Thor (Earth-415)
Thor Odinson
God of Thunder
Dr. Donald M Blake
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Odin (Father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'6
Affiliation Avengers, Gods of Asgard
Weapons Mjolnir
Species Asgardian God
Home Earth and Asgard
Alignment Good

Thor is a god of Asgard and a figure worshiped among the ancient Norse. Thor was born to Odin (Sky Father) Asgard and Gaea, the mother goddess of Earth (a place known to the Asgardians as Midgard). Groomed to assume his father's throne, Thor grew up with his best friend Balder and his first love, Sif. But Thor's half brother Loki hated him, and schemed to become ruler of Asgard himself. When Thor proved himself worthy of carrying the uru hammer Mjolnir, he took up the identity as the Thunder God. Over the succeeding centuries he spent most of his time in Asgard. Deciding that his son needed to learn humility before assuming the title of skyfather, Odin exiled Thor to Earth.


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