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Kanari Yume
Yume Kanari
Prophecy's Chosen One
Heaven's Angel
Truth Incarnate
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Mother- Ami Kanari

Father- Verum Nulla

Half Sister- Hitomi Kanari

Half Brother- Hideki Kanari

Full Twin Brother- Shiro Kanari

Status Unknown
Eye Color Black
Hair Color White
Height 5'11"
Affiliation Prophecy's Angels
Weapons Mind Power, White Dagger, Light
Species 1/2 Human 1/2 Animi Robur
Home Earth/ Animi Ipsum
Alignment Good

Yume Kanari is an exchange student from Japan whom came to America.


"Damn her! That bitch Kerry can't close that damn mouth of lies for one second!"
— Yume enraged

Yume Kanari is brash, stubborn, cocky, and loud , when she talks about people she dislikes. In battle however, she keeps her cool and uses her powers efficiently and quickly. To people she knows, she's very kind, sweet, and considerate.

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