This Article, Transcript for Ion (2013 film), is property of Zeon1.

This is the official transcript for Ion. It was written by the mysterious scriptwriter Zeon.

Note: The 'Days' stand for both the amount of time to film the movie, as well as a loose time frame.

Day 1Edit

Scene 1: Traxus TowerEdit

Scene 2: IonEdit

Day 2Edit

Scene 1: TherapyEdit

Scene 2: InsanityEdit

Scene 3: Murderous IntentEdit

Day 3Edit

Scene 1: PowersEdit

Scene 2: PracticeEdit

Scene 3: DeathEdit

Scene 4: ProblemsEdit

Day 4Edit

Scene 1: EscapeEdit

Scene 2: ChaosEdit

Scene 3: IslandEdit

Scene 4: LiesEdit

Scene 5: TruthEdit

Scene 6: EndgameEdit

Day 5Edit

Scene 1: MorningEdit

Scene 2: FuneralEdit

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