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Spin On!
Spin On!
Important Information
Author (s) Zeon1, CraftingGeoduck, Firegod00
Country Internationally
Language English
Slight Japanese
Series Gurren Lagann
Genre (s) Action
Super Robot
Followed by None
Current Chapter 0
Total Chapters 51
Spin On! is a Gurren Lagann fanfiction series written by ZeontheDigger, with assistance from CraftingGeoduck and Firegod00. The series acts an official sequel to the anime, though it is set over 100 years after the defeat of the Anti-Spirals. The story follows the main protagonist, Lucas, a drifter in Kamina City, as he accidentally discovers a Lagann and joins the fight against the Spiralmongers, a race of aliens who seek to harvest the Spiral Energy out of mankind in order to cause the Spiral Nemisis, which they believe will take them to heaven as gods. All 51 chapters of the series have been written, and are awaiting revisions and eventual publication. The number of 51 chapters was chosen as a reference to the usual number of episodes in a Gundam anime. The series also pokes fun at current, popular anime (such as Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, etc.). Though no sequel has been announced or even titled, Zeon has stated he left room for a sequel if anyone wishes to continue his work.

Plot SummaryEdit

The plot is divided into 3 different arcs. The first, the Spiralmonger Arc, deals with Lucas joining the resistance and slowly driving the Spiralmongers off Earth completely. There is then a five-year timeskip between it and the next arc, the Spiral Planet arc, where the resistance travels to the Spiralmonger home planet to wipe them out completely. The third and final arc begins almost immediatley afterward, with a Black Gurren Lagann emerging from a rip in time space. Piloted by an old and evil Simon, he announces his intent to wipe out the universe with the real Spiral Nemisis. This leads into the Drill, the Stars, and Me mini-arc, detailing the conclusion of the series and what happened to the characters.


Most of the episode titles are named after songs on the original series OST, though some are of more traditional anime fare.

  1. Sky-Blue Days
  2. Enter Daigurren!
  3. First Fight
  4. Thrust Through the Heavens
  5. Is it Okay to Burn with Passion?
  6. The Wolf Has Come!
  7. All of You! Get Fired Up!
  8. The Drill, It is Soaring
  9. Peeping Tom (NSFW Chapter)
  10. A Cluster of Old Men
  11. Can I Belive in Someone Like You?
  12. Preparations are Essential
  13. Right Now!
  14. What is Moe Exactly?
  15. Geez, Travels are so Tiring
  16. What the Hell Are you Thinking in the Dark?!
  17. Spinning Spinning Spinning Spin!
  18. Fleeing to the Hot Desert
  19. I'll Decide with Glasses
  20. Days and Months are the Travellers of Eternity (Season 1 Finale)
  21. My Trumpet is Awesome, Right?
  22. A Resort Life's Poem
  23. I Take 20s
  24. Tommorow's Hip Blue Rock
  25. Somebody is Cursing Someone Else
  26. Love is Conservative (NSFW Chapter)
  27. No Way! Only 120 CM!
  28. Travel Expenses
  29. The Walk to Life is Not in the Stars
  30. Burning Leaves Breath Water
  31. Renege on the Deus Ex Machina
  32. Clash! The Seventh Titan's Melody!
  33. Spire
  34. The Feeling's Won't Pass You By!
  35. Before My Body is Dry
  36. Ping Pong Circulate
  37. Go For Goal
  38. Light Your Heart Up
  39. Hunt of the Gladiator! (Season 2 Finale)
  40. Apocalpta Grammatica
  41. To You, 5 Seconds From Now
  42. Second Stop Blue Mix
  43. The Ghosts That Pass Me to the Future!
  44. Dai-Gurren Zero, Full on Ready!
  45. From You, 3,000 Years in Tommorow
  46. My Soul is Burning With the Fury
  47. Believe in You, Who Belives in Me
  48. Our Drill is the Drill...
  49. Spiral Nemisis
  50. The Drill, the Stars, and Me I
  51. The Drill, the Stars, and Me II (Series Finale)

Main CharactersEdit

  • Lucas- Protagonist, pilot of Rasenhidan
  • Rasenhidan- Lucas's gunman, based on an antique Lagann.
  • Jiisan- Leader of the resistance and beastman.


  • The name "Spin On!" is a reference to a line said by Simon in the Flash Forward trailer, before activating Gurren Lagann. The exact quote is "Gurren Lagann! Spin on! Who the hell do you think I am?!".
    • This reference is continued in Chapter 29, where Lucas, when Neo Dai-Gurren are surrounded by Spiralmongers, quotes Simon. ("So, all the lights in the sky are our enemies now? But they're a worthy opponent! I'll use the fabric of space and time to wipe them out!")
    • It is even heavily implied near the end of the series that Lucas's last name is Garlock, the name Simon is called by in the trailer.
  • The opening for Season 1 is "Departure" by Masatoshi Ono. The opening for Season 2 is No Pain, No Game by Nano. The third and final opening is ___________.

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