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This story, The World Only I Know (Don't Look Back), is Rated T, which means it may include fighting, blood and swearing

The World Only I Know is a online novel reboot of Don't Look Back, previously a NaNoWriMo entry.

It is a story of a boy with no memories waking up in a mental institution. He tries to find his way home.



What are the first things you think when you hear this word?





Et cetera.

It’s a mysterious world, after all. I’m not even sure why we have dreams. Scientists try to explain it, dreams, as in the stuff that happens in our minds when we sleep. Sure, there are already theories about it. They love shooting down mythical stuff and ‘crap’ like that and be logical. They have no imagination, no matter what stuff they prove, as long as they could explain it. They don’t believe in things that only needed believing. It’s like the whole universe has some logical reason why it exists. ‘By chance’ my ass. There’s a reason as to why everything exists, reasons that we, humans, will never find out and understand.

Maybe it’s God and his ‘purpose’ for us.

Maybe it is…what is it that people call it, destiny?

But whatever it is…I know there’s something behind all of this. A message or just an echo of our pasts, or something that would teach us.

Maybe even punishment.

They think I’m crazy. They think my brain’s broken. They think they need to look at me and cure me.

But they don’t know me.

They don’t know what I saw.

The things that I experienced.

That I lost.

Because it’s not a dream. I know it wasn’t.

It all felt so real.

An illusion? No, it wasn’t!

She was there! She can prove it! We can both prove it!

It was dark and cold.

There was no warmth.

It was a different world.

It doesn’t make you feel home.

You don’t feel safe.

They were everywhere.

The light is safe.

Will you believe me? I’m still trying to find her. She can help me with this and prove them wrong. Maybe after telling you this story, you’ll help me find her. Can you promise me that? Then I’ll tell you everything, this dream or hallucination that the doctors called.

I know it’s real. Because it just is. There’s no purpose to it. At all.

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