Stephanie Arus
"My voice is my greatest asset..."
The Temptress
The Persuader
The Briber
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Mother- Maria Arsus

Father- Darius Arsus

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'5"
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Weapons Swords; Throwing Knives; Martial Arts; Her speechcraft
Species Human
Home New York, New York
Alignment Good

Stephanie is one of two females in the New York branch of the Peacekeepers, the other being Rhea. Stephanie serves as the beauty of the group, her figure being slim and young. She has a special knack for breaking people's hearts, but she's also as vulnerable. Stephanie is rather smart, even though she may not sound it. Stephanie also has the special gift of speechcraft. She can convince anything to do as she wishes, and it helps that she is beautiful.


Like the other children of the Peacekeepers, Stephanie witnessed her parents deaths. Not much is known about Stephanie. Her record ends at the age of 8 and hasn't restarted yet, although it is speculated that it will restart in a few months due to her being involved in the Conspiracy of the Six Lords.


Stephanie has a bright, sexy personality. To her, beauty is everything. Despite her ability to kill with no mercy, she is very concerned when ever she breaks a nail or gets dirt on her face. Stephanie is the leader type, although she's not brave enough to become one. Due to her extreme traumatization from witnessing her parents' deaths, Stephanie seeks lots and lots of attention. She will go to extremes to receive this attention, whether through seduction, pain, screaming, or violence.


Stephanie, as described by Arron, has what could be "the body of a goddess." She has short brown hair and crisp brown eyes that can trap anyone in an enchanting gaze. She is 5'5" and bears the brand of the Peacekeepers, as well as a small heart tattoo on her left cheek.


Mother-Maria Arsus (Deceased); Father- Darius Arus (Deceased); Friends- Arron; Amus; Zane; Leila; Rhea; Ace; Attempted Romances- Arron; Mentor- Samuel


Stephanie is an amazing swordswoman. Like most Peacekeepers, he is skilled in parkour, the art of throwing knives, and every hand-to-hand combat and defense art in the world (Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Tae Kwan Do, Kickboxing, etc.) She also has a weird ability for speechcraft. She can persuade, seduce, and bribe anyone into doing anything she wants or asks.


Stephanie is a Virgo. Stephanie is white. Stephanie's Peacekeeper symbol is a Peacock.


The Peacekeepers

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