Hello. Kuzon here, with a news blog (about me mainly) and some other things. 

1) My accounts. This is new current perma. (Kuzonx2 --> Kuzey457/Ultra Kuzon --> Supreme Kuzon/TheLoneNord --> TheGreatKuzon!)

2) Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Sh*ts is officially cancelled as of a few months ago. Only one chapter into Snake 2nd Saga, then I started getting lazier, and I figured I would end it, and it had no logic.

3) This wiki, obviously, is dead other than some good edits by Somarinoa (which I still don't get why he still edits here, honestly). TB seems to be only active admin (if any), and Extreme was recently on I see. Maybe he will reply to this blog. Or, perhaps not.

4) I am the head admin/bcrat of one of the major Dragon Ball Wikis (specializing in role-play). I will not say its name, but it is good wiki with potential but many of the users are ignorant and conflict always happens. It is getting better though. I have come far. 

5) If this wiki ever got re-awakened (which it never will like it used to, ExSSJ4, Cocoa and TB), I may or may not join. I haven't seen Cocoa since August 2012, she was dating a user on the wiki mentioned on 4. 

6) I am more logical, have had better grammar and am normal(er) now then I was April 2011--March 2012. I miss those times though.

7) I may update this blog now and then but, only if I get comments from whoever comes around. TY.

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