• Wind Xwïtok
  • Rock Xwïtok
  • Water Xwïtok
  • Fire Xwïtok
  • Albino Xwïtok

To read the fiction that involves the Xwïtok go here

Xwïtok are cat-like animals that come from the planet Dizari and are popular around the galaxies. Away from their planet they are known as simply Dizari. More info will be added as I come up with it.

Fire XwïtokEdit

Fire Xwïtok can control fire. They carry the fire on them so they do not need to take the element from their surrounding area like their other elemental counterparts.

Water XwïtokEdit

Water Xwïtok can control water. They cannot fly but they can turn into a mist and travel unnoticed. The water Xwïtok can control any form of liquid, it not having to be water, so that when they are on other planets they still retain their abilities.

Rock XwïtokEdit

Rock Xwïtok can control The element of rock. They're very heavy despite their small size, and they use this to their advantage when attacking enemies. They are much like a porcupine in that the razor sharp stones sprouting from their body can be shot out and used for protection.

Wind XwïtokEdit

Wind Xwïtok can control the air around them. They have wings allowing them to fly. Their bones are like that of a bird, lacking in bone marrow. They can breathe in outer space by producing their own air with their own majjyk.

Albino XwïtokEdit

The Albino Xwïtok is different as it cannot control any elements but it transforms. Its everyday appearance is like that of a small white kitten with red eyes. It can transform at will. Albino Xwïtok, like their Wind controlling counterparts can fly due to their wings and low bone density.

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