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This is a community project created by the User: ExtremeSSJ4. Its mainly about events that would change in the original story of something (Example: What If Goku never hit his head?, What If Spider-Man saved his uncle from death?, etc.). If you want to join the project just leave a comment and you will soon receive an answer. Each season will have 12 episodes.

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What If by Jason Derulo


Season 1:Edit

  1. Early Feelings (What If Percy Jackson told Annabeth about his feelings for her in the end of The Sea of Monsters book) (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
  2. Children of the Atom (What If the original X-Men lineup was different?) (Marvel)
  3. Truth of a Betrayer (What If Leah was wrongfully imprisoned?) (Prison Diary)
  4. The Lost Child (What If no one offered to take Prim's place and Hunger Games novels were told in a completely different perspective?) (Hunger Games)
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  12. Breaking Bad (What If Raditz turned good?) (Dragon Ball)