The Christmas Awards are coming this December!

If you want to vote, just send an email to or submit your votes on the chat once ExtremeSSJ4 is online.


Best Image Award:Edit

  1. Marvel: Fighting For Peace
  2. TSG & Air Control Eagle
  3. Nameless Finder

Best Rated M Story Award:Edit

  1. Sekirei: ԂЇЁЅҬЦЯҔ3Ԁ
  2. Lavender: War
  3. Spidey's Harem

Best New User Award:Edit

  1. Tsubasafan101
  2. The Storm Rider
  3. Dagostino

Best New Story Award:Edit

  1. Nameless Finder
  2. Emotionless
  3. Laser Swords

Best Character Award:Edit

  1. Lex Forlan
  2. Nathan Wastontaker
  3. Korudosutea Shino

Best Story Award:Edit

  1. Fear Itself
  2. Nameless Finder
  3. Sekirei: ԂЇЁЅҬЦЯҔ3Ԁ

Best Fighting Scene Award:Edit

  1. Fight at the mall (The Jackson Legacy)
  2. Fight at Camp Half-Blood (Fear Itself)
  3. Fight between Korudo and Karasuba (Sekirei: ԂЇЁЅҬЦЯҔ3Ԁ)

Best Music Theme Award:Edit

  1. Official Fear Itself Song
  2. Official Sekirei: ԂЇЁЅҬЦЯҔ3Ԁ Song

Best Sad Moment Award:Edit

  1. The Plot of Depressed
  2. Finding out that Percy Jackson is lost in The Jackson Legacy

Best Evil Character Award:Edit

  1. Loki
  2. Chaos

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