Winter Kuriaski is a seventeen year old telepath who has been tortured, beaten, raped, electrocuted, mutilated, and abused for her powers.


She was born to Riker and Ria Kuriaski, but both of her parents brutally abused her, causing her to have a large, permanent scar on her back. At the age of 7, she ran away, only to be arrested by the Telepathic Prison when a pedophile tried to rape her but she blew up his body using her powers. At first, the prison gave her toys, but when they saw her immense power when rage controlled her, they began torturing her at the age of 8. She was forced to see them rape the females and feel rape herself. They killed most people in their families except the telepaths, to put them through agony. She eventually escaped with Mark, her best friend.


Winter was once a cheery, energetic girl, but many years of torture and abuse has hardened her personality. She is ready to say pessimistic things and start crying or screaming.


Winter has long curly white hair with midnight black eyes and tattered clothing.


Mark is her best friend, and her only friend.


Telepathy - Reading minds. Telekenisis - Ability to lift objects with her mind. Teleradius - The ability to generate rays from her mind. Immunity to Cold - Immune to the cold.


Winter's name is a pun on her brutal life, hair color, her cold stare, and immunity to the cold. Winter was originally a very privileged girl, the owner of the Telepathic Prison, but later designs of Winter made her a beaten, underprivileged, persecuted telepath.


Creator- User:TrueWarrior

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