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"I just get dragged into Corina's plots..[Nervous laugh]"
— Yuzuro

Yuzuro is Katarina's and Vegeta's first child, first twin and fraternal twin to Corina.


Yuzuro has black hair and a blond streak. His bangs are identical to that of his mothers, but he possesses his father's spiked hair. He has heterochromia iridium and has a black and a maroon eye. He wears very baggy clothing. As a kid, he wore a blue shirt labeled "Young and Free" and jeans. He was 4'6" as a child and inherited his mother's skin.

Now, older Yuzuro wears a baggy, white sweatshirt (with nothing under it) and jeans. He has Saiyan gloves and Saiyan boots. He has pierced ears, much to his parents' disdain. He has a black tail and is 5'11", a contrast to his short parents. Future Yuzuro wears an outfit identical to Trunks'.


Present YuzuroEdit

Read this.

Future YuzuroEdit

Read this.


Yuzuro is a cautionary young man. He abides by the rules and is a very rule oriented man. He is very socially awkward and shy around people. He has an odd and dark sense of humor, like his mother. Yuzuro greatly fears public speaking. However, in battle, he is extremely serious and fearless, to the point of scaring his reckless sister Corina. He has "girl issues" and a friendship with the human Daisuke. He has an urge to say random things at times like his mother. Yuzuro is overprotective of his sister, and has an "issue" with her boyfriend and marital artist Hideki. However, he has a great care for Corina, love for Nori and is very naive about girls.



  • He is the older brother of Corina.
  • He was originally a female, but I changed it.
  • Yuzuro has a crush on another full blooded Saiyan, named Nori.
  • Yuzuro's theme song is Sweet Life by Frank Ocean. His secondary theme song is Fireflies by Owl City.


  • Super Saiyan- Achieved at young age.
  • Super Saiyan 2- Achieved when Corina died at the hands of Ultrasound.


  • Explosions- Yuzuro fires a blue Ki blast 40 times with both of his hands.
  • Prideful Brats- Corina fires a Clean Music, Yuzuro fires an Explosions, then they finish with a blue and green Ki blast.
  • Clamors- Yuzuro fires a purple Ki blast, followed by an uppercut and a knockout punch.
  • Flight- Levitation
  • Ki Blast- They can be purple or blue.
  • Martial Arts Skills
  • Hellzone- Yuzuro fires twenty purple and blue ki blasts, navigates through the smoke and creates 20 more purple ones in your face.


"Yuzuro's my name. [Shy]"
— Future Yuzuro

— Yuzuro being random.

"Whatever, Corina. [Dragged by Corina]"
— Yuzuro

"[Crying hysterically] Corina..Ultrasound..[Corina's voice in head; hair spikes up and electricity surrounds him] I CAN'T FORGIVE YOU!!"
— Yuzuro going SSJ2

"[Door opens] Nori? Um, I love you. I will have your hand in marriage someday!"
— Yuzuro being awkward and straightforward

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