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This story, Winter's City, is Rated M, which means it may include sexual content, bloody fights,swearing and/or drugs.

Winter's City is about a girl named Winter and her friend, Mark.

Chapter 1- Mortem PersonaEdit

March 18, 2030- Telepathic Prison of the BronxEdit

The two teenagers ran, in a country where they were shunned. They weren't just any ordinary teens, they were teenagers with telepathic and telekinetic powers. Mark had long (for a boy) orange hair, and Winter had curly white hair. Their clothes were tattered, blood stains covered them, tendons of the skin were showing in the deep cuts, electricity shocked their bodies at certain times, they were numb and they were never given time to heal.. They were escapees from their telepathic prison of hell.

Winter: <Thinking> I still remember those bastards, with their shiny faces as they electrocuted us, cut parts of our body, raped us, beaten us, killed most of our families except the telepaths...I hate them..I hate them all!

Mark: Winter.. Are you alright? I hear your rageful thoughts..and I completely understand..But we have to think about.. <Explosion!>


Winter: <Falls on her knees and begins to weep> Must we suffer so much? There is no such thing as a God, because I gave up in that belief after my..HELL experience.

Mark: <Puts hand on Winter's shoulder and goes on his knees> Winter.. <Brushes her hair off of her face> I can feel..Somewhere, everyone left of our family is alive..Somehow, I know this..And we can find them..Hopefully, we will.

And so..The two malnourished children didn't go far before passing out of their wounds.. But, a mysterious group of people somehow saved them from dying out in the ruins..

March 19, 2030- The Telepaths of Harlem BaseEdit

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