." Jimmy said predicting his friend's actions.

As then Jack exited the school and came out with a blank look on his face as he walked up to them all as they were now in anticipation.

"So…are ya in?" Jimmy asked.

He looked up with a disappointed face as he then just walked over to where he chained his bike up and took the clamp off it and just turned his engine on and sarted to rev the bike as loud as he could with everyone else covering their ears as the roar of the engine was deafening to them as he then just reversed out and drove off as he did a quick lap around the school parking lot and came back to them.

He raised his head to them and just smiled. "Yeah I got in, you're looking at the new lead guitarist for Abdizur!" Jack said as they all began congratulating him.

"So when will you guys be performing?" May asked.

"Are getting free tickets?" Jimmy asked.

"I heard that the singer Brad is hot?" Courtney asked.

"Isn't Abdizur a name of a demi god?" Wes asked.

"Is that true?" April asked Wes.

"Settle down guys, one at a time!" Jack said raising his hands up trying to answer them all.

The next day Eclipse was on patrol since he skipped last night for homework and after dropping his bike and stuff off at some parking lot he quickly changed into his costume and began his work.

He landed on a nearby rooftop and just kept his eye out for any sort of trouble that may arise.

I still can't believe I'm part of a band! This is like a dream come true…I was hoping one day someone would notice my talents, those European shmucks didn't even care but now I'm part of something!

He was In a good mood and nothing could possibly spoil it…nothing.


Oh well so much for that then ,time to get for work!

Eclipse jumped off the rooftop and fired out a line and swung off to the direction where the explosion was heard.

A diamond exchange was just robbed and through the fire and smoke out came some guy flying as he laughed maniacally as he was then met by a few police cars as he stopped in mid air.

"DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND SURRENDER NOW!" A ploice officer ordered.

The robber just looked at them and smiled as he went to reach into a bag that was around his torso and pulled out what seemed to be pumpkins as he threw a couple at them they collided and exploded into a smokescreen as it blinded the police and he flew off laughing.

"Got the loot and I got the cops all I do now is wait for bug girl to arrive." he said to himself.

As then something hit him in the head and threw him off balance as he began to spiral round and round in the air and managed to halt himself as he felt a bit surprised by that and began to look around.

"Who did that? Show yourself! If it's you wall crawler I swear your in for a world of hurt!" he shouted as he felt a bit humiliated.

"Man for a villain you really do whine!" as he turned to face a guy in black who was standing on a rooftop.

"Who the hell are you?" he demanded to know.

"Oh sorry I'm the new guy…you can call me Eclipse." Eclipse said introducing himself.

"Well Eclipse you can call me your worst nightmare!" he shouted as he threw some pumpkins at him as he got out of the way as they exploded.

He jumped to another rooftop as the bomb throwing villain came at him with more. "You can call me Hobgoblin hero!" Hobgoblin said as he threw more at the dark hero.

Eclipse was doing his best to dodge each blast as one got harder than the other as he was just trying to get him back for earlier on as he just kept them coming as the dark hero fired some discs at the costumed villain and one managed to hit his glider which caused a slight malfunction with his engine as he crashed into a construction site where the workers there saw him coming and got out of the way.

Hobgoblin jumped off the glider as it got wedged into a part of the unbuilt infastructure he was dazed but aware of his surroundings as he saw Eclipse swing and land on his level as he quickly retreated to get his glider.

Eclipse looked around as he saw construction workers running away as he saw the bad guy trying to get to his glider in an attempt to get back in the air.

But the hero was in pursuit as goblin looked to see him coming for him as he quickly reached into his bag and brought out some more bombs and saw he was now within the structure as he just threw them at the top of it and as they exploded on impact and parts of the in construction building fell as Eclipse saw it coming dsown around him as he quickly got out of the way but was caught by a beam as it fell on top of him back first pinning him down.

This now bought goblin some time to get his glider but seeing that he was trapped and realised this was too good an opportunity to miss as he smiled evily and went back down to the trapped hero.

I gotta get free, damn this thing's heavy!

Eclipse was struggling to get free as he did move it an inch but he then saw the goblin approach and pull out what looked like an advanced version of the arc plasma handgun.

"I told you I was your worst nightmare…any last words?" Hobgoblin said as he pointed the gun directly at his head.

Jack was trapped, no way out and was at the mercy of this villian as he looked to him he saw above him a bucket full of screws and bolts as he knew what to say.

"Well there is something….is that the Batsignal?" Eclipsed said pointing to the sky behind him.

As the villain looked away to check as the window was open and he fired a disc at the bucket and it fell from the top and the rain of metal came down on him and followed by the bucket knocking the gun out of his hand.

He then used all of his strength to throw the metal beam off of him as he finally got free and the goblin regained himself as he saw the dark hero was free and just ran for his glider as it was his only chance.

Jack looked to see him fleeing but saw on the ground was the gun as he picked it up and just quickly disarmed the weapon in seconds reducing it to pieces rendering it harmless.

Hobgoblin meanwhile was trying to pull his glider free as then a line was shot up to his floor and he just in time pulled the glider free and then just got on and took off as Eclipse grappled up there he saw the villain take off and knew what was next as he shot a line and it connected with the glider.

"Whoa!" Eclipse shouted as he was elevated up into the air with the goblin towing him.

He hung on for dear life as the grapple line was still hooked and he was refusing to let him escape as he tried to shake him off by going for a ride around the city.

They went through the busy streets of New York as he was hanging on and being dragged as he went into street signs, trees, traffic and even skiming a truck but he hung on as the goblin was continuing his rollercoaster of hell for the young hero.

But now he'd had enough and used the grapple to bring himself to the glider and was now climbing on to it with him as they both struggled for control which distracted the goblin and both of them crashed down into the streets as their fall was cushioned by the glider as they both fell off and the glider collided into a parked car and exploded.

Both costumed advesaries were dazed but not out as Hobgoblin knew this was a losing fight and he just ran for it while he still had the loot.

Eclipse got up and saw him fleeing the scene as he went in pursuit and goblin then reached for his belt and pressed something as then he cut into an alleyway but the dark hero was right behind him as he ran for his life but then he stopped for a second and pulled out of his bag another pumpkin bomb as Eclipse stopped knowing what would come next.

But then from behind he heard a sound of an engine and he was knocked down by a second glider as it came for the goblin, he got on but Eclipse was on the ground on his stomach and looked up to see him about to get away as he acted fast and fired another line as it grappled onto the glider and then another to a lampost as that wrapped around it and he took off.

"Not such a hotshot now huh?" Hobgoblin said as he jetted off.

But then just like that as he went up the glider was stopped and he was thrown off it and went right through an office building as the glider crashed down to the ground in a heap.

Eclipse went to check on goblin as he switched his gauntlet back to normal grapple function and went up to the crash site, as he zipped up the building and into to the shattered window he entered seeing the pieces of shattered glass all over the floor office cubicles were wrecked and a lot of terrified and confused workers.

"Holy crap did you see that?

"Isn't that the Hobgoblin?"

"I think he's out!"

"Man this place got totalled!"

All the office employees on the floor were just throwing in their thoughts on what happened as Eclipse made his way to the fallen criminal and checked on him as he was alive but completely out as he carefully carried him on his shoulders.

"Okay people move along nothing to see here!" Eclipse said as he took the villain out of the building and carefully back to the ground.

He was then met by a couple of police officers and he just put the goblin down.

"Here's the perp and now I leave!" Eclipse said zipping off.

"Where do these guys keep on poppin up from?" one officer said.

"Man if in know, so who's gonna write the report?" the other officer said.

May and April were both in costume and were swinging through the city and had just dispatched some thugs who were terrorising a neighbourhood.

"We'd better move it we're going to be late!" April said.

"Yeah I know but we do have to tie up the bad guys in order for the cops to arrest them." May pointed out.

"It would have been better if your knight in black was there." April teased.

May was blushing under her mask as her twin reminded her of what went down a couple of nights ago and April being a sister couldn't help but tease her constantly about it.

They arrived on time at school and quickly changed in an undisclosed location and got to class where everyone was sitting in their desks awaiting the teacher to arrive.

"Hey guys your just in time." Courtney said.

"Yeah we had a…slight distraction but we got here." May said as April looked to her.

"And once again Jack's late, wonder what he'll think of today?" Jimmy predicted knowing what his friend will do when he arrives.

As then the teacher walked in and everyone settled down and the lesson began.

Jack was speeding back on his bike as he had to make sure he was out of sight to change back and get his bike.

Man my back is killing me, that guy was a complete tool! If I see him again I'll remember to get him off his glider and then stick one of those bombs straight up his…

His trail of thought was cut as he then saw a red car and accidentaly clipped the side of it and braked hard.

He cut the engine and saw the damage he did as he saw it was a red Mercedes, GTI and he just scratched the paint…badly and knew he couldn't let that person find out it was him as he just parked his bike and left like nothing happened.

Jack just rushed through the hallways as he was now ten minutes late for class but with his nagging back injury he suffered at the hands of Hobgoblin earlier on was slowing him down.

He was almost there just a few more halls to clear and he was there!

Everyone was taking notes as Mr. Hasten was writing notes down on the board and everyone was copying.

April was copying down the notes and heard every word he said but then while she was writing her notes down a piece of folded paper just landed in front of her interrupting her writing as she looked around and saw the Wes looking to her as she figured it was a message from him.

She stopped writing for a moment as she went to grab the paper and began to unfold it as she then went to read it…

"Excuse me Miss Parker!" April looked up and saw she caught his attention. "Could you please tell me what's so important for you to not pay attention in my class?" Mr. Hasten asked putting her on the spot.

April was speechless as she had the message in her hands and he caught sight of it. "So is that piece of paper more important than my lessons?" he asked.


"I know why don't you read it all out so everyone can all know what's so important that it had to interrupt my lesson?" he barked at her as he was now picking on her.

She was about to be humiliated and May, Wes and her friends were really ticked he was doing this to her as she went to do so…

The door swung open as then standing there gasping for air was Jack

"Mr. Redgrave…once again your late! And I trust you came prepared for why?" Hasten asked.

"Sorry I'm…late…alarm…didn't…go…off, would've gotten…here sooner but…clipped a…red…Mercedes." Jack said gasping for air.

"Wait! Did you say a red Mercedes?" Hasten asked.

"Yeah why?" Jack asked.

As then he looked terrified and just ran out of the classroom at super speed and went to the parking lot and…

"REDGRAVE!" he shouted at the top of his lungs with everyone in the school hearing it.

As Jack just brought his hand to his head.

Uh…why me? Really why me?

After several hours of complaining, yelling and anger by Mr. Hasten, he was sent on leave for stress, Jack was forced to pay for the damage but was let off lightly and April was saved from telling everyone what was on the private message.

"Hey guys check this out!" Courtney said as she was looking on the internet with her cell.

They all gathered as they saw a video off of YouTube which was titled "Hobgoblin versus Batman rip-off."

Jack saw that title and was insulted. Are you kidding me? Batman rip-off? What did I do to deserve that, well at least it's better than the other stuff the French called me.

They watched it as it showed the two costumed people fighting one another then Eclipse being dragged through the city by the goblin's glider, them fighting in the streets and then goblin going through the building window and Eclipse apprehending him and leaving.

"Dude, another new hero!" Jimmy said.

"How does he look like Batman?" Wes asked seeing no difference as Jack smiled at that.

"Wicked threads, I could get used to having him as a hero." Courtney said.

"I like it when they wear masks, so mysterious." Heather said as Jimmy felt a bit jealous as she saw his face and went over to him and hung on to his arm and pecked him on the cheek making him smile.

Both May and April were away from their circle and whispered amongst themselves.

"I'm telling you it was him, that's the guy who saved me." May said.

"Really? So he's the new hero and furthermore he held his own against the Hobgoblin, do you think The Avengers or The New Warriors will ask him to join?" April asked.

May knew she was right as they would notice him and ask him to join them, but still they didn't know him that well.

"I better ask Felicity to find out more on him." May said.

The music was blaring and Abdizur was in full practice as Jack was practicing with them for the first time.

They then stopped and took a breather as they all sat down on the separate chairs that were placed in the basement of Al's house.

"Ok guys real good but we need to improve on the drumming." Brad pointed out as Al knew why.

"Dude I told you I need new sticks man these things are run down!" Al complained.

"So why haven't you bought new ones?" Ken asked.

Al looked down and Ken knew why by that look. "Man you talk about being "pussy whipped" all I gotta say is Al you are officially "pastry whipped" that girl makes something for ya and you do backflips or her." Ken joked as Al held his red face down in embarrassment.

As Ken and Brad were laughing and Jack had no idea what was the big joke.

"Uh what's the joke?" Jack asked really confused.

Brad in between laughing got some air to explain. "Al here is dating a chef, who's a really good cook." Brad said.

"We're not kidding she is, I mean look at Al's big bones." Kern said pointing to his gut as Al was really embarrassed about this.

"Let me guess she does that and in return he showers her with all the romantic stuff he can think of while maxing out his allowance." Jack said in a metaphorical way.

"Right on the money man." Brad said.

"Okay! No more okay…just stop! Can we just go back to practice?" Al said throwing his hands up trying to stop this whole analysis of his relationship with his girlfriend.

"Al dude calm down! And anyway he's right back to practice…Jack dude you got any ideas on what we should play next?" Brad asked.

"Yeah I got one how bout Gym Class Heroes." Jack suggested.

"Nice they're a good choice." Al said as he went to his place on the drums.

Everyone else did as they looked to Jack to what to play. "How bout Take a look at my girlfriend." Jack said as the guys realised what he was referencing to with Al shooting a glare at him and Brad and Ken just laughing their heads off at that.

Spider-Girl and Spider X were swinging their way through the city and just landed on a rooftop.

"Bit slow today, no super villains rampaging, no bank robberies not even a mugging?" May said to her twin.

"Well for once it's quiet and I would like to get home and get ready." April said referencing to her date with Wes tonight.

May went over to her sister to talk her through this. "Well Wes is a really great guy and I know he won't do anything…inappropriate." May said as April raised an eyebrow to that.

"If he does I'll throw him through a wall." April said as she hit the concrete wall and it cracked.

"Okay with that said let's get home and get you prepared." May said as they both swung off for home.

April was now getting ready as she put on a pink t shirt with hello kitty on the front of it, a pair of new jeans, and some blue pumps with pink laces, she took her denim jacket and did her long hair back into a ponytail.

She made her way downstairs as she then went into the living room to see her family before she left for her fist date.

"Look at you!" May said seeing her twin all dolled up.

"I hope he likes it." April said as she felt nervous.

As then MJ went to her daughter and adjusted her hair a little. "April he must be nuts to not like it." MJ reassured her.

"Either that or he's gay." Peter chimed in while reading his paper.

The three women looked at him in annoyance as the doorbell rang andApril went to answer it to reveal her date Wes.

"Hey." Wes said nervously.

"Hey." April replied nervously.

"Ready?" Wes asked.

"Yeah, let's go." April said.

She closed the door and they made their way to his car and drove off for their date.

May watched from her window as she smiled. She'll be okay, she's a tough girl.

Then her cell went off as she received a text from Gene it read Sorry can't do 2nite have math test 2omorrow need 2 study c u 2morrow xxx Gene.

Once again he stood her up and also what's more suspicious he never studies for any tests.

He's cheating on me?…No don't think that he wouldn't…would he?

The doorbell rang as she answered and it was Jack.

"Hey you doing anything?" Jack asked.

"I was but now I'm free." May said.

"Well I came by cos we haven't hung out since I got back and thought you'd wanna?" Jack asked.

She knew they hadn't and with Gene blowing her off…yes this would be a good idea.

"Mom! Dad! I'm going out with Jack." May shouted as she got her jacket.

"Okay be back by ten!" Peter shouted.

"Have a good time you two!" MJ shouted.

They both went to his bike as he then got on and handed her a helmet and he started it up.

"You may wanna hang on tight." Jack advised.

"Just don't kill us!" May joked.

She got on behind him and clutched her arms around his waist and then she felt his abdomen.

Damn…he must work out or something and…whoa you're doing it again webhead just try not to get those thoughts!

"I'll try not to, just hang on to me for dear life I'm about to kick this baby into full gear!" Jack said as he revved his engine as they drove off and went off into the night for fun.

May suggested they go to the arcade as it was the place they used to go all the time and since she had become Spider-Girl having a social life was hard, but now with Jack's return and this Eclipse guy showing up and helping to clean the streets up with her…which was great but having Jack back was the best thing to happen to her since April came into her life.

It was great having a twin sister besides the symbiote DNA in her, she was still her sister and their bond was just as unbreakable just like her family's.

They stopped off at an arcade and decided to have a few rounds at air hockey and it was the one thing Jack wasn't good at as history taught him, whenever he played he always managed to either lose or injure his fingers.

But May however was just enjoying herself as she beat him each round they had as Jack kept on injuring his fingers and making a complete noob out of himself.

"How in the world do you keep on losing at this game?" May asked Jack who was holding his reddened fingers.

"I don't know! But it hurts, can we play something else now?" Jack pleaded to try and stop his pain.

"Ok how bout we try out an old game of ours…House of the Dead." May suggested as Jack's face lit up.

"Now you're talking!" Jack said as they went to the game.

May was already there but Jack was a little slow as it seemed his back was hurting him but caught up with her.

"You okay?" May asked seeing him struggle.

"Yeah just an injury I had after I sort of fell off my bike." Jack lied.

"You should be more careful, you never did have concern for your own safety." May said.

"Well be concerned for me killing more hordes of undead corpses than you." Jack said.

They approached the game and Jack threw a quarter in as it came on "The House of the Dead!" as she shot start "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" it sounded as they both had their arcade guns ready.

The game started as both of them engaged in first person as a whole bunch of zombies came bursting through a gate and it went into combat mode, both just shot whatever was a walking corpse as they got shots in and more of them came at them they just hit and hit.

Both were having even more fun as it felt like old times once again, Jack was enjoying the time he was spending with May.

After shooting poor zombies for several minutes they decided to sit down and take a break as Jack bought them both a couple of cokes.

"Jack you're a guy right?" May asked.

He raised an eyebrow. "Last time I checked I was unless I had some sort of a five second sex change." Jack joke as she chuckled to that joke.

"Ok moving on, I think he's cheating on me or either that he's avoiding me." May said as he knew she meant Gene.

"You really think he is?" Jack asked.

"He blew me off so he could study for his math test." May said.

"Wait…Gene studying for a math test? Okay so he blew you off for that and you think he's cheating on you?" Jack asked.

"Yeah or either that he really is, I'm trying to give him the benefit of a doubt I really am!" May started to get worked up.

Jack had to try and calm her as he put his hands on her shoulders. "Mayday! Look at me when I say this…if he ain't doing the deed with another gal I'll eat my bandanna with hot sauce." Jack said as she just looked really confused.

"But then again a football player studying for a test, even though his dad's the high school gym teacher, he's the star player but he has to study…then again you might be right but you could confront him or just trust him it's your call." Jack explained as she thought about it.

"Yeah I'll think before I act." May said as she needed to think this through.

"It's gonna be okay, I know you're strong and know this ain't gonna stop you." Jack said reassuring her.

She smiled and just hugged him as he accepted it giving her his support. "Thanks Jack, I can always count on you." May said.

However only a couple of tables away and hearing and watching the entire scene unfold someone was watching the two friends be "friendly". "Watcha doing Simon?"

"Oh nuthin babe just taking a moment that will last forever." he said looking at his cell.

It was the next day and Jack had just finished English and was headed for a quick practice session with the guys.

He had a good time with May last night and as he heard so did April and Wes as she couldn't stop talking about it, their ears were sore from the constant reminder of their date from them both.

He smirked thinking of that as he continued on through the corridors as he took a left which took him out to the courtyard as he was then blocked by someone and looked up to see it was Gene…a very pissed off looking Gene.

"Oh hey Gene…uh so how ya been?" Jack asked.

He just looked at him with a glare with his arms crossed.

"So…I'll be going then so…" he was cut off as he saw his minions step forward to his side.

"Davis…Simon, good to see you both as well." Jack said now feeling nervous as all three gave him a glare.

"Ok I'll just be going back this way then." Jack said as he turned around to see his path was blocked.

"Oh and you brought the football team as well…hey guys what's up?" Jack said out of nervousness.

He saw no one was in a talking mood as he was stuck in-between them all as he knew something was up.

"So why exactly are we all gathered here today?" Jack asked.

Gene took out of his pocket his cell as he showed a picture of him and May from last night hugging as he wondered how that photo got in his possession.

"You son of a bitch! First you come back like nothing's changed! Then you start giving my girlfriend advice on how she should break up with me! And finally you're now trying to steal her from me!" Gene said in an angry rage.

Jack was now confused and scared as his now clearly still rival was thinking him and May were…it's just insane!

"Gene, we're just good friends that's all, but she came to me for advice because you kept on blowing her off, it's your fault she's thinking of leaving you, don't blame me!" Jack explained.

His eyes widened. "GET HIM!" Gene shouted.

As the entire football team just ganged up on Jack as he had less time to react as he struggled to get free they were too much for him as he was held back with Gene now approaching him and smiling evilly at him.

"I'll teach you to mess with me and steal my girl!" Gene said as he went to sock Jack In the face…

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?" It was Principle Sanders.

"Uh nothing…sir just kidding around!" Gene said as the team let Jack go.

Jack looked as he went with it. "Uh yeah sir just kidding around." Jack said.

"Ok then boys, stay out of trouble." Principle Sanders said as he walked off as Jack grabbed his stuff from the floor and followed him away from them.

Jack made it to his practice session with his bandmates waiting for him.

"The wanderer arrives." Al joked.

"Sorry got sidetracked by some apes." Jack said as they looked confused.

"Okay since we're all here I think I should announce that in a few weeks we Abdizur will be competing in the school's battle of the bands." Brad announced.

They all smiled and saying "oh yeah" as they had a chance to show everyone what they were all about and take that one step towards superstardom.

"So do we have any songs we're gonna play for this gig?" Ken asked.

"Ok how bout we each pick two songs of our choosing and see how it goes from there." Brad said.

They all nodded their heads in agreement as they resumed with practice.

May was walking to her locker as then she saw Gene was there waiting for her and he did not look happy.

"Hey how did your test go?" May asked her boyfriend.

"…" Gene just looked at her angrily.

"Is there something wrong?" May asked.

"You could say that." Gene replied.

"So what then?" May asked now feeling confused.

"I know." Gene said.

"Know what cause I'm really lost now?" May asked even more confused.

He took out his cell and showed the picture of her and Jack from last night.

"Wait is this about me and Jack hanging out last night? Now look you blew me off and he came to see if I was doing anything so we could hang out!" May tried to explain to him.

"You really think I'm that stupid huh? Your cheating on me with him!" Gene shouted.

People heard the conversation and were watching the drama unfold.

"What? Now your just being paranoid, we're just good friends!" May said in protest.

"Yeah I know his game, he does this to get at me! I also heard you're planning to break up with me?" Gene said as she just did not want to hear anymore and walked off until he grabbed her and pushed her back first into a locker as he looked like a madman.

"ANSWER ME!" Gene shouted as she looked scared never seeing this side of him before.

A crowd formed as the hallways stopped to observe this outburst as he realised what he was doing and let her go and walked off.

May watched him leave and looked to see a dent in the locker she was slammed into.

How the hell did he get that picture? Was he following me? I'd btter talk to Jack.

She then walked off to find her friend for some sort of an answer.

It was now science class and everyone was seated as Jack and Jimmy sat together as always and May just entered the classroom and wanted to talk with Jack as she saw him but knew it would have to wait until afterwards as she went to sit with her friends as the class was scheduled to watch a special on TV about the life cylces of plants, until…

"We interupt this scheduled programming for a news bulletin."

"This is Jenna Palmer reporting live from the scene…BOOM!" it was interrupted by an explosion.

Everyone including the teacher had gathered around the television as they watched the report.

"A robot has gone on a rampage and is tearing up downtown Queens, the individual can only be described as a giant metal monster with weaponry, this thing was seen leaving Stark Enterprises warehouses as it left a destructive path behind the area."

May and April both seeing this as they looked to one another and knew they had to try and stop this thing before someone got hurt or worse as they used the distraction of the news to sneak out.

Also seeing it Jack without thought left the classroom and went off to fight the evil cyborg.

The andoroid was on a complete rampage and Police tried to stop him as they tried their weapons on him as the bullets bounced off it's armour as it then just used a blaster on it's shoulders to get rid of the annoyance of New York's finest.

Even the SWAT team couldn't contain it as he just blew a few of their helicopters out of the skies and it seemed nothing could stop it's path of destruction.

It then turned it's attention to the group of reporters as it marched towards them as they tried to run but it aimed it's weapons right at them but then something just blnded it's vision as it was then knocked to the ground with a large kick.


The cyborg looked around and sat up as he saw two costumed people and he knew who they were straight away.

"I've always wanted to say that." Spider-Girl joked.

"Uh I think he's getting up." Spider X pointed out to the cyborg now getting to it's feet.

"So a challenge has risen, what better way than to test my power against two of you heroes." it said.

"Who are you?" Spider X asked.

"I am the future of mankind, the futre ruler of this world and…

"Look we haven't got much time so can you please get to the part where we know your name?" Spider-Girl interrupted.

The cyborg was surprised by that. "I am Eradicator!" Eradicator introduced himself.

"Ok original but still way too long in introductions and- BOOM!

Spider-Girl was cut off by a blast as the two sisters dodged the attack thanks to their spider senses as they landed down on the street lamp.

May turned to April. "So any ideas?" May asked her twin.

"I say we just insult him until he's open for attack." April suggested.

"You're beginning to think like me now…and I like it!" May said as both heroes went for it.

"Hey Eradidork, nice outfit how many Battlestar Galactica conventions did it take for you to think of actually being a Cylon?" Spider-Girl insulted the villain.

As the cyborg just brought out a huge machine gun and fired on the young hero but her spider sense once again provided the warning nad her reflexes helped her to dodge gunfire.

"Uh hey ugly!" Spider X also insulted.

This angered the cyborg even more as he fired on her as well and both were now dodging gunfire.

He then grabbed a ca and hurled it towards some bystanders as then it was caught in mid air by a web line from Spider X which grabbed it on time and it landed back on the ground in a heap.

"Quickly run!" Spider X said to the bystanders as they did so.

Meanwhile Spider-Girl was dodging every attack made by the cyborg menace thanks to her spider sense but as she tried to pinpoint a weakness but for some reason was having a bit of difficulty doing so as it was hard to do that and dodge for your life all at the same time.

As then Eradicator drew out a sword slash chainsaw and just lunged at the young hero but as he lunged again as then his weapon was webbed to the ground by Spider X giving them some time to find a weak spot.

"I think he has a weak spot but it's on the back of his head but problem is that he's packing a lot of heat and if we're both trying to go for the weak spot he could hurt someone while we're distracted." Spider-Girl explained as they then sensed a blast coming their way and ducked out of the way.

"May, I'll distract him and you get to his weak spot, I can draw his fire for a short while so be quick!" Spider X said to her sister.

As then they split and Spider X began to hurl impact webbing at the cyborg as it caught it's attention the attacks were directed at the Black Spider as she dodged and continuing her attack as then from behind Spider-Girl umped on to it's back and went for the back of it's head as she started to fiddle with the three cables on the back of it's neck.

Pulling as hard as she could she was beginning to loosen them as then a charge of electricity surged and burned through her body, she howled in pain as she was then thrown off violently to the ground.

This distracted Spider X who took her eyes off of the cyborg and got caught in by a rocket blast as she was hurled towards and into a wall as she then saw the metallic villain approach her as he had his sword slash chainsaw out and raised it up as April looked to see her sister lying on the floor as she was stirring but was too far away from her to help.

"Now meta-human feel the blade of Eradicator!" Eradicator said as the weapon began to buzz and was ready to cut her in several pieces.

As the weapon lowered towards her he was then hit in the face with a flying disc as he fell backwards a few feet and caused his weapon to get stuck in the ground.

She was then grabbed and taken away from there and brought to where Spider-Girl was now getting to her feet as they both saw who just came in the nick of time.

"Au chantei ladies." Eclipse said as he helped Spider-Girl up.

"It's you, thank you for saving my sister." Spider-Girl thanked the dark hero.

"No problem happy to help butterfly." Eclipse said.

"Yes thank you I don't know how I would've gotten out of that but thank you." Spider X thanked her saviour.

As then thesoundof the chainsaw whirring as the cyborg began to free itself from the ground.

"Oh he looks like he's now about to rejoin the party, any ideas cause I'm open to suggestions?" Eclipse asked.

"He has a weak point on the back of his head, there are three cables but only probem is he has a security measure which involves shock therapy." Spider-Girl said.

"How long did it take for it to shock you?" Eclipse asked.

"About under a minute I guess." Spider-Girl asked.

"Just enough time, I'll cut the cables." Eclipse said as he adjusted his right gauntlet.

"We'll distract him long enough…be careful." Spider-Girl said to him.

"I will ladies take care and watch out for that rocket!" Eclipse said as they sensed it and all three of them got out of the way as the explosive just collided and destroyed the ground they once stood on.

"Feel the wrath of Eradicator!" Eradicator said as he fired bullets and rockets at the three heroes.

Then Eclipse disappeared from the scene as the cyborg felt confident. "At least one of you had sense to run while you still co-" a Thwip sounded as he was shut up by webbing across his mouth by Spider X.

"Be quiet for one minute!" Spider X said.

"Okay Eradidork ready for round two?" Spider-Girl said as she had on the end of her webline was a car door which she flung at him as he just swatted it away.

He used whatever weapons on them as he went full out on the two heroes and they dodged his attacks and just threw any objects at him as all it did was just annoy him.

But then from right behind him something landed on his back and he guessed it to be Eclipse as he then held on to the cyborg and then activated something on his right gauntlet as on the side a side saw came out as he then began to cut through the cables.

"What're you doing?" Eradicator said after he got the webbing off his mouth as he began to charge his countermeasure against the dark hero.

"Well I'm trying to do some DIY here but having you blowing everything up is sort of breaking my concentration here." Eclipse joked as he just cut the first cable.

A loud hiss was heard as the cyborg villian shouted in agony as Eclipse went for the second cable as he began to saw cut through it the cyborg then shot out the electric charge as he felt the burning sensation got through his body as he wined in pain but hung on to the back of the villain.

"Oh no he's getting electrocuted, we need to keep his mind off him!" Spider-Girl said.

"I've got an idea aim for his eyes!" Spider X said.

They both shot out webbing and it blinded the cybernetic villain as he began to go into a frenzy as his sight was blocked by the spider sisters webbing.

Eclipse was then relieved of his electric shocks as it stopped he could then go for the second cable and he easily got it and saw that it was all beginning to take effect as he was now in real pain as his weapons were shutting down.

But however he managed to jolt him again with more shocks as he was hanging in there but was having difficulty trying to get the last cable as he then flailed around wildly and drew out his chainsaw slash sword and swing it around violently as the spiders just easily dodged the attacks.

"I think he needs help." Spider X said refering to Eclipse who was sill getting shock treatment and trying to pull the last cable out.

"I'll ask him…Hey E-man you need help?" Spider-Girl called out.

"I'm ok…just…in a…lot…of…pain!" Eclipse said in between shocks.

May turning to face her twin. "Yeah I think we should." she said.

They both swung around to the side of the cyborg and both shot webbing wrapping it's legs and eventually constricting him all the way to his upper body as then Eclipse finally cut the final cable and the shocks stopped as he screamed and knew his systems were shutting down as he just stood there completely still.

Eclipse jumped off his back as he was just irritated and smelled like a texas barbeque he just went up to the front of the shut own cyborg and hit him with a huge heel kick which just knocked down the seven footer as he fell hard to the ground.

"That's for giving me several minutes of shock therapy…which I already have had and look what good it did with me!" Eclipse said as the other two heroes watched on.

"You alright E-man?" Spider-Girl asked.

"Yeah just crispy…you both ok?" Eclipse asked.

"We'll live, you're Eclipse right?" Spider X asked.

"That I am and you are…

"Spider X pleased to meet you." Spider X said as they shook hands.

"So are you two like related or you just had the same hero personas and didn't wanna clash?" Eclipse asked.

They looked at him with questioning glares as he realised they were not amused.

"No? ok note to self, never make hero jokes when heroes are in front of you." Eclipse joked.

Both girls giggled as they saw his mistake, but then they all then heard the familiar sound of sirens approaching as they knew it was time to leave.

"Well I guess it's time to say bon voy- where'd he go?" Spider-Girl asked.

"He just vanished, have to admit he's something no wonder you got taken down so easily by those thugs." April joked.

"Hey! It was an off day and besides I softened them up for him." May said in her defence.

As they saw the boys in blue appear they decided to leave and head back to school.

However the battle was watched by a dark figure, he was mainly observing Eclipse. "Amateur." he said.

As the class were still glued to the TV and no one had noticed that Jack slipped back in right next to Jimmy.

"Wow…that was sooo cool!" Jimmy said seeing the entire battle as he then turned to Jack.

His face then cringed as he smelled something. "What the heck is that smell?" Jimmy said getting a real wiff of something.

"Sorry dude had to go to the bathroom and those goth kids were smoking in there and I guess…I stink." Jack lied.

He was in a bit more pain with his back injury and now after a few rounds of shock treatment it was really bad as he had trouble trying to move a little but luckily for him his suit took the damage but he still received minor injuries.

"But all the same what happened? Did I miss it?" Jack asked.

"Yeah it was awesome that dude appeared again he got electrocuted and was taking each shot like nothing! Man he could be the spider's new competition." Jimmy said as Jack smiled at that.

As then entered the Parker twins who snuck in quietly as they were discussing with Heather and Courtney what had happened on TV as they were just trying to hold in their pain and wait for their healing factor to kick in.

The bell rang and an entire lesson was wasted watching the news as they all left May quickly went to get Jack.

"Jack!" May called as he turned to face her. "Yeah?" Jack answered.

"I need to tal- Oh my god! What is that smell?" May said as she held her nose in disgust.

"Sorry that would be me, I smell like charred turkey ass." Jack joked.

"You need a shower…and I mean like now!" May said as the smell was bugging her.

"What did you need to talk with me about." Jack asked.

She had the look on her face as he knew it was serious. " Someone took a picture of us last night and Gene's all pissed off about it, you know anything about this picture?" May asked.

"Yeah he kinda came at me with it and had the entire football team to give me a beat down, but luckily Principle Sanders came along." Jack explained.

She went wide eyed. "He what? Oh that is it! He's so dumped, I know you'd never do anything like this, even to get at him." May said.

"I should've kept my mouth shut about you wanting to break up with him." Jack said out of honesty.

"You told him? Why would you even do that?" May said.

"He said he knew even before I told him! I don't know how he knew but he did!" Jack said as they argued.

Their friends all watched on as they were confused and shocked at the revelations which took place earlier on today.

"I-I-I can't believe this I thought he was bad but you…you're just as bad!" May said now really angry and confused.

"May come on I didn't do it on purpose he found out, confronted me and was about to kill me for it, he's no good and you know it!" Jack said now also angry that she said that.

"This is why I try not to tell people things, it always leads to trouble." May now was beginning to sob.

"I didn't mean to-" she then just shoved past him as she walked off trying not to cry as the girls followed.

Jack was met by Jimmy and Wes as they looked to him and his look was expressionless.

"Guys you don't have to side with me it's okay.?" Jack said.

"No we're your friends, we know you wouldn't do that to May." Jimmy said.

"Exactly, I've known you little but I know you're not an asshole." Wes said.

"Thanks guys I appreciate it but-" he was stopped in mid sentence as he saw his bike.

"Son of a bitch!" Jack shouted as he rushed over to his vehicle as it was completely trashed.

His bike was vandalised, his wheels were missing, the lights were broken as the glass was all over the place.

He was pissed.

"Hey Redditch!"

He turned to see Gene driving by. "Nice bike shame about the makeover ha!" Gene said as he drove off.

This was retaliation for earlier on and now Jack was in a bad mood, his friend hates him, his bike got trashed and he was ready to kill Gene Thompson.

April was concerned for her sister's well being as she hadn't said a word since the incident that took place between her and Jack.

They made it home and May just ran upstairs to her room and shut the door behind her as she then just threw her bag on the floor and just threw herself down on her bed and buried her face in her pillow.

Stupid Gene…Stupid Jack…Stupid boys…they're all the same!

That's it, I give up no more boys…why does this always happen to me?

May was now crying her eyes out as her now ex-boyfriend betrayed her once again, her childhood friend had betrayed her trust.

The sound of hollow hits were being heard inside a small room full of gym equipment as there Jack was training himself and was now taking his anger and frustration out on the training bag with fists, kicks, elbows, knees and even head butting it as the anger just came slamming into the bag as he stopped after an hour.

He grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat off himself as he took a breather from his training and sat down to take a moment to think.

That asshole is gonna pay one way or another!

Worst of all May hates me, I would never betray her like that, if only she knew what actually went down between us today.

I should've kept my big mouth shut…Stupid loud mouthing has gotten you in trouble again Redgrave!

After training he took a shower and went into his bedroom and changed into clean clothes as he then looked to his watch he then picked it up and held it in his hand.

I guess I should go out on patrol, should take my mind off stupid high school drama.

He put on his watch and pressed the two buttons on the left and right sides and it equipped his costume as he then threw on his mask and he was now Eclipse.

May was still in her room and had fallen asleep as she then woke up she felt a little better but still down.

Guess I should go out on patrol.

Mayday Parker changed into her costume and became the amazing Spider-Girl as she threw on her mask and jumped out of her window onto the roof of her house and swung off to patrol.

She swung off towards the city…her city but as of late things are a bit quiet minus the incident earlier on today it was quiet and it could have something to do with a hero in black.

As she swung throughout the city and landed on a random rooftop and looked out on the city as she was hoping for someone to try and push their luck with her.


Hearing the cry for help she jumped off the rooftop and went into the direction of the cry as she saw who made it and it was from as she saw a young boy being chased by a bunch of guys as she had to intercept.

"Okay ya little runt, hand over the money!"

"NO! it's my mom and dad's you can't take it!" he said a he held tightly onto a plastic bag containing money.

"Give us it now or we'll cut ya!" as he brandished a knife.

The young boy nodded his head as he just closed his eyed not wanting to see what will happen to himself "THWIP"

He heard that sound and opened up his eyes and saw the one guy hung up and wrapped in a spider's web as he knew it was only one person.

"Five guys on one kid…c'mon seriously just because all the good stuff gets taken by the super villains you have to stoop to robbing kids now?" Spider-Girl said standing in front of them.

"It's the bug bitch this is gonna be fun!" as one of them ran at her ready to punch her.

She was ready for the strike as she just grabbed the exposed arm and threw him back first into some garbage cans.

As more of them came at her she just easily dodged every attack using her agility and spider sense as all of them were down and out and it was a clean sweep for the young arachnid hero.

She then saw the astounded and scared boy and went up to him to check if he was ok.

"Are you alright, did they hurt you?" Spider-Girl asked the young kid.

"N-N-No I'm fine, Y-Y-You saved me…thanks spidey!" the young kid said.

"Why are you out here on your own at this time of night?" Spider-Girl asked.

"I was going to go back to my home, I had to take this back and put it in the safe." he said as it explained why he was carrying cash around.

As then her spider sense went off and one of the thugs was back up and charged at her as she got ready for an attack.

But then he was knocked down from behind by someone as the dark figure revealed himself to be Eclipse and once again saving the arachnid hero the trouble of taking the guy out.

"He shoots he scores!" Eclipse said looking down at the unconscious thug.

"Are you stalking me?" Spider-Girl joked.

"Well…maybe but I was however in the neighbourhood, heard the cries for help and so on so fourth, here I am butterfly." Eclipse said.

"Ok I believe you I guess I owe you thanks…again." Spider-Girl said.

As then the young boy was tugging on her costume as she looked down to face him.

"Can I go home now?" he asked.

"Uh sure where do you live?" Spider-Girl asked.

"I live a few blocks from here." he said pointing in the direction of his home.

"Let's take him home, if you want me along?" Eclipse asked.

"Yeah sure you'd like that won't you…

"Josh and I know your Spider-Girl, you're the coolest!" Josh said.

"Thanks I do my best to look cool." Spider-Girl joked.

"And you're that guy who looks like Batman." Josh said.

As Eclipse stood in a huff as that comment and video of him on the net would be held over him for good as Spider-Girl was clearly holding in her laughter.

"I'm not Batman! I'm Eclipse!" Eclipse complained.

"Oh that's a cool name!" Josh said.

"Thanks you're the first person to say that." Eclipse said looking to the webhead.

"Anyway shall we?" as Spider-Girl took the boy's hand as he piggybacked onto her back and both them and Eclipse went to take him home.

They swung through the streets as Josh was having the time of his life seeing how it all looked to the two heroes everyday.

After the brief ride they arrived at Josh's house as they made sure he got home safely as he left the heroes side and went to his front door but before he went in he turned back to face them and waved to them as they did and he went home.

"That's great ain't it?" Spider-Girl asked.

"Yeah he gets saved by superheroes and gets to go home to his family, makes it worth fighting for." Eclipse said.

"Yeah, well now I'm bored wanna go on patrol?" Spider-Girl asked.

"Yeah sure let's do it!" Eclipse said as she shot a web line up to the nearest building as he shot his grapple to follow her.

They were enjoying their night of being as Eclipse called it "citizens on patrol" even though Spider-Girl knew they were far off from being just citizens on patrol but still it was funny to think so.

Both heroes had so far stopped two muggings, attempted murder, a carjacking and even a pickpocket.

But their last one was the worst as they had just caught some guys trying to hold up a gas station as the heroes interrupted the robbery but they saw the goons and they were packing some serious heat as they held what looked like some Uzis, but looked a little modified.

After some bantering by the two heroes they just went for them but they had to made sure that the gas pumps did not get hit as they had to disable the gun wielding thugs quickly.

Spider-Girl used her webbing to snatch their guns away and used them to knock them out as she swung the handle end in their faces.

Eclipse took on the other two as they fired at him as he made sure it was away from the highly combustible gasoline as he dodged gunfire but barely but as he took a chance and went right for them as he shoulder barged one as he just got floored but the other shot a few rounds at him as he tried to dodge but he felt something hit him in the arm.

But he ignored it and just quickly got up front with the thug and grabbed the arm the gun held and just flipped him to the ground and took his gun as he quickly disarmed the weapon.

The webhead had just finished webbing the two thugs up and noticed he was tying the other two up as he was then holding his left arm and she noticed the blood coming out.

"You're bleeding!" she said pointing to his wound as he looked.

"Oh that all? Eh what ya gonna do let's go find some more bad guys!" he said shrugging it off like nothing.

"What! No you need to get that patched up now!" the wall crawler told him.

"Well maybe I should, ok follow me I know how I can stop this leakage." he said as he shot a line up and she followed.

They eventually arrived and landed on a rooftop as he then went over to a wall and towards a vent cover and pulled it off carefully.

He reached in and brought out…"Is that a first aid kit? You leave stuff on an open rooftop?" she asked.

"Hey now I do a good job of hiding it and anyway "always be prepared!" Eclipse exclaimed.

She laughed at that as it sounded so dorky that is just was funny as he took off his left arm guard and saw the wound is a little deep but nothing he couldn't fix as he had to remove the bullet first.

He opened the kit and brought out a pair of tweezers and slowly and carefully went to remove the bullet from his wound as he clamped on to the sides of it the stinging pain he felt as he tried to remove it, it then began to emerge as the blood started to trickle from the wound of the dark hero.

Spider-Girl seeing the shell emerge from his arm made her gut wrench a little with some blood coming out of him as he then stopped feeling more pain as it seemed to be jammed in.

She went over to him. "You ok?" she asked concerned for him.

"Yeah I think it got lodged in I just need to give it a…AH!" he said as he pulled it out but the blood began to pour from his arm as he settled the shell and tweezers down next to him.

"Oh you need any help?" she asked seeing the blood.

"Yeah could you pass the canister out." he asked.

She went over to the box and found the canister with a sort of small tip coming out of it and went over to him.

"Apply it to my wound." he instructed.

She did that as he winced feeling the sting of the tip going in.

"Start the spray." he went on as she did and he felt the formula going into the wound and him holding in his pain. "Ok that's enough!" he said as she stopped.

"What is this stuff?" she asked.

"It's a disinfectant plastering, in other words a band aid, it's made to seal wounds instantly and help the wound heal faster, it can last for weeks and it's unnoticeable as you can see." he explained pointing out.

She saw that it turned to a flesh colour and had to admit it was good as the bleeding stopped and he cleaned himself up using the wipes in the box as he then put his armguard back on and then picked the tweezers with the shell and looked at it closely.

"How the hell did they do that?" he asked looking at the shell.

"It's a bullet, they hurt and most of the time they kill people." she pointed out in a joking fashion.

"No I mean bullets don't penetrate my armour like this unless…

"Unless what?" she asked.

"I'll have to do some research but this is definitely not the usual kind of armour piercing bullets I've seen." he said as he then brought out a sealant plastic bag and put it in there and put in his pocket.

"So what now butterfly?" he asked.

"Wanna just hang out for a while, I mean it would be good to get to know one another?" she asked.

"Yeah ok I'd like that." he said.

"Follow me I know the perfect spot." Spider-Girl said as she shot a web line and swung off as he followed.

She led him to a random rooftop as then as he landed next to her she turned to him.

"Back in a second." as she swung down to a stand and got a couple of coffees and paid for them and made her way back up to him and handed him a coffee as he was surprised and delighted.

"Thanks didn't think heroes got stuff like this." he said as they went to sit on the edge of the building and pulled up their masks with their lower mouths exposed.

"Is your arm ok?" she asked.

"Yeah It's good, not the first time I've been shot." he said assuring her of his safety.

"Really? When did you first get shot?" she asked taking a sip of her coffee.

"Two years ago by a crack head with a Kalashnikov." he said taking a sip of his coffee.

"Seriously? First time I got hit was by a bank robber with a handgun." she said.

"Why did you decide to become Spider-Girl?" he asked.

She knew he'd ask something like that as she went to answer him. "I did it not just cause I'm carrying on the legacy but I did it cause I wanted to keep my family and friends safe." she explained.

As they both sipped some more coffee and she went for her next question.

"What about you what made you become Eclipse?" she asked.

He lowered his head and knew it was hard to talk about but he went to explain. "One night can change your life, I learned the hard way, because of my curiosity, I…lost someone close to me and I made a promise to not let that happen again, especially to no one else." he explained as she saw it was painful to talk about.

"I'm sorry it must be hard to live with." she said putting her hand on the back of his shoulder as it was comforting.

"Yeah but I know you can't save everyone, you do what you can." he said as it made sense to her as well but she changed the subject immediately.

"So why do you call me butterfly?" she asked as he looked up with a smirk.

"Because you remind me of one, every time you're in the air you act and look like one." he explained.

She giggled hearing that and even blushed a little under her mask as he even chuckled hearing himself act all poetic and stuff.

They spent the rest of the evening just chatting and joking around as both heroes had a great deal in common with one another.

"Can I ask your advice on something?" he asked.

"Sure what is it?" she asked.

"Well a friend of mine made one of his good friends hate him after he did accidentally said something and now he's really feeling bad about what he did, what do you think he should do?" he explained hoping it could help him.

"Ok well I'd say that if he did do something like that then he should try and apologise to his friend, but if that don't work tell him to say he'll do anything to make it up to his friend." she advised him.

"That's solid advice I hope he will use it well when I see him." he said.

Afterwards they exchanged misadventures they had as heroes.

"So I said "You're so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece!" said Spider-Girl as both laughed at that.

"That's a good one but I got a better one…we're being watched." Eclipse said.

"Wha-by who?" she asked.

"A guy in red who looks like Daredevil." he said.

As she looked frustrated and looked back. "We know you're there, come on out Darkdork!" she mocked as the figure emerged from the shadows and came down to the rooftop to confront them both.

"At last we meet, Eclipse is it?" the dark guy asked.

"Yeah Daredevil right?" Eclipse asked as he just shot a death glare at him and Spider-Girl trying not to laugh as he had no idea why he was mad.

"For the LAST time I'm not Daredevil! I'm Darkdevil, don't forget it!" DarkDevil said to the face of the dark hero.

"Whatever Darkdork." she mocked again as Eclipse smirked at that as Darkdevil was even more infuriated with her teasing.

"So why are you stalking us?" Eclipse asked.

"It wasn't my call." Darkdevil answered straight.

"Let me guess Uncle Kaine sent you to baby sit me?" she said sounding a bit annoyed.

Eclipse looked to her and then to him and guessed it was one of those family moments.

"No he's just keeping an eye on your friend here, he just wants to say you're good…for an amateur." Darkdevil said with sarcasm.

"Amateur? Excuse me Daredevil but I've been doing this for years now and believe me I'm no amateur!" Eclipse stated.

"Is that a fact? Then how come you got hurt so easily tonight?" he said pointing out his gunshot wound from earlier.

He looked to his injured arm and felt where the wound was.

"They were packing some serious heat, the weapons looked modified and the ammunition looked like a new type of armour piercing." Eclipse explained.

"I know, we've been investigating these reports of this happening all over the city with these weapons being used, we've tried to find the source but it seems this dealer is very elusive." Darkdevil explained.

"Warriors are looking into this? You guys must be bored." Spider-Girl joked.

"No just concerned, now excuse me I'll be going and Eclipse remember were not the only ones watching you." Darkdevil said.

"Don't worry about it…Daredevil." Eclipse joked as he just disappeared in a huff.

The two teen heroes turned to one another just laughing at that.

"I guess I'll be going now, I'll see you around butterfly, hope to do this again." Eclipse said.

"Yeah you're right I should be as well, we should team up more often E-man." Spider-Girl said as he smiled under his mask at that.

"I'd like that butterfly." he said.

"So how do I find you if I need you?" she asked.

"I'll find you, catch ya later butterfly." he said as he jumped off the roof and shot a line and swung off.

She watched him leave. Guess I'd better get back home.

As she jumped off the roof and shot a web line and made her way back home.

May arrived back home and changed into her normal clothes and went downstairs to join her family.

They all saw her enter the living area and they looked concerned as April informed them of what went down earlier on today.

"Hey hotshot where you been?" MJ asked her daughter.

"Out, I needed time to myself." May said.

"You look like you've done more than just that." Peter said noticing she was feeling better.

"Could be you had a good patrol or you met up with a certain man in black." April commented as she was playing with Benjy.

"You…shut it, so what if I was he's actually a nice guy who can dish out a butt kicking times ten, but that wasn't the best part." May said as they were all listening.

"What was did he-" as April was cut off. "NO! we didn't if you let me finish, Reilly showed up after stalking us for hours." May said.

"What did he want?" Peter asked.

"He said that The New Warriors were keeping an eye on Eclipse and he also said they're not the only ones watching him." May said.

"I guess he needs to watch his back." Peter said sounding concerned.

"Yeah and I-" she was then cut off by the doorbell going off.

"I'll get it." May said as she went to answer the door.

She opened the door and saw it was Gene and she quickly stepped outside to talk with him away from her family.

"We need to talk." Gene said.

May seeing her now ex-boyfriend in front of her and wanting to talk she didn't want her family to know he was here so she took this outside next to his car.

"Before you say anything at all, I can't do this anymore…it's over." May said as his head went down.

"No…you listen! I met someone else." Gene said in a mock tone of voice.

"What? Is this why you've been avoiding me?" May said as she began to get angry.

"Exactly and you wanna know something else…I'm tired of this, I wanted one last chance to make you feel what I felt each time you were never there, now you know how it feels!" Gene mocked.

This was just unbelievable behaviour by her ex-boyfriend, he deliberately set out to hurt her feelings just so she feels the same way he did the first time, her emotions were all over the place and she was using all her will power to hold back using her powers on him.

"You…You…You shmuck! I tried I really tried to be there but…things got in the way and after what you did to Wes and stopping me becoming class president, but worst of all I've lost one of my dearest friends who I've cared about since I was little." May said as her eyes filled with tears. "I hate you." she said trying not to cry.

"Whatever." Gene said as he walked to his car and got in completely unaffected by what she said.

Jack decided after his night patrol with the wall crawler he changed elsewhere and walked the rest of the way home so he could take his mind off the pain in his arm and to try and get what he was going to tell May as he approached his street and saw a familiar blue car driving past him as he saw the driver, it was Gene and it seemed that he had just been to see her and Jack now had to go and see what he wanted from her and set things straight.

He approached his house as he looked across to her house and saw her standing there holding her hands to her face as he just went to talk with her.

She saw him approaching and didn't want to leave as he approached her. "Look I know I'm the last person you'd be wanting to talk to but if it's any conciliation for ya, my bike got trashed and It's gonna cost me a months wage to fix it, I guess I'll be taking the bus till then but then again I could pogo my way to school." Jack joked as she removed her hands from her face as he saw she'd been crying and she smiled a little hearing that remark.

"Jack, you're an idiot…but a sorry one, I forgive you." May said as both of them hugged in forgiveness.

But he had to ask what that ass Gene wanted. "I saw Gene leaving, did he do or say something to you?" Jack asked.

She wiped her eyes as she told him everything. "So that's about it, he did it to get back at me…maybe I did deserve that." May said.

What the hell is she talking about? That piece of slime, how dare he make her think it's her fault!

He then put his hands on her shoulders as she looked up to him as he looked to her as he wanted to say this loud and clear to her.

"May…it's not your fault! He's the one to blame, he does this to you, he trashes my bike and now I'm pissed off…I call Vendetta!" Jack said in a dramatic tone.

She raised an eyebrow as once again he was being random. "You have to stop watching the Godfather, but I take it by that you have a plan in motion?" May asked.

"What makes you think I have a plan?" Jack said trying to act innocent.

"Jack, I've known you a long time, you've always got something up your sleeve…now spill." May asked.

"Okay these are the ideas I've got spinning…

The next day Gene was heading to his locker as he had his talk with his now ex-girlfriend and was feeling great about that as he now had someone new in his so called life and one upping his rival Jack Redgrave was the icing on his cake.

This was going to be a good day…

He thought to himself as he did the combination to his locker and as he opened it he was covered in a mountain of granny panties as they came flowing out of his locker and right into his face.

It was like time had frozen and everyone in the hallway was just in shock seeing that happen to the most popular guy in school as then the silence was filled with laughter as Gene had egg on his face and just threw the panties off him and stormed off trying to avoid the jeers and laughs of every school kid in his way.

As the day went on Gene and his minions were now trying to think on who could've done that prank.

"You think it was that dork Jimmy?" Davis said.

"He might be smart but not stupid!" Simon said.

"What about your ex?" Simon asked.

He thought for a second but he dismissed it. "Nah she's a goody two shoes, she couldn't do it even if she wanted me dead." Gene mocked.

"So that leaves…

"Redgrave…but he ain't smart enough to do something like this?" Davis said.

"I know he did it…that rat bastard, he's getting his payback for what we did to his bike." Gene said.

"We need a plan to get back at im." Simon said.

"We'll do it after practice…he's gonna get it!" Gene said.

The three boys were getting changed in the locker room as they finished changing into their football gear they came out to the field and arrived for practice.

"Alright ladies let's get this show on the road…Thompson…you know what to do!" coach said.

As he nodded to him and got into formation with the team. "Twenty two…thirty four…hut!" Gene commanded as they began playing.

He had the ball and made a huge pass to one of his team mates as he caught it and he then ordered for him to go long as then the opposing team came at him for the tackle but he threw the ball as it was caught by Gene who grabbed it in mid air as he just barged through whatever came at him and went for the touchdown as he got it and did a small victory dance.

He looked to the stands to see that his current girlfriend Sam was watching him and cheering him on as he smiled to her.

As then he went to play another game he had the ball looking for another win but then he dropped the ball as he felt a strong burning sensation in his lower region and was seriously feeling it as he wasn't able to play and then he just got desperate and ran off the field in a hurry and back into the locker room and was in a state.

"OH MY GOD!…IT BURNS!" Gene shouted as he tried to get his pants off.

Gene who now after that horrible experience was hobbling along with Simon and Davis as he knew someone was out to get him.

"God this hurts!" Gene said holding his private area in pain.

"Man you got it bad, whatever he used that ain't the light stuff." Simon said.

"I swear I'm gonna get him back for this!" Gene swore with his fist in the air.

"Come on man time for computer science, you can try and do sumthin to him when we get there." Davis said.

They helped him to their next class as everyone saw his state and of course among them was Jack as he could not believe what he was seeing as he tried to hide his smile.

Gene got a shot at him smiling and wanted to kill him on the spot but calmed down as he tried to ignore him as he went to turn on his designated computer…

"I have a tiny penis…I have a tiny penis…I have a tiny penis."

The words repeated on and on as the entire classroom erupted into laughter as this day had gotten worse for Gene as he was about to explode on the obvious culprit as he just tore out of his seat and went towards Jack.

"Redgrave! I know this is all on you!" Gene shouted accusing him of all the pranks.

"Dude chill out, you're gonna bust a nut…oh wait it already looks like that happened…uh I mean a vein then." Jack said as it made Gene madder.

"That's it! You and me after school!" Gene challenged.

"Whoa, easy there cowboy! You might want me but I'm not swimming that far upstream!" Jack said as the room erupted with laughter again and Gene humiliated.

As Simon and Davis came in. "No he means he wants to beat your ass all over the school!"

Jack had a weirded look on his face. "What did you say he was going to do to my ass?" Jack got again as the laughter got louder and the three stooges were humiliated once again.

Gene had enough and grabbed him by the collar as a fight was about to happen…

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" Mrs. Helms asked.

Gene reluctantly let go of Jack. "Nothing." both of them said.

"Then everyone take their seats immediately." Mrs. Helms said as everyone did and the lesson began.

The hallways were quiet and coming through the rooftop doors quietly was May as she just finished her duties as Spider-Girl after stopping Mr. Nobody holding up a bank.

She looked around and slowly walked through the hallway back to her class.

No one around…good just sneak back to gym class unnoticed and everything will be…

"Miss Parker!"

She turned to see that that was the voice of Mr. Randolph and she was busted.

"Uh hi Mr. Randolph…what seems to be the problem?" she asked.

"You seem to be lost, aren't you supposed to be in class right about now?" he asked.

"Yeah I am I just…went to the bathroom yeah!" May answered off the top of her head.

"In the middle of Physical Education?" he questioned.

"I was desperate and…oh gotta go see you later sir!" May said running off as she just dodged a bullet.

May was walking with April, Courtney and Heather as they were discussing the series of unfortunate events that have followed Gene Thompson in the day and they were laughing about it.

"Underwear from his locker?" Courtney said in disbelief.

"Raining Granny panties, it was priceless!" Heather said.

"But I heard another two more happened?" May asked.

"Yes I heard he had a below the waist encounter on field." April said

"Painful and worst of all in front of his new girl." Heather said.

"What about that computer thing? Man that was genius!" Courtney said as then Jimmy and Jack approached them.

"Hey guys, what's happening?" Jack asked in a casual manner.

They all turned their attention to Jack as they had to know what happened to him earlier on today.

"So you're still alive." Courtney asked.

"Yep looks that way, now it's time for practice, the show's coming up soon and we need to get ready, I'll see you guys later." Jack said as he went off to practice.

"Jack." he turned to see it was May who called as he knew she wanted to talk with him.

"What's up?" he asked.

She took him over away from their group. "So…it all worked then." May said with a devious smile.

"Didn't it just! His face when the computer started chanting that…priceless, I never knew Felicity was that smart I need to ask her to do future projects with me sometime, Oh and thanks for the locker combinations…didn't think he'd be dumb enough to make his number 1-2-3-4-5." Jack said.

"He is and I'm glad we got him back but it's too bad he thinks it's all on you." May said as Jack just chuckled at that as he didn't mind getting all the credit for all of that as he'd be avoiding the jock from now on.

It was now late evening and Jack was back from work and now at home as usual no one was there but himself as his uncle was most probably on a date and his mom was working late so this gave him time to do his heroing easily.

He still had the bullet that was used on him the night before and had to know how it penetrated his armour as he used his digital camera to send a picture of it to a contact he has out in Europe in hopes the mystery of what type of bullet it was can be solved.

Bing! You've got mail!

The contact mailed him back as the details of the bullet appear on his screen and what was better was the weapon and he saw it was the same one used that night only it looked more modified.

"So these guns and ammo were stolen from an army shipment in Ohio, but how? Who? And why? Maybe there was something at the scene that could tell me." Jack said to himself beginning his investigation by looking up the news reports as he looked at the different articles.

They all said the same amount of things as he read each word to find something that can give him a lead…but nothing.

As he was about to give up for now something caught his eye.

He scrolled towards it and then used his greatly enhanced brainpower to think back to the barely helpful descriptions of the thieves and the description of their clothing and symbol that was on their right arms.

The symbol was a spider insignia from a crime lord and only one person he knew had that.

"Our paths cross again…Mi enemigo." Jack said in Spanish. (My enemy)

The Parkers were sitting down for dinner as everyone noticed May was in good spirits…extra good as they had to know.

"By the look on your face, I'd say something good happened today, besides your encounter with Mr. Nobody?" Peter asked his daughter.

"Could say that…could be a certain guy got a certain thing coming to him, who ever thought being bad could be good." May whispered to herself with a devilish grin.

"I can't believe that you actually did all those things to your cheating ex?" April said knowing of today's series of unfortunate events were all down to her.

Her parents looked a little shocked at her, they never thought their daughter would have this kind of a streak in her.

As she saw the looks they gave her she needed to have a quick answer for them.

"Before you say anything…I wasn't acting alone." May said trying to reassure her family that she hadn't gone bad.

"Let me guess…trouble himself?" MJ asked.

May gave the look of yes as both her parents knew the only person who would do such horrible pranks on the young football star.

As then the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." May said as she left the table to do so as she opened the door.

"Hi sorry for dropping by late but I needed to see you if it's ok?"

"Yeah sure it's no worry just having dinner, I take it this isn't a social call Felicity?" May asked her.

"Sort of but I wanted to ask…was all that really necessary to do to my big brother?" Felicity said as she heard about his misfortunes today.

"Yeah and the fact he cheated on me then dumped me, I guess it was a little harsh." May said as Felicity realised why it happened as it made sense why she did it.

"Oh…stupid idiot, I should've smacked him for that! You ok?" she asked.

"Yeah I'll live, he's a jerk and jerks always get what's coming to them." May said as they had a small chuckle from that.

Felicity then produced a small folder of papers and May looked at them as it was information on Eclipse.

"I did some digging on this Eclipse guy and he has been all over Europe for the past three years and he's taken on the baddest they have to offer, including an old friend of ours." she explained as a photo of Black Tarantula and him were shown in combat.

"Him and Tarantula? Wow he has been busy." May said as her encounters with the criminal kingpin came back to her.

"Also his last known whereabouts were in Siberia." Felicity informed.

"So what's your point?" May asked.

She brought out some documents as she managed to hack SHIELD files and found something interesting.

"An bunch of extremists hijacked a convoy containing an experimental weapon which can detonate anything nuclear within five hundred miles and of course SHIELD was on it but however he got involved and managed to take them down single handedly much to SHIELD's dismay but he did stop World War three from happening." Felicity explained.

May was just getting even more impressed as more information about Eclipse was coming to light and just made her admire him more.

"But what about Tarantula, how did they meet?" May asked.

Pulling a separate document out she showed a newspaper article. "Check this out, Tarantula was shipping drugs and weapons into Rome two years ago but our hero got involved, beat him and sank his shipment, even though he was arrested Tarantula escaped custody months later and he's now been rumoured to be back in New York and looking for Eclipse." Felicity said.

"Wait looking for him? By that you mean he's after him." May said now acting concerned for the hero.

"Yeah you need to warn him, if he coming after him then it's most likely he'll come back for you." she said as May knew the villain's romantic obsession with her.

"I really don't need this right now, but Eclipse needs my help so I'll go and find him and we'll stop whatever that guy's up to." May said.

After the long discussion on both Eclipse and Black Tarantula the two girls were still outside as then they saw a car pull up across the street as then the garage door of Jack's house opened as four guys with instruments came out and out from the garage came Jack himself as he greeted the guys with high fives and a joke about one of the guy's weight.

Looking across Jack saw May and a seemingly familiar blonde girl with her as May waved to him he waved back as he told the guys he'd be back in a sec as he made his way over to them both.

"Hey May." Jack said.

"Hi Jack, I see you and Abdizur are about to practice." May pointed out.

"Yeah only a week left now till we headline the gym hall and we're not Abdizur anymore." Jack said.

"Really? What are ya called now?" May asked.

"It's The Outsiders now, we all agreed on a name change that would be better suited for a rising band." Jack explained.

"You guys haven't even played yet?" May said as Jack realised what he said. "But we will be a rising band after we win." Jack said.

As they had a small bicker Felicity was just a bit miffed at this and her attention was on Jack as she could not believe it was him.

"Um am I missing something here?" Felicity asked as they turned their attention to her.

"Sorry about that, Jack you remember Felicity right?" May introduced as he just realised it himself and felt a bit stupid now knowing that.

"Seriously? Man it's been a long time I mean last time I saw you were yay high." Jack said remembering her when they were children.

"Yeah it's…been…a…while, Jack." Felicity said as it seemed there was a twinkle in her eye as they young man stood in front of her.

"So I take it you heard of your brother's…misfortunes?" Jack asked.

"An earful I never thought there were so many way you could describe a person and most of them aren't in the English dictionary." Felicity said talking on how her brother has reacted to the series of pranks.

Jack laughed at that as the girls did.

"Hey Jacky boy!"

They turned to see one of Jack's band members. "You still wanna win this show or is this cutting into your flirt time?" Brad shouted as Jack waved. "I'll be there in a sec go raid the freezer I left some Gatorade in there!" Jack said as he went back into the house.

"Sorry girls I gotta go superstardom don't wait for no man…not even me, I'll see you guys later." Jack said as he went off.

"He hasn't changed at all." Felicity said.

"You're telling me girl." May said.

The night's sky was clear and Eclipse was out on the lookout for any gang activity hoping it would lead him to the mastermind behind the rise in gun crime on the streets of New York.

He zipped from rooftop to rooftop as he landed on top of an apartment building overlooking most of the area known as the RedHook section of Brooklyn.

Following a tip he got from a…reliable source he made his way down to a street known for shady dealings as he saw the black van that was described to him there as he saw two men talking and decided to watch the deal go down.

"You bring it?" he asked as the other guy opened the van door and showed him.

"This merchandise is top of the range and exclusive to us, the guns and ammo are all specially modified with the latest in US army tech." he explained as the buyer examined the weaponry closer.

"How much for a crate?" he asked.

"20k if you're looking for real firepower." he offered.

"Tell your employer I'll take his offer." he asked.

"Excellent, it will be with you in twenty four hours." he explained as he handed the cash to him and accepting it.

But as the buyer went to walk away he just disappeared into darkness and a muffled scream was heard.

"What was that?" the dealer said as he went to investigate the noise.

As then he felt something wrap around his legs and pull him up by them into the air, as he finally stopped going up and he was now hanging upside down and had no idea what was going on.

"Nice night ain't it?"

He looked above him and saw Eclipse standing over him. "Oh crap, not you, look I don't know nuthin man…nuthin!" he pleaded to the dark hero.

"Sure ya don't like you didn't know about those weapons you just sold to that guy I just saw, about the guy you're working for or about the number of innocent people who have been caught in the gang wars that were started by your boss." Eclipse said as the dealer was only thinking of how high up he was.

"Look man all I know is that those automatics were military stuff, top secret hush-hush ya know? But I swear I don't know nuthin else!" he pleaded even more.

"Really? Then I guess you're no use to me, I guess I'll let you go…hope it doesn't hurt too much when your head hit's the ground." Eclipse said as he went to untie him.

Realising Eclipse had nothing to lose he knew he had no choice. "Ok-Ok-Ok! Man just don't drop me! All I know is that my boss got contacted by this guy yeah and he set him up with the stuff and told him to sell it for him…that's all I know I swear!" he said pleading for his life.

"Ok I guess you're telling the truth just tell me where he is and I'll let you go." Eclipse asked.

"Yeah…he…he…he's at our hideout just by the old construction yard outside of here…NOW LET ME GO MAN!" he pleaded again to be let go.

"Uh…na I already tipped off the cops they'll get you two and the guns so it's off to prison for you…I'll give your boss a visit." Eclipse said as he jumped off and swung away.

"GET BACK HERE MAN!" he shouted as the sound of oncoming sirens were heard.

He found the place no problem as the construction yard wasn't too far and seeing it was tagged he carefully approached the entrance as he saw the front door with muscle guarding it as he just went up to him.

"Hold it small fry you-" he got cut off as Eclipse just decked him in the stomach and a shot to the jaw knocking him out.

"Thanks for letting me in." Eclipse said as he just opened the door and walked in.

The inner part was all littered with beer cans, food wrappers and gun shells as he followed the light at the end of the path and his behind the corner and peeked around to see how many there were.

He saw about five of them and was guessing the other members were out on an "errand" as they were just counting cash, wrapping up what he saw to be heroin in bags for distribution and more guns all over the table as there were a few crates were stacked to one side.

Knowing he only had one way of entry he just walked right in as they saw the man in black enter their house and went for their guns but he quickly just fired his discs at them as he disarmed them as quick as that.

"Okay which one of you is the head honcho?" Eclipse asked.

They all just charged at him as the first offender missed a fist and his right arm got caught as he face was rammed into the wall knocking him out.

The next guy he just quickly used his momentum to flip him on his stomach as he just knocked him out with a fist to the head.

He smacked the next guy with a crushing side kick to the skull taking him out.

the last one just looked at him as he saw his homies down and out as he just ran off scared leaving one left.

"Looks like it's just you and me boss man." Eclipse said.

The boss looked around seeing all his crew was down and was all alone as his back was literally against the wall.

"What do ya want man?" he asked.

"Simple I want the name of your gun supplier?" Eclipse asked.

"I ain't telling you spit!" he defiantly said.

"Hmp I thought you'd say that." Eclipse said as he just rushed up to him grabbed him by the head and bashed it on the table as he pinned him down by his face and had his left arm in his grasp.

"Now I don't usually do this but I need the name of your supplier so I'll give you one more chance to confess now." Eclipse warned.

"I already said I ain't telling you nothing!" he said again.

"Did you know that each finger in the human body has pressure points which can lead up to the receptors in your brain?" Eclipse gave him a biology lesson as the boss was a bit confused. "Now if you tweak any finger in a sort of way it can cause extreme pain shooting up your arm and into your brain causing migraines to happen instantly." he went on.

As then he tweaked his thumb and the pain began happen but it was only irritating him. "So you feel like talking now?" Eclipse asked.

"Screw you!" he said.

He had to push it further as he grabbed his second finger and pressured both that and the thumb as the migraines got worse. "Is your skull splitting or are ya gonna talk?" Eclipse asked again.

The pain was bad for him. "He'd kill me if I told you!" he pleaded with him.

"Really then I guess I'll go for the next finger then maybe you'll be persuasive…if your still mentally able to talk." Eclipse said as he realised what he meant.

He grabbed another finger going for three now and as he felt the pain get worse but the dark hero without warning took another finger as four were now in his grasp and the pain was unbearable…

"ALRIGHT MAN I'LL TALK JUST STOP PLEASE!" he said in defeat and as promised he stopped.

"Start singing." Eclipse said.

"He call s me on my phone and sends me the address of where he wants us to meet so I can give him his cut of the cash and more guns, that's all I swear on it!" he said as now Eclipse may catch the villain in the act.

As then a phone rang and of course it was the boss's as he took it out of his pocket an saw the caller ID.

"It's him." he said.

"Answer it." Eclipse said.

He answered it and heard what he had to say and then he looked to his phone as the directions to the meeting site was given to him as the caller hung up.

"Give me your phone." Eclipse said as he threw it to him.

As he looked at the phone and looked up the direction as he began to memorise them completely.


"Time to die hero man!" he said pointing a gun at him.

He pulled the trigger but there was an empty barrel as he realised there was no clip in the gun.

"Just in case you'd try to pull a fast one on me." Eclipse said as he removed his ammo while he had him down.

He then just walked over to him and grabbed him by the neck of his jacket and cranked his arm back ready to strike him.

"NOT THE FACE!" he pleaded.

As Eclipse just hit him hard in the stomach. "Thank you." he said collapsing from the strike.

Alright then amigo time we meet again.

Remembering the directions he left the yard and swung off to the location hoping to find him.