This collab is set in the dystopian New York in 2142. Nadine had ruled the entire world and the world economy has collapsed, and, for the heck of it, The Olympian Gods started a "reality game show", whose goal is to "please the crowd" with brutality. They pick their "champions" that could play in the game. The rules are that the "convicts" (the champions) has to run from the stalkers, who are actually professional killers from Camp Half-Blood, without getting killed (they can be OC Villains too). In order to be pardoned and set free, they need to avoid a series of killers without getting killed in the process.

But in laters, it is revealed that the convicts are actually framed by a goddess.

Place to fightEdit

You can fight, run or hide anywhere around the world, but beware of traps that the killers might set up.

Current MembersEdit

Stalkers (Professional Killers) (Your Villain OCs might do)Edit

The stalkers have the upper advantage. They were blessed by Nadine so they are granted superior powers.

Jewel Vanessa Quie - by (Empty Slot)

Drake Night - by ExtremeSSJ4

Althea Holli - by MattShadow

Runners (Alleged Convicts)Edit

Josh McLean - by Josh-Son Of Hyperion

Stuart Draganov - by AdamantiumBladez

Jean Owens - by Dagostino

Annabeth Chase (15 year old Annabeth Chase)

Rebels (Against Nadine)Edit

Jack Sullivan - by JJRawesome

Maxis Deon

Sabre Robson - By Luke 12346

Rose Ravens

Luke Vapor - By ExtremeSSJ4

Percy Jackson


Prologue - Josh-Son Of Hyperion

Chapter 1 - JJRawesome

Chapter 2 - AdamantiumBladez

Chapter 3 - MattShadow

Chapter 4 - ExtremeSSJ4

Chapter 5 - Dagostino

Chapter 6 - Josh-Son Of Hyperion

Chapter 7 - AdamantiumBladez

Chapter 8 - ExtremeSSJ4

Chapter 9 - Dagostino

Chapter 10 - Josh-Son Of Hyperion

Chapter 11 - MattShadow

Chapter 12 - JJRawesome

Chapter 13 - AdamantiumBladez

Chapter 14 - Dagostino

Chapter 15 - ExtremeSSJ4

Chapter 16 - Josh-Son Of Hyperion

Chapter 17 - Luke 12346

Chapter 18 - AdamantiumBladez

Chapter 19 - MattShadow

Chapter 20 - ExtremeSSJ4

Chapter 21 - Dagostino

Chapter 22 - Josh-Son Of Hyperion

Chapter 23 - Luke 12346

Chapter 24 - JJRawesome

Chapter 25 - AdamantiumBladez

Chapter 26 - MattShadow

Chapter 27 - ExtremeSSJ4

Chapter 28 - Dagostino

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