Prologue Edit


They were murdered in front of us, right before our young, watering eyes. Their heads were sliced off, their throats cut, their bodies hung. Our parents- the ones who loved us more than anything in the world- were killed right before our eyes. And for what? For daring to stand up against the power that threatened to destroy the world? Yes, that’s exactly why. As the blood was shed from my mother and father’s bodies, I watched, fear instilling itself in my young body. The tears of pain rolled down my cheeks as sadness, anger, and revenge began to take over my heart. The guards were merciless. They’d slaughtered everyone’s parents. They’d destroyed thousands of lives except ours. Till this day I would’ve given anything to have the bravery to save my parents. I looked into my brother’s eyes. He was older than me, by three years, but he was more scared then I. I looked right. The other children of the Peacekeepers sat on their knees, crying over their parents bodies. Amus, Stephanie, Zane, Leila….all the other kids who’d lost everything but their own lives. I looked ahead into the evil eyes of the six men who stood before us. Each had an evil grin on their face, a soulless glare in their eyes. Each was dressed in black and gold, each with the symbol of a bloody eagle. I stared into that eagles eyes and vowed on my parents bodies that these men would die. All of them would feel Death’s embrace. All of them would feel pain in the form of my blade. When the time came I would hunt them down. We would all hunt them down. The Peacekeepers would live on in the form of us- the children. These men would not live to see our world crumble in their footsteps.

I'm Arron Capofila and this is my story. I am telling this story as if it never happened to me, but as if it happened to someone else. But wait, I'm wrong. I am Arron Capofila, the Master Peacekeeper, and this is not only my story, but our story…

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