Nytza Fang

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Nytza Fang

The Pain

I was walking back home, the streets were quiet and lonely. I was coming back from Mollie Kingstone's house, she invited me for some tea. We talked about...well...what all the 18 year old girls do like boys, school, our future dreams, etc.

I passed a group of teenagers, most of them around 16 or 15. They stared at me for a minute then went back to what they were doing.

I was almost home when something hit the back of my head, I fell to the ground. I clearly fell on something sharp because my right arm was bleeding and the back of my head too. I began to see black spots and I felt someone removing my clothes.


He didn't stop he removed most of my clothes and took it, he took all my money and jewelry, for a minute I thought he was going to rape me.

I couldn't stand up, my head was hurting like hell. Someone knelt beside me he had spiky blonde hair, that was the only thing I could've noticed. My head felt like it being hit by a 10 ton hammer, I thought they guy was going to help me, I was wrong.

He did something I never expected, he bit me. The pain got a million times worst after that, my body began to burn he was still biting me.

My vision was getting worst, then he stopped. He wasn't biting me anymore, he stopped and looked wide eyed at something then fled.

My body was burning, I was shaking violently. The pain began to slow down, I wasn't burning anymore actually I couldn't even tell if I was cold or warm, I felt empty. Something was bothering me, I felt like drinking. I don't know how but I had a feeling that blood was going to be very tasty.

I got up and checked my arm, I had a bite mark in it. "What is this?" I asked myself.

"Just a bite mark" said a blonde boy that just appeared behind a tree or maybe I just missed him there.

"What?" I asked. "What bit me?"

"A vampire"


"Yeah a immortal creature who's food is blood and have great abilites but it cal also be considered a curse" said the blonde boy behind the tree. "Mostly a curse"

"You are crazy!" I yelled at him then ran away towards my house. I realized I was running at a very fast speed. I walked toward the entrance of my house, I was about to open the door when I began thinking of what had happened recently...was it true? Am I really a Vampire?


  • ExtremeSSJ4 is the author of this story.

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