The Zinglys are enemys from Kuzon the 3rd legendary super saiyan. The Zinglys are like the Saibamen, but look exactly like springs. They do not have arms or feet, there just springs. Not much is known of the Zinglys, but that they are made from thorwing a egg which explodes dropping the Zinglys. Kuzon, when he was 7, saw Snake unleash some Zingly's before Snake left from harrassing the planet. Kuzon, Mumba and Toman thought and destroyed the Zinglys, due to reaching Full Power (Not Super Saiyan).

You can see the Zinglys mostly in Chapter 6, 7 and 8 of the Kuzon Saga.


  • Snake states that the Zinglys are "his" greatest Invention before he leaves Mumbas planet, maybe suggesting that Snake is a scientist at one time in his life.