This Article, Trunks And Goten: Reborn Saiyan Hybrids, is property of Cocoabean.

This story takes place a year after the end of DBZ. Goten isn't a big flirt like Yamcha, and Trunks isn't a nerd like their counterparts in GT. The Z Fighters face new villains, and Trunks and Goten's friendship grows.

Chapter 1Edit

"Hey mom! I'm going out to train with Trunks!" Goten grabbed his bag and flew to Capsule Corp. She was really lonely when Goten pulled stunts to train every day with Trunks.

"Wait! Goten-kun!" A 22 year old Gyoza, Goten's older sister, went out.

"Why do you wanna come, nee-chan?" Goten pondered.

"Because, You forgot about Hadagi-chan! I know you like her, Goten-kun!"

"I so do not like Hadagi! I mean, beside her soft face and-"

"Anyway, LET'S GO!" Goten and Gyoza flew off.

At Capsule Corp..

Vegeta, Hadagi, and Trunks were training. Buruma (Bulma) turned off the gravity chamber.

"Aw!" All three groaned.

"Momma! Why'd you turn it off! I was about to go Super Saiyajin!" Hadagi whined.

"Because, Goten and Gyoza are here!" Trunks blushed slightly when he heard Buruma say Gyoza's here, and Hadagi blushed when she said Goten's here.

"Hey, Sensei Gyoza-sama!" Hadagi bowed, and Gyoza smacked her.

"You don't bow to me, you TRAIN with me! Silly little goose!" Gyoza was laughing.

"Let's get serious. Ok..So we-" An explosion had rocked the chamber and made everybody fall.

In the city..Two mysterious females were coming out of their pods..

"Power levels, Shucai-sama. High, too. West to our direction." Kokumotsu said.

"Oh really, Kokumotsu? Let's go in that direction!" Shucai told Kokumotsu. They flew away.

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