This Article, Truth of a Betrayer. (What If), is property of Chocolateaddictjr.

Truth of a Betrayer is the third episode of What If. "What if Leah in Prison Diary was wrongfully imprisoned?"

The theme song is Down In A Cold Dirty Well. Fueling my Justin Nozuka obsession..Slowly.


Truth's Gotta FlyEdit

Venice had drove Leah to Venice's house.

"What?! No way, Leah!"

"Yes way! Now, what are you doing near your apartment?"

"Gonna get some stuff." He said with a devious smile. He later came out of the house with items. A Michael Myers mask, two pairs of gloves, a black robe, and the most chilling thing, knives.Leah touched them to check if they were real and not a joke. Sometimes Venice does that..

"What are you going to do with those knives?"

"Nothin'." Silence followed..

"Mind your own business." He finished putting on his robe and left with the biggest knife.

My sister is a dumbass. I'd knew she would fall for it.

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