HELLLLLLLLO friends! I'm going to review every single story on this wiki!




A- Yay

B+ Awesome


B- Good

E+ Average

E Bad

E- Horrible

T+ Go shove your eyes in a pencil sharpener.

Pokemon Last Stance




You start off right into a trainer battle with somebody named.... Death?

Death just seems to have some lvl 9999 arceus that knows more than 4 moves and can use "Alpha Hyper Beam".... Wtf?

Ash never had a Blastoise.

Infernape can't learn Aura Sphere.

Charizard and Infernape can't be together, lulz.

I like how Death has a completely good character and is not at all an gary stu. (Sarcasm Deactivated)

Three words.




Charizard's death... wow.

Death is somehow an human/demon/monster smoke cloud hybrid.

Ok, WTF is with Ash and Pikachu being the "Chosen Ones" at the end?

Rating:T+. Explanation needed?

Kuzon the 3rd legendary super saiyan


Nice, good story to make abridged.


Ok, to start off, Mumba was useless. Why make a character page after him if he's only in 2 chapters?

Ok, the concept of Broly's spirit flowing into him..... it's just to get him powerful.

What's the point of everyone else? Kuzon seems to just be the most major gary stu on this site. Besides Maity, if you count him.

Snake being as strong as Frieza? Goku would've facerolled Snake!

A Snake.... as a antagonist? That's horrible.

What does the name Kuzon have to do with a veggie?

And Cabban?

And Mumba?

Yeah... these cons will be constantly updated.

Rating: E

Final Comments:To be honest, i've been saying you're stories were good for a long time. Now that you are an actual contributing user I must tell the truth... This is horrid. Not as horrid as..... well it's..... It has one pro, and thats what's saving you from an T. But serious, good first try.



Jason is a really developed character, man..

I like the amount of gore in this story...

Mutant chimpanzee attack, lol.

This is kind of.... an alternate X-Men universe. Coooooool!

The concept of making Pyro appear randomly then be a character in chapter 4.... yay

So much emotion.... OVERLOAD.... (head explodes)


Some words, like typical and pitiful are spelt incorrectly.

Wait, if the mutants were good why would they kill...... I'm with Jason here.

Rating: A-

Final Comments:This is amazing. It takes the cake easily for best story CURRENTLY on the site. But don't expect to keep that title for long... with KV and DD here you might have some competition! SonikFan may be hard too, but 6/22/11, Darknight gets the best story on the site award! Congrats!

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