Torneo Di Fad is the contest of June 10 to July 20. The judge of this contest is the admin ExtremeSSJ4. If you want to enter the contest then just leave a comment saying you are in (The first 8 will be the ones to enter).


  • A template
  • A trophy template which you can put on any of your stories
  • The user or any of his stories gets to be on the main page for a 2 weeks as the best user or best story
  • A sneak peek at any of the user's favorite story
  • A picture for any of your stories


  • There will be 3 rounds for the tournament
  • Each user who joins will be going against another user; there are 4 fights
  • Only 8 users on the tournament
  • No copying other users stories, characters, etc.
  • Once you finish the first round you must wait for everyone else to finish the first round. Same for the second.


1st RoundEdit

The first round will be to create a page about a character. Your character page must have a history section, powers or any abilities section and the reason you wrote about the character.

Everyone who enters must finish this by June 20.

2nd RoundEdit

The second round will be to create a page about an item. Your item page must tell what its used for and its history and what its made of.

Everyone who enters must finish this by July 5.

3rd RoundEdit

The third round will be to create a page about a short story. Your story must be more than 20 words and must include the character you did on the first round and the item you created on the second round.

Everyone who enters must finish this by July 20.


Winner: Edit



1st Round:Edit

TitaniumBardock vs Kuro Selas = TitaniumBardock (Both of this articles were interested but I liked TB's article a little better. I liked TB's article better because it had more information and KS's character didn't have that much;I know its because the story isn't finish. Also because its Both of the character's section were good I just liked TB's a little better because it was more detailed)

SSJ3Ascension vs SonikFan112 = SonikFan112 (The reason SF won was because SSJ3A dropped out)

Chocolateaddictjr vs Kuzonx2 = Chocolateaddictjr (coming soon)

KidVegeta vs Destructivedisk = DestructiveDisk (coming soon)

2nd Round:Edit

TitaniumBardock vs DestructiveDisk = TitaniumBardock

SonikFan112 vs Chocolateaddictjr = Chocolateaddictjr

3rd Round:Edit

TitaniumBardock vs Chocolateaddictjr= Chocolateaddictjr