When a tremendous earthquake almost wiped everyone off the face of the Earth, the Underground Kingdom, an

409px-Skull Dragon

ancient civilization that once ruled the world when it was still young, chose the time to re-conquer th

e planet. The king, Lord Khraim was very much intent on restoring the earth to its "former glory".

So he started with the humans. He sent the Scythians, the cold-blooded hunters of the kingdom, to take all surviving mortals into slavery so that he could build a new kingdom. Those who will not bend to his will were all mercilessly killed.

The new world was called The Refuge, though it wasn't a refuge for anyone. The people lived in caves, the food was scarce and all of them, with the exception of the children, had to work all day and night in order to avoid torture - and eventually, slaughter - by the Scythians. The only ones who lived in comfort were Lord Khraim and his queen, Lady Ynaia, the Emotionless.

The young prince and princess- the twins- named Crescent and Galaxi were against their father's ruthless reign over the Refuge. Realizing that Lord Khraim expects them to be as every bit as dark and cruel as him, the twins decided to run away and hide....until they find a way to end the hell that had taken over Earth.

That was when they learned about the Dragoness, the mystic creature that rivals that of Khraim's power. But the impossibility of finding Her comes when they learned that Her sleeping place was destroyed by the Earthquake.

Could the twins find another way to save humankind from the bloody wrath of their father?

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