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The Horrifying Threat is the second episode of Fear of the Dark.


The next day.. On Thursday, May 3nd, 2012; on an alien spaceship, floating in space.

???:Earth..Home of the pitiful Celestial Warriors. We have to stop them...For countless years, they've beaten us, murdered our armies, but.. If we attack while they are merely a new team, we shall be victorious! Hahaha!

Meanwhile..At Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our seven warriors are currently at lunch break.

Kat: Gliese 581! TRANSFORM! <Transforms to a girl with yellowish red hair with a sailor fuku colored in white and red with red eyes> Gliese 581!

Zeon: What was that for, Kat?

Kat: I can feel somethin bad is gonna happen, soon.

Henry: Come on, Ka- I mean..Gliese 581! Come and eat over here with us!

Layla: So we call her Gliese, Henry?

Henry: <Whispers> Yeah! So she doesn't lose her superhero "secrecy" she loves!

Layla: Oh..Ok..

Nah Hae: You two are ridiculously stupid! <Eats food> Thish tastesz like caf foof!

Iker: Cmon, Nah Hae! I'm eating!

Brian: Lay off Nah Hae, Iker, she's just speaking her mind.

In Nah Hae's necklace, a white and blue research pad popped up, and began to speak.

Research Pad: Those were the Novae Warriors. They have been challenging the Celestial Warriors, that means you all, every time there was a new Celestial Warrior group.

Nah Hae: So, what does that mean?

Research Pad: In short terms, they want to fuck you guys up and rock you like a hurricane.

Zeon: Ugh..I hate that song!

Research Pad: They want to torture you guys by killing all you love. <Sudden explosions from footbal field>

All of them: The campus! TRANSFORM!

Iker: Sol! Transform! <His hair turns white and his eyes turn yellow and he changes into a sleeveless outfit with shorts and white and yellow stripes>

Brian: Tau Ceti! Transform! <His hair and eyes turns blue, and he changes into a sleeveless outfit with shorts and white and blue stripes>

Zeon: Plieone! Transform! <His hair and eyes turn white, and he changes into a white sleveless outfit with shirts>

Nah Hae: Celaeno! Transform! <Her hair and eyes turn red and her outfit changes into a sailor fuku with a white shirt and red accesories>

Henry: Taygeta! Transform! <His hair and eyes turn yellow and his outfit changes into a sleeveless outfit with shorts and yellow and white stripes>

Layla: Aldebaran! Transform! <Her hair and eyes turn white and her outfit changes into a white shirt sailor fuku with grey accesories>

All of them: Celestial Warriors! Let's do this!

And so..Our warriors went off, but the Novae Warriors were massacring students trying to escape the carnage.

Kat: <Sees older sister> KATRINE! <Descends rapidly and holds her bleeding sister with her short almond hair incinerated, and impaled in the stomach, with blood and stomach acid around the body> Katrine..Listen, I'll help you..I'll try to heal you.. <Puts hand over wound, but can't heal> GOD DAMN! Good bye..I love you, Katrine..

Katrine: Who..Who..are yo- <Dies>

Kat: <Cries and looks up to the Novae Warriors>

Layla: Kat! Come on, let's go kick their asses!

Kat: Yeah..<Smiles evilly> Let's go kick ass..<Flies rapidly>

Zeon: I've never seen Kat like that. She's usually so jumpy and happy!

Henry: Something's up with Kat, she's pissed.

Layla: OF COURSE, HENRY AND ZEON!! She just lost her fucking sister and saw her writhe in agony!

Brian: Layla feels Kat's pain too...I don't get it..

Iker: It's almost like they're sisters..

Nah Hae: GUYS!! Wait! Stop talking! Kat's going out there by herself! She's getting MURDERED out there! Don't you see?!

Iker: Yeah..Let's go get em.

All of them: CELESTIAL WARRIORS! LETS DO THIS! <Flies rapidly>



Brian: Next time, <stares at paper> on Fear of the Dark , we'll battle the dope <Layla randomly laughs> I mean.. Novae Warriors together! Will the power of seven decimate them? Or will we fall in helpless pain? Find out, next time on Fear of the Dark..

TrueWarrior: Once again, another short episode.. I just want to do these because it fits what the episode is about.. Next time, Brian, read your lines right and dont eff em up before I boot you out.

Brian: Sorry, God.

TrueWarrior: Ah, however, I am not God..<Covers screen in black covers and proceeds to talk to Brian>

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