Super Saiyan Bros. is the Dragon Ball Z/GT Story in a different way. It is very similar to Super Mario Bros., but with Goku and Vegeta, or Goten and Trunks with different power ups, bosses, lands, and characters.


World 1: Saiyans

World 2: Frieza and Ginyus

World 3: Androids

World 4: Cell

World 5: Majin Buu

World 6: Baby

World 7: Super 17

World 8: Omega Shenron

Power upsEdit

Coin Block: Gives Player proper amount of coins or Zeni for prizes later in the game.

Golden Glowing block: Super Saiyan for 15 seconds, makes invincible to enemies World 1 to 2. Can Defeat Boss Frieza, but can't be used on Saiyans.

Golden Glowing block with 3 in it: Super Saiyan 3 for 10 seconds, makes invincible World 3 to 6. Can defeat Cell and Majin Buu.

Red glowing Block with 4 in it: Super Saiyan 4 for 10 seconds, makes invincible World 7 and 8. Can defeat Baby, Super 17 and Omega Shenron [Fused with Vegeta or Goku].

Great Ape/Golden: Brown box: Makes player turn Great ape for 15 seconds. Golden box with sharp teeth, turns player Golden ape [Must be world 4 or higher and be a Saiyan]

Fusion Block: Can fuse 2 characters [Gotenks, Vegito, Gogeta and Majuub] for 20 seconds, invincible depending on what Super Saiyan level or Power up. [Optional]

Sports Drink: Makes the Character grow to full size from small size.

Chocolate Bar: Makes Character Shrink.

Flying block: Can fly for 5 seconds.

Barbell: Powers up

Golden Barbell: Full power up


Roshi's/ Chichi's: Players go to rest in between bosses.

Baba's: Can buy items, [Super Saiyan blocks, Ape blocks, or other blocks for proper amount of Zeni collected in the game.

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