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Alias TOAA, The Dragon Emperor, The Perfect Human
Name Meaning ????
Species ????
Gender Male
Age ????
Birth of Origin ????
Birthdate August 31
Weapons Various Swords/Maces/Claws/Scythes/Blunt Objects/His Bare Hands
Fighting Style A Style Beyond Human Comprehension
Weapon Names None
Element Affinity Various
Element Weakness None
Weight/ Height Variable/6,4
Organizations ????
Occupations TOAA
Aura Type Brutal Red
Abilities ????
Techniques/Spells Innumerable
Creator T.O.A.A.

"The Dragon is the God of all living things, there is no way it would lose to a filthy ape like you"


TOAA(, "Toa"; Toe-wah) is an earthbound vessel housing the infinitely enigmatic and mysterious transcendental hyper-being that resides in the realm of "concept". He is recognized and is acknowledged as a "virtually limitless potential" and for that reason is held in high regard all across the globe. Despite being neutral, he has extremely chaotic tendencies and behavior patterns, which stem from his cruel upbringing and the immense trauma he has suffered throughout his life, and the soul crushing angst he went through in his teen years.

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