The Sword of King Havius is the sword used King Havius 2nd, A Past High King of Skyrim. It is in the game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Sword was wielded by King Havius's Blood line for

King Havius's Sword


Havius Crypts


40; 60 Points of Fire Damage, 20 Points of Frost Damage

Stamina for Power Attack





550 gold


It resembles a Ancient Nord Sword, It Glows Red


Ancient Nordic

genarations, and won wars, and other great things, accept one. When King Havius 2nd asked his 14 year old son to use it to kill a poor farm family that a group of Soldiers couldn't even do, the boy refused, so Havius was hopped up on Skooma which mixed with his hatred of the boy, he used it one night, to kill his only son, and his wife, ending the Havius Bloodline. The Next day he told everyone that a group of soldiers did it, and they all got excecuted. A few years later, a Researcher who witnessed him kill his son and wife, he finally knew the right time, to strike, when everybody was at a speech being given by Havius's housecarl, because Old Havius was sick in bed. The Researcher butted in and told everyone, who belivied him. A few days later Havius died and instead of being buried with the former high kings like he wanted, he was buried in his own private nordic Chamber (Havius Crypts), high in the northren mountains, where other disgraced Nords have been buried for hundreds of years, and the Sword, was buried with him. Over time it has rotted but kept its powers.


Type: Blade/ Magical Sword, Ancient Nordic

Enchantments: Target takes 60 points of Fire Damage and 20 points of Frost Damage, it causes it to glow red.

Value: 550 gold. The Sword itself is worth about 2000 gold, though Nords refuse to buy it because its a disgrace to have, since it was used to kill a future high king (Havius's Son), and a High-Queen (Havius's Wife), which makes it, to them, worth nothing.

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