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"To keep the peace, blood might be shed"

-The Code of the Peacekeepers

The Peacekeepers demo cover 2

The Peacekeepers: Chapter ListEdit

 Prologue by (Son of War)

Chapter 1 (Son of War)

Chapter 2 (Aosh Hatchi)

Chapter 3 (Daughter of Poseidon118)

Chapter 4 (Son of War)

Chapter 5 (Aosh Hatchi)

Chapter 6 (Daughter of Poseidon118)

Chapter 7 (Son of War)

Chapter 8 (Aosh Hatchi)

Chapter 9 (Daughter of Poseidon118)

Chapter 10 (Son of War)

Chapter 11 (Aosh Hatchi)

Chapter 12 (Daughter of Poseidon118)

Chapter 14 (Son of War)

Chapter 15 (Aosh Hatchi)

Chapter 16 (Daughter of Poseidon118)

Chapter 17 (Son of War)

Chapter 18 (Aosh Hatchi)

Chapter 19 (Daughter of Poseidon118)

Chapter 20 (Son of War)

Chapter 21 (Aosh Hatchi)

Chapter 22 (Daughter of Poseidon118)

Chapter 23 (Son of War)

Chapter 24 (Aosh Hatchi)

Chapter 25 (Daughter of Poseidon118)

Chapter 26 (Son of War)

Chapter 27 (Aosh Hatchi)

Chapter 28 (Daughter of Poseidon118)

Chapter 29 (Son of War)

Chapter 30 (Aosh Hatchi)

Chapter 31 (Daughter of Poseidon118)

Main CharactersEdit

Arron Capofila by Son of War

Amus Jones by Son of War

Stephanie Arsus by Son of War

Zane Arame by Aosh Hatchi

Leila Agil by Daughter of Poseidon118

Rhea McGinty by Son of War

Samuel the Wise by Son of War

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