The Uprising is a story where Lane, who deals with various troubles, must get through all of them and still keep his crush on Mary secret.

Chapter 1: Dork or NerdEdit

Lane: I have seen many things, yet I've never seen any thing like this. The 12th grade. It was like college elementary school. Except when this is the year when people start teasing you about not having a girlfriend. I' roughly 18 years old, attending Kree M. High School. I'm too old for 12th grade people say, but really. I'm as equal as they are. This is the year I finally win over Mary's heart.

(Bell Rings)

Lane: Woah!

(People Run Through Lane)

Lane: Damn! I'll never get to Mary now! I'll just have to with the flow!

(Walks On Everyone's Heads To The Front Doors)

Lane: See ya losers! Here we go!

(Runs through Hallway)


Mary: LANE!

Lane: HAHAHAHAHAHA! (Slips on Book)


Mary: Are you okay?

(Lane Stands Up Loopy)

Lane: I'll take some cheese..and...(Falls Again)

(Mary Walks Away)

Mark: DUDE!

(Lane Wakes Up)

Lane: AHHHHHH JACK IN THE..wait...Mark? What happened?

Mark: You slipped on the books and knocked out.

Lane: Did I get Mary?

Mark: actually drew her away.

Lane: Aww man. I suck at getting girls. I always get embarrassed by something when I approach one.

Mark: Erica from 5th grade.

Lane: I freakin screwed up in 5th grade.

(Bell Rings For Class)

Lane: Dammit I'm late! (Runs)

Mark: ?

Mrs. Trenchmark: You are late Micah!

Lane: My name is LANE! L-A-N-E LANE!

(Class Becomes Surprised)

Mrs. Trenchmark: Detention for 3 weeks!


Mrs. Trenchmark: Keep it up make it 6!

(Class Laughs At Lane)

Lane: You know what Trenchmark..your zipper is open...

(Class Laughs Even Harder)

Lane: And you smell like butt. See ya don't wanna be ya!

(Runs Out Of Class)

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